CRYSA: Frequently Asked Questions

Sunday, November 2
What is CRYSA?

CRYSA stands for the Crossville Recreational Youth Soccer Association.

CRYSA, founded in 1998, ...

Sunday, November 2
How do I sign my child(ren) up for CRYSA Soccer?

CRYSA regular season sign-ups occur twice annually now with the addition of a spring season in 2010. ...

Sunday, November 2
What are the CRYSA Age Groups?

CRYSA offers seven age divisions: U5, U6, U8, ...

Sunday, November 2
How are players selected for CRYSA teams?

Following CRYSA registration, late registration the annual CRYSA Soccer Camp, CRYSA  coaches participate ...

Sunday, November 2
How do I find out who my child's coach is?

Following the CRYSA Draft in mid-June CRYSA coaches are supposed to contact all players' parents by July 1st. 

If ...

Sunday, November 2
When will my child practice?

CRYSA team practice schedules and locations are determined by the coach.

Coaches will try ...

Friday, March 27
Does my child have to attend the CRYSA Soccer Camp?


The CRYSA Soccer Camp is held each June right after school dismisses for the year. It is ...

Sunday, November 2
How do I get to the Carl T Duer Soccer Complex, home of CRYSA Soccer?

The Carl T Duer Soccer Complex ("The Duer")is located off Highway ...

Sunday, November 2
How will I know my child's schedule?

CRYSA schedules are distributed to the coaches at the annual mandatory coaches meeting prior to each ...

Sunday, November 2
Where should I sit duing a match?
Parents and other spectators sit oin the opposite side from the players and coaches during matches. No one may ...

Sunday, November 2
What happens if it rains on game day?

A little rain won't stop CRYSA Soccer! CRYSA will only cancel games in the event of a thunderstorm ...

Sunday, November 2
Does CRYSA Play Matches during School Breaks?
CRYSA will try to avoid scheduling matches during school breaks but there will be times CRYSA will have to make ...

Sunday, November 2
Who do I contact if I have a question or a problem?

If you have a question or a problem the first person you should contact is your child's coach.

The ...

Sunday, November 2
How can I help my child learn soccer?


That's the biggest thing you can do to help your child learn soccer. Take ...

Tuesday, May 3
Where Do Parents, Coaches, and Players Sit?
CRYSA requires that the coaches ...