CRYSA: Surveys and Polls

Sunday, September 28
What do you think of CRYSA Referees?

All CRYSA Referees attend an 18-hour certfication course through the United States Soccer Federation ...

How Can CRYSA Improve?
Give CRYSA your input on how we can improve as an organization now and in the future. How can we improve the opportunties for the youth of the Upper Cumberland area and the sport of soccer?

Sunday, September 7
Are CRYSA teams balanced?

Each year the coaches of CRYSA conduct a draft in June to select players for our fall league. The CRYSA Board tries to insure that this draft and all player selection is conducted as fairly as possible.

Over the years some coaches and parents have felt that some CRYSA teams are not balanced talentwise as well as they should be. There are teams that go undefeated and others that go winless. Wouldn't it be nice if every team was .500? Is it the coaching or is it the talent?

CRYSA wants your input! What do you think? What can be done better to balance our teams. Let's make CRYSA the best sports league possible for the children of Cumberland County and the surrounding area. 

What would you like on this site?
Please let us know how CRYSA can improve this website! Just enter what you would like to see.