California D51 Little League Umpires: Post Season Assignment Guidelines

Wednesday, August 5
Post Season Umpire Assignment Guidelines

      C alifornia District 51Little League - Junior League - Senior League - Big League - Challenger Division 

Section and Division Game

Qualification Standards

   Minimum Requirements: Umpire:

1. 16 Games regular season + 4 games TOC or combination of 24 

2. Certified within last 2 years...(even numbers in even years, odd numbers in odd years) 

3. Attendance at local district umpire clinic  (attendance at Western Region clinic may also apply to the current year only) 

Enhancements in order:

1. Western Regional Week long clinic within last 3 years.

2. Western regional weekend clinic within last 3 years.

3. Umpire 10 additional regular season games.

4. Umpire 20 additional regular season games.

5. UIC at local league.

6. Regional umpire experience.

7. World series umpire experience.

8. Instructor at Regional clinics.

9. Instructor at local clinic District UIC shall keep records of the above for review by North (Joe Sheridan) and Southern Assistant UIC (Rich Carrillo) to determine game assignments.

 Plate appearances shall be rotated from year to year as long as there are new qualified umpires willing and available to do games. 

JR umpires shall be rated no differently than the adults.

JR umpires shall not work age groups within 5 years of their age without prior approval from the DA and District UIC.

JR umpires shall have at least one adult on the crew per junior unless prior approval is obtained from DA and District UIC.

 Initial certification shall consist of a 100 question open book test administered by the UIC’s after passing field mechanic’s review in the field and on the plate.  

Recertification shall consist of a 50 question closed book test and a single field review at the plate and bases.

Should an umpire not pass, opportunities for retaking the field and written tests shall be provided 2 weeks after the first attempt. Assistant UIC’s or the UIC may administer the field review.

The written test shall be taken at prearranged meeting times through the association. 

                       “It’s What You Learn After You Know It All That Counts.”