CV Inferno: Welcome

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Combined 8 Years
11 Tournament Championships
5 Second place finishes
6 Consolation Championships
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  Inferno Team Values
Commitment: enthusiastic devotion to individual preperation and practices.
Relentless execution: all-out effort from start to finish, regardless of score.
Self-discipline: the control of emotions, thoughts, and focus.
Good sportsmanship: respect for the opponents as our team tries to beat their brains out in competition. Showing up an opponent is unacceptable behavior.
Playing the game right: the application of knowledge and respect of and for softball and the nature of competition.
Courage: aggressive, competitive behavior - always, particularly in the face of adversity.
Individual sacrifice: for the sake of the teams collective goals.
Concern: for what our team represents and for the well-being of your teammates.

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