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Friday, December 12
TITANS: Homework Help
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Homework Hotlines

Hey ladies...a few hotlines to help you crunch some numbers, find some maps, check out the spellings, fine tune some study strategies...and have access to information to help your academics. Check them out...



How Stuff Works
A terrific site to help you understand how just about anything works. Lots of animated examples.

Alberta Learning - Information for Students
Find information about homework help, applying for student loans, preparing for the work world and more.

Online Enclyclopedia Reference Material
Get the answers for just about any subject, including biology, history, english, and much more.

Online Dictionary
Merriam-Websters dictionary.

Online Atlapedia
World maps at your finger tips. Great site for Geography and Social Studies.

Grammar and Writing
Sentences, essays, paragraphs and much more to assist you.

Math Notes offers resources to help strengthen your understanding of the mathematics you are studying.

InterAct Math tutorials offer unlimited practice on problems similar to those in your book. Guided solutions and sample problems are available to help. A simple, one-time download of the free InterAct Math Plug-in is required in order to use these tutorials.

Numbers in the Real World applications explore real-world uses of the math you are learning in class. In many of these activities, you will visit other Web sites to collect data needed to solve a problem.
See the Numbers in the Real World Index for a complete listing of Real World application exercises for this book.

Study Tips provide specific suggestions on how to get the most from your math course

Here is a great site for elementary to middle school math. Create your own worksheets.

ThinkQuest Library
Here is a great site for elementary to middle. The library contains more than 5000 educational web sites to search and surf. It is a great place to get ideas for your projects. Check it out.

The History Net
Ancient,Medieval, Modern World and American History - it's history, history and more history.

Study Guides and Strategies
An excellent site that has hints and help when it comes to studying, preparing for and taking tests/exams, writing skills and essays and more.

Biology 20 Website
Great Alberta website on Biology 20 reviews, sample online exams, etc.