Wednesday, June 18
CRYSA Sponsorship Form

Potential Soccer Sponsors,

     Please accept our sincerest appreciation concerning your possible support regarding the soccer playing youth of Cumberland County and Crossville Tennessee. The Crossville Recreational Youth Soccer Association is a non-profit 501c3 organization. I would be happy to fill out a W-9 form for any sponsors requesting this for tax records.

     The sponsorship fee is $225. When a business or individual sponsors a team, the proceeds go towards screen printing, financial aid for players, paying referees,supplying equipment, mass printing and mailings, coaches jerseys, and much more. The sponsors name will appear on the teams jerseys. Each sponsor will receive a sponsor plaque. Also, the team trophies will bare the sponsors name.

     With over 17 years committed to this organization, we are proud of the dedication and support from our community through local businesses and private sponsors. CRYSA has provided a positive environment involving soccer to many players who have gone on to be productive members of our community. SOme of the skills learned through soccer include leadership, teamwork, problem solving skills, dedication, and discipline. We estimate around 8,000 players have participated in CRYSA since our establishment in 1998!

     On behalf of the CRYSA Board, the registered players, our faithful volunteers, and our community, thank you for your consideration to sponsor! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Angie Spitler at (931)788-3484 or by email at, or 

Most Sincerely,

The CRYSA Board

Angie Spitler, Geir Bergvin, Erik Bergvin, Kim Potter, Kathy Coleman, Ethan Spitler,

Manuel and Amanda Fuentes, Denise Kappel,  Ron Coleman, Lecherisha and Chuy Uribe





P.O. Box 3262 Crossville, Tennessee 38557


Year: 20______

Business/Sponsors exact name to be used on jerseys, trophies, plaque


Business Contact Info. (Name, address, and Phone Number) _______________________________________________________________________________________


Player or Coach you wish to sponsor:____________________________________________________________

Preferred Color (not guaranteed): _____________________________________________________________

Cost: $225

Please make checks payable to CRYSA (Crossville Recreational Youth Soccer Association)

Mail to: P.O. Box 3262 Crossville, Tennessee 38557 


Saturday, April 24


The Crossville Recreational Youth Soccer Association is now on Facebook. Check out our facebook page at!/pages/Crossville-Recreational-Youth-Soccer-Associaition/137893523953.

Sunday, May 17
Don’t Let Money Keep Your Child from Youth Sports

CRYSA Registration Continues
Times are tough financially right now but don’t let that stop your child from participating in youth sports. The programs in Cumberland County are by far some of the most affordable statewide.

Registration for the Crossville Recreational Youth Soccer Association (CRYSA) takes place in January and May of each year.  Cost is only $50 per player with a maximum of $150 for the children in a family. That $50 fee covers the cost of a full uniform-authentic soccer jersey (not a t-shirt), shorts and socks along with insurance through Tennessee Soccer that covers all approved soccer activities (practices and matches) and helping to pay referee salaries.

Fifty dollars is not a lot of money when you look closely. It is only $1.66 per day for a month. Thats less than a Starbucks coffee and around the cost of a bottled water. It’s also less than taking you’re family of four out to eat at a nice restaurant or to the movies one time.

CRYSA provides a limited number of financial aid scholarships for players needing help at a cost of $25. These are available on a first-come basis so don’t delay. Please go to Crossviile Parks Dept. Office on Industrial Blvd. to apply for Financial Aid.

Even if you do not have a child playing you can always sponsor one or more players. Just stop by Century 21 on North Main Street and offer to pay for a player that couldn’t otherwise participate. Those players may never know whose generosity enabled them to play but they’re sure to appreciate it.

Speaking of sponsoring another way CRYSA keeps its fees low is through team sponsorships. Area businesses contribute $225 to sponsor a team. This amount gets the business name on the back of all jerseys for the team. The sponsors name is also on the players trophy they receive at the end of the season.

You do not have to own a business to sponsor a team. Individuals can also sponsor a team and then give it whatever name they like. For instance, individuals have sponsored teams and placed the team name on the backs of jerseys rather than a business.

This story was written by a soccer person but it applies equally to the Mountaineer football program, USSSA baseball and softball, the Youth Center teams and all other youth activities. The bottom line is that as a community we either provide something positive like CRYSA or other youth sports and activities  for our children to participate in or many will get into something negative.

For more information send an e-mail to, check out our facebook page under Crossville Recreational Youth Soccer Association or check us out on Twitter @CRYSAsoccer

 CRYSA  - Where the LOVE of Soccer Begins! 

Friday, March 27
Could you help CRYSA by Volunteering?

The Crossville Recreational Youth Soccer Association is a success because of the hard work of volunteers like YOU!

If you are interested in helping CRYSA continue to be the top sports program in the area then please email 


Saturday, April 24
Congratulations to the 2010 Bo Patton Memorial Scholarship recepients: Josh Griffis, CCHS; Kelly Raulerson, CCHS; Cal Turner, SMHS; and Chelsea Holder, SMHS. Each recipient receives $750 towards a laptop computer for college or tuition. The CRYSA Summer Soccer Camp profits fund this scholarship in honor of the forever 16-year-old Patton who served as a CRYSA player, coach and referee.

Coaches, Sponsors and Referees Needed
CRYSA wouldn’t be the successful program it is without the hundreds of volunteer hours of coaches. If you are interested in coaching please indicate so on your child’s registration form.
CRYSA Director of Coaching Geir Bergvin will oversee a coaching clinic in March for Spring and in July for Fall.
Sponsors are needed to help keep the individual player cost down. Businesses (or individuals) may sponsor teams for $225. Team sponsor names are printed on the back of every jersey. It’s a great way to let the community know you care about the youth of the area.
Referees are again needed for the upcoming season. “Reffing” is a great way to stay in shape, learn about the game and make some extra money. Assistant referees, or linesmen, need only be 12-years-old. All games in the upper divisions will have a center referee and two linesmen for all games. The younger age groups have a center referee only. U5 and U6 games are officiated by coaches of the teams playing.
If you are interested in becoming a coach, sponsor or referee please let us know at

Thursday, January 16
2014 Spring Registration
Would you like to save some time registering for CRYSA in 2014? Print the registration form located in the "Handouts" tab, and fill it out before you turn it in. You can also register online, but a processing fee will apply.