Umpire Schedule

updated 67 809PMupdated 67 809PM

Umpire Contact List

Contact ListContact List

2018 Directory & Coaches List

Directory - updated 4/8 - 10:49 a.m. Coaches List - updated 4/16 - 8:04 a.m.

2018 League Directory2018 League Directory

2018 Coaches List2018 Coaches List

2018 Game Change Status Chart

Game changes listed in red have not yet been approved because of missing information. updated 4/16 - 9 p.m.

2018 GCSC2018 GCSC

2018 Fees

2018 Team Fees2018 Team Fees

2018 Schedules

In Microsoft Word. Note: These schedules will NOT be changed. Any changes made by coaches will be made on the "Schedules" pages.

2018 Biddy American Schedule2018 Biddy American Schedule

2018 Biddy National Schedule2018 Biddy National Schedule

2018 Knee Hi American Schedule2018 Knee Hi American Schedule

2018 Knee Hi National Schedule2018 Knee Hi National Schedule

2018 Majors Schedule2018 Majors Schedule

2018 Midget Schedule2018 Midget Schedule

2018 Bylaws & Rules

2018 Biddy Rules2018 Biddy Rules

2018 Bylaws2018 Bylaws

2018 Knee-Hi Rules2018 Knee-Hi Rules

2018 Majors Rules2018 Majors Rules

2018 Midget Rules2018 Midget Rules

2018 Roster Forms

The League Roster Form is for the League officers only. The Roster Form is for other coaches in your division. Remember that with the 2018 season, you will turn over one copy of BOTH rosters to the league officers. The Secretary will then scan & email the coaches roster to the appropriate divisions.

2018 League Roster Form2018 League Roster Form

2018 Roster Form2018 Roster Form

2018 Organization Statement

To be filled out & witnessed and turned into Bob L. before the first game.

Organization StatementOrganization Statement

2018 Scheduling Handout

Due at the March 28, 2017 meeting.

2018 Scheduling Handout2018 Scheduling Handout

2018 Waiver/Release Form


2017 Fees

2017 Fees2017 Fees

2015 Coach Parent Player Code of Conduct

Each coach should sign the form & turn it in on roster night. You do not have to get parent signatures.


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