Central Maryland YMCA Masters Swim Team: OpenWater: Parking

Parking is very limited in this area so please try and carpool!!!

For reasons not related to us, parking has of late become a bigger issue around the cove, so if we park illegally or on someone else's property, we will be noticed. So we need to nip that in the bud and make sure it doesn't happen. So, here are the places we can park.

  • Dave and Linda's driveway, normal place. We can fit a few cars up there.
  • At the bottom of the stairs we walk down to get to the water, there is room for one car there.
  • By the dock - one, maybe two cars can park there.
  • Across the road from the dock - Not in the obvious driveway of the
    house below Dave and Linda's, but the wedge of parking space below
    the house next door to dave and Linda's. There are usually cars
    there, so this usually won't be open.
  • Over at Mary and Larry's house, they have a driveway and a little
    shed with space for a car or two. There is room for four of so cars
    here without much trouble.
  • We can't park at the bottom of Dave and Linda's driveway.
  • We can't park on the grass across from house below dave and linda's.

    All this should be plenty of parking, we just need to make sure we get everyone in a spot that is owned by someone in Max's family and make sure no one gets blocked in.