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Welcome to the Cabot Pro Bengals Web Site. The Bengals are a group of enthusiastic young athletes, led by Coach Kenny Boyd and Assistant Coach Mike Sipe. This site serves to promote team cohesion, camaraderie, and to share team info and pictures among the players and families. Welcome and hope you enjoy keeping up with the team as they progress through the season.  Click on the underlined titles for a link to more.  

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Saturday, September 13
1st Game 2008

Bengals Pounce On Colts for a 20 to 0 Victory

The Bengal's hardwork in practice proved to be a powerful determinant on Sept. 13, 2008 as the Bengals demonstrated how strong TEAMWORK, a POSITIVE ATTITUDE and PRACTICE makes for a WINNING TEAM.

In the first game of the 2008 season, Clayton M. # 4 showed how a little smart thinking and speed can take you along way when he recovered the ball on the Colts 9 yard line and ran and ran and ran for a 90 yard touch down or there abouts anyway.  Rocky B #22 turned around and scored 2 points on the conversion, to start the Bengals off with an 8-0 Lead.  Clayton  got loose again for a 2nd TD, followed by fellow team mate Robby H. # 10 for a 3rd TD.  The team held the Colts and ended the game 20-0.

Clayton Runs for a TD


Fear 'Da Tiger


Bengals Came Out Ready and Sent the Packers Packing with a 38-0 Win

This was an outstanding show of Team Spirit as the Bengals continue to show their talent.  Clayton had five TDs, Justin went for one, while Rocky netted a 2 point conversion.  It takes a whole TEAM to get these guys through the line and the Bengals are all about that.

line of footballs

Reason to believe in TEAM WORK

Bengals Move In and Pounce on the Cowboys for a 59-0 Victory



baby tiger

Just a Boy

"Please don't curse that boy down there,
He is my son, you see.
He's only just a boy, you know,
He means a lot to me."

"I did not raise my son, dear fan,
For you to call him names,
He may not be a superstar,
It's just a Youth League game."

"So please don't curse those boys down there,
They do the best they can,
They never tried to lose a game,
They're boys and you're a man."

"The game belongs to them, you see,
You're really just a guest.
They do not need a fan like you,
They need the very best

"So, please don't curse the boys down there,
Each one is his parent's son.
And, win or lose or tie you see,
To us they're number one!"


football word

The game of life is a lot like football.
You have to TACKLE your problems,
BLOCK your fears,
and SCORE your points when
you get the opportunity
-- author unknown

Sunday, September 21
Who is going to play in the Super Bowl in 2008?



running profile of a bengal
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See the pictures located in the Photo Album section. If you have pictures you'd like to share please feel free to add pictures in the album section from your computer, its easy just click on the add pictures icon and follow directions. If you have trouble uploading you can email them to me at and I will try to get them posted for you.  These are not professional pics, just pics for the boys, families and friends. Feel free to copy as desired.


go tigers



line of footballs

Check out the Bengal's 2007 page, Chief's  2006 Memory Page and all the new pages added for 2008! 

To make this years highlights more easily accessible, I have located the past years on separate pages for your convenience.


Saturday, October 21
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If you need extra copies of the schedule  or a calendar for families or friends, this site has a nice quality schedule that can be easily printed.  Check it out!

head coach

"Before you can win a game, you have to not lose it." - Chuck Noll

"Besides pride, loyalty, discipline, heart, and mind, confidence is the key to all the locks." - Joe Paterno


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