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Friday, June 23
2017 District 30 Junior Division All Star Tournament

Monday, June 5
2017 Junior Division TOC Single Elimination Brackets

Sunday, May 21
2017 Juinor Division TOC

Thursday, May 25
2017 Juinor Division TOC Standings

Saturday, April 1
2017 Home Run Club

Isaiah Adetoye (OR Seminoles) - 4
Aaron Ruiz (EA Reds) - 3 (1 GS)
Isaac Adetoye  (OR Seminoles) - 2 
JoJo Perez (EA Reds) - 1 
Josh Rosales (EA Reds) - 1 (GS) 
Robert Nava (EA Braves) - 1 
Jose Lozano (Mem Braves) - 1 
Alex Aochi (TE Dodgers) - 1 
Christopher Gonzalez (EA Reds) - 1 


Luke Shellenbarger (EA Reds) - 1 


Sunday, May 22
District 30 Upper Division Photo Contest - DEADLINE JUNE 7

District 30 Upper Division Photo Contest


Email photos to by June 7 of any intermediate, Junior, Senior or Big League game.


Photos are posted to the facebook pages and website 


Winner will receive 4 tickets to a future Dodgers game donated by Miles Chemical Company. 


Saturday, February 27

Santiago Middle School – Dist 30 Junior Field Corner Walnut & Santiago, (North of Chapman & East of Hewes)Take Prospect north past Chapman to Walnut (3rd signal), turn Right.  Follow Walnut to Santiago.
  • Parking  in school Parking Lot or on Walnut, only as marked in GREEN
  • Do not park in the Cul de Sacs facing the fields!
 Entrances to the fields are on Walnut marked GATE
Parking on Walnut, adjacent to the field, is at your own risk (i.e. foul balls)


Sunday, March 13
District 30 Juniors/Seniors

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