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Friday, June 22
USSF Grade 8 Referee Course

To become a new referee, you need to take an entry-level referee class. In Tennessee, two types of entry-level ...

Tuesday, October 14
Soccer Refereeing - Preparation Reminders

Soccer Refereeing - Preparation Reminders
David May 1/17/2006


Wednesday, May 5
Player gets yellow card for fatal heart attack during match

By Friday, April 9
Offside – Positioning and Concentration Make the Difference: Law 11

It is often stated that Law 11 – Offside, is a simple law. In terms of words and principles it may be ...

Saturday, February 13
Players could avoid red cards over penalties

LONDON (AP)—Soccer’s lawmaking body will reconsider whether players who concede penalties should ...

Tuesday, September 15
Dealing With Angry Adults

Saturday, September 5
Personality and Presence of the Referee: Law 5

Successful referees manage the game with more than the whistle and cards using their personality and presence ...

Saturday, September 5
Assistant Referee Involvement and Teamwork: Law 4


Friday, April 9
Tackles – Fair and Foul: Law 12

There is often a fine line between a fair tackle and a tackle that should result in a foul. It is the ability ...

Friday, April 9
Serious Foul Play and Using Excessive Force: Law 12

U.S. Soccer’s 2009 Directive on 

Friday, April 9
Denying an Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity/ The 4 D's: Law 12

The Laws of the Game empower the referee to send off a player for “denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity ...

Saturday, September 5
Handling the Ball: Law 12

Referees are regularly faced with judging contact between the ball and a player’s arm/hand. As we have ...

Saturday, September 5
Goalkeeper Possession: Law 12

The Laws of the Game – Law 12 state that “when a goalkeeper has gained possession of the ball ...

Saturday, September 5
Issuing a Card – Misconduct Technique: Law 5, The Referee

When referees issue a card (yellow or red) to a player, substitute or substituted player, referees ...

Friday, March 27
Priority of Assistant Referee Responsibilities

In ...

Monday, November 17
Referee Recertification
Don't wait until the last minute to recertify (like some of you always
do) and pay the $15 late fee... ...

Monday, November 17
Offside Rule Explained

Here is an excellent site that explains the offside rule.

Tuesday, October 14
Another Player Driven From the Game

I stopped by a soccer game last year to watch a young player named Susie ...

Wednesday, October 22
Referee Liability

CRYSA referees are covered through United States Soccer Federation and ...

Tuesday, October 14
High kicking or Dangerous Play

"High kicking Ref!" "He can’t play the ball ...

Tuesday, October 14
Obstruction and Impeding the progress of an Opponent

A couple of years ago (I wouldn’t say how many), while running ...

Tuesday, October 14
Press Release on Tackling from Behind

There have been recent news reports regarding certain decisions of the ...

Tuesday, October 14
Pretty Cool Links for Referees

Tuesday, October 14
Prematch Instructions from a center to AR's

Gil Weber's Pregame Instructions
Copyright 1999, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007

July 2007

Tuesday, October 14
Common Soccer Acronyms

AIG (Additional Instructions and Guidelines)
AR (Assistant Referee)
ATR (Advice to Referees)

CRYSA Referee Quiz
Referees have to know their stuff. CRYSA refs do a great job. Take the quiz and see if you know what to do or what ...