2014 Coaches List

This is a list of head coaches, emails and one phone number per coach.

Updated 4/29 - 8:40 p.m.

2014 Coaches List v32014 Coaches List v3

2014 League Rep Dirctory

2014 League Directory2014 League Directory

2014 Game Change Status Chart

Updated 4/14 - 12:21 p.m.

2014 Game Change Status Chart2014 Game Change Status Chart

2014 Schedules

In Microsoft Word - these schedules will not be altered. Any changes made will be reflected on the "Schedules" page of the website.

2014 Biddy American Schedule2014 Biddy American Schedule

2014 Biddy National Schedule2014 Biddy National Schedule

2014 Midget American Schedule2014 Midget American Schedule

2014 Midget National Schedule2014 Midget National Schedule

2014 KneeHi American Schedule2014 KneeHi American Schedule

2014 KneeHi National Schedule2014 KneeHi National Schedule

2014 Majors Schedule2014 Majors Schedule

2014 Umpire Forms

2013 Umpire Code2013 Umpire Code

2013 Umpire Waiver2013 Umpire Waiver

2014 Coach Parent Player Code of Conduct

These will be collected at the April 23rd meeting.

Coach Parent Player CodeCoach Parent Player Code

2014 Bylaws & Rules

2014 Bylaws2014 Bylaws

2014 Biddy Rules2014 Biddy Rules

2014 Midget Rules2014 Midget Rules

2014 KneeHi Rules2014 KneeHi Rules

2014 Majors Rules2014 Majors Rules

2014 Season Minutes

Sept 2013 MinutesSept 2013 Minutes

Nov 2013 MinutesNov 2013 Minutes

Feb 2014 MinutesFeb 2014 Minutes

Jan 2014 MinutesJan 2014 Minutes

March 2014 MinutesMarch 2014 Minutes

April 2014 MinutesApril 2014 Minutes

2014 Roster Forms

The 2013 good for 2014. Two Roster Forms MUST be filled out. The "League" Roster form will be given to each member of the Executive Board of the League.
The "Roster" form will be handed out to all coaches.

2013 League Roster Form2013 League Roster Form

2013 Roster Form2013 Roster Form

Waiver Form

Waiver FormWaiver Form

More Handouts: