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This is the original web site for the Colorado HAWKS (Hard-At-Work-KidS) student-athlete program. We now have a new and updated online presence at COHAWKS.COM or COHAWKS.ORG. Please check it out for the latest HAWKS updates!

The HAWKS program was created by George Williams and is patterned after the highly-successful Arkansas HAWKS.

For complete information about the Colorado HAWKS program for 3rd grade through 11th grade, please contact
Greg Willis  at 303-750-3841 or by email at

The primary mission of the Colorado HAWKS is to create an opportunity and an alternative to gangs for at-risk student-athletes. We provide a year-round, culturally diverse, education, mentoring, and sports program for boys and girls aged 8-17 years.

We are a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, and we actively solicit private and corporate donations in order to supplement our student-athlete fundraising efforts and to keep the costs for our student-athletes'  families to a minimum.

Many thanks to the parents, friends, donors, and volunteer coaches who have contributed to making the HAWKS program successful!!

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