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Welcom to the California District 30 Intermediate Dividion Web Site

California District 30's staff is dedicated to provide a safe and fun place to play Little League Baseball.


This is a new division of Little League Baseball and is under developement. This division has been refered to as the 50/70 division during its inception. Please come back often as this site is developed. Teams, Schedules, and Game Results will be posted.

Friday, March 8
Score Reporting of Games in the Intermediate Division

Please send all scores to  This will email the scores to three people so we can get them posted.

Remember to Include the information on the score reporting form.

Winning team and score. Loosing team and score. Number of innings played, Pitch count of both teams: # of pitcher, name, #of pitches, Threshold for rest if exceeded by new rule.


Thanks in advance we need this as soon as possible.

Sunday, May 18
2014 End of Season Tournament

Tuesday, July 1
2014 North Sub Division All Star Tournament

Monday, March 4
Enderby Parking Restrictions

Santiago Middle School – Dist 30 Enderby Field Corner Walnut & Santiago, (North of Chapman & East of Hewes)Take Prospect north past Chapman to Walnut (3rd signal), turn Right.  Follow Walnut to Santiago.
  • Parking  in school Parking Lot or on Walnut, only as marked in GREEN
  • Do not park in the Cul de Sacs facing the fields!
 Entrances to the fields are on Walnut marked GATE
Parking on Walnut, adjacent to the field, is at your own risk (i.e. foul balls)


Sunday, March 9
District 30 Juniors/Seniors

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