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Last updated
08-29-14 01:13 PM
Get Directions to Cheyenne Mountain High SchoolColorado Springs Local Weather
Cheyenne Mountain High School
Mark Swope
1200 Cresta Road
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Cheyenne Mountain High School
Cheyenne Mountain High School

4A State Champions 2009, 2011

3rd Place State 2012

Metro League Champions 2009

Thursday, August 28
Colorado Springs Select Rosters...

Remember, as we discussed this week, the coaching staff has had VERY LIMITED time to properly place everyone in the program.  Rosters can and will change as we move forward and we get a little more time to evaluate.  I need everyone to show for tomorrow's practice times.  Varsity #1 and Varsity #2 rosters will show from 3:30-4:45.  JV #1 and JV #2 rosters will show from 4:45-6:00.  Coach Swope will have to depart by 5:15 to open the gates and locker rooms for the football game, so JV players can start showing up at 4:30 for uniform handout.  If you bring your payment of $525, you will be issued a uniform tomorrow.  Please make checks payable to Indians Baseball.  If your a listed as a practice only player, please bring $225 tomorrow.

Varsity #1

Ortiz               Air Academy    OF,LHP

Strickland       Cheyenne Mtn.   OF,RHP

McCarthy        Cheyenne Mtn.   OF

Churchill          Rampart           OF,RHP

Morton            Doherty           OF,LHP

Harper            Air Academy     C

Ebbens            Vista Ridge       C

Brennan           Rampart           1B,RHP

Spivey             Lewis Palmer    1B,RHP

Alexander       Falcon              2B,RHP

Klein               Pine Creek        SS,RHP

Vigil               Vista Ridge        SS,RHP

McDowell       Falcon               INF,RHP

Jacobo           Doherty           3B,RHP

Popham          Vista Ridge       3B,1B,RHP

Bennett         Pine Creek        3B,2B

Abdallah        Air Force         RHP

Varsity #2

Metz            Vista Ridge        3B,RHP

Weiss           Vista Ridge        2B

Skur             Vanguard           SS

Buckler        Cheyenne Mtn.    SS,2B

Duncan         Vista Ridge        2B,RHP

Gallegos       Vista Ridge        SS,2B,RHP

Cassera        Vista Ridge        SS,2B

Jancik          Cheyenne Mtn.   1B,RHP

Pennell          Cheyenne Mtn.   C,1B

Henn             Cheyenne Mtn.   C,3B,RHP

Fletcher        Vista Ridge        OF,RHP

Helton          Cheyenne Mtn.   OF,INF,RHP

Levonchuk     Vista Ridge        OF,RHP

Tino              Sand Creek       OF

Aubrey         Coronado           RHP

R. Morris      Cheyenne Mtn.   OF

Morse           Rampart            1B,RHP

JV #1

Morley          Cheyenne Mtn.    OF,RHP

Piantanida     Cheyenne Mtn.    OF,RHP

Webber        Air Academy       OF,LHP

Combs           St. Mary's          OF

Kirksey          Doherty             3B

Lowrey           Doherty            3B

Goodman         Doherty           C,1B,RHP

Escobar-Winter   Vista Ridge   C

Papenfuss          Coronado        C,2B

Pearl                 Cheyenne Mtn.   2B,3B

Ford-Roshon     Cheyenne Mtn.    3B

Sedlak               Doherty           1B,RHP

Skur                 Vanguard          2B,RHP

Passufiume        Pine Creek        SS,RHP

Risdall              Vista Ridge        2B,RHP

Horton              TCA                  OF,LHP

JV #2

Baba                 Vista Ridge       OF

Pierce              St. Mary's         OF

Larson              Vista Ridge       OF

Ott                  St. Mary's        OF,RHP

Carpenter         Cheyenne Mtn.   OF,LHP

Randall             Cheyenne Mtn.    C

Batton              Woodland Pk.    OF,1B,LHP

Hatchitt          Vista Ridge       2B

Holstrom         Vista Ridge       2B

Sturtevant      St. Mary's        SS,2B

S. Schaffer     Vista Ridge       OF,LHP

G. Schaffer     Vista Ridge       SS,RHP

Duran              Cheyenne Mtn.   SS,RHP

Gallegos          Vista Ridge         INF

Tutton            Mesa Ridge        1B

Wood              Doherty            SS,3B,RHP

Practice Only Players







Thursday, August 28
Friday's Practice Schedule....

Varsity #1 and Varsity #2 players will practice at CMHS from 3:30-4:45.  JV #1 and JV #2 players will practice from 4:45-6:00.  Uniforms will be handed out during this time for those who bring payment.  Please make checks payable to Indians Baseball. 

Wednesday, July 9
Fall Baseball Information....

The Colorado Springs Fall Baseball program is the longest running fall program in Colorado Springs.  This program has been ran out of Cheyenne Mountain since 2007 with the help of many head coaches from the surrounding area.  This year there will be 4 teams (2 JV clubs and 2 Varsity clubs).   The teams on our schedule will consist of teams from Denver, Ft. Collins, Pueblo, and the surrounding area.  This year's freshman and sophomores will tryout on Monday, August 25th at Cheyenne Mountain HS from 4:00-6:30.  This year's junior's and senior's will tryout on Tuesday, August 26th at Cheyenne Mountain HS from 4:00-6:30.  This year's fall program will be 7 week's running from August 25 through October 12.  Games/Tournaments will be played every weekend.  Practices will be:  Both JV teams will practice on Monday's and Wednesday's.  Both Varsity teams will practice on Tuesday's and Thursday's.  We will alternate between teams on Friday's for our hitting days.  Players will be placed on a team that fits their skill level.  Example, freshman may be placed on a Varsity team, seniors may be placed on a JV team.  All practices will take place at CMHS.

Cost for the 7 week program will be $525.  This includes a jersey, hat, baseballs, tournament fee's, league fee's, insurance, umpires, field maintenance, coaches expenses/salary.  The practice and game schedule will be posted on the website once completed. For questions, please call Coach Swope at 719-338-2290.

Sunday, August 17
Colorado Springs Select Schedules Completed...

This year's fall program will be under the name Colorado Springs Select.  There will be 4 teams:  Varsity #1, Varsity #2, JV #1 and JV #2.  All practices will be ran out of Cheyenne Mountain HS. 

Varsity #1

Saturday 8/30:  (Rawlings Tournament)  vs. CIL Gold (11:30), vs. Grand Junction (2:00) @ Thomas Jefferson HS Coach Gans, Coach Churchill

Sunday 8/31:  (Rawlings Tournament)  vs. Colorado 115's Navy (2:00) @ Thomas Jefferson HS Coach Churchill

Saturday 9/6:  @ Lamar Community College (11:00/1:30) Coach Gans, Coach Churchill

Saturday 9/13:  vs. Thunder Academy 18's (2:00/4:30) @ Vista Ridge HS Coach Moncallo, Coach Churchill

Saturday 9/20:  (Cherry Creek Tournament) vs. Cherry Creek 18's, Braves Scout Team, Slammer's Zavaras Coach Gans, Coach Churchill

Sunday 9/21:  (Cherry Creek Tournament) vs. Cherry Creek 18's, Braves Scout Team, Slammer's Zavaras Coach Churchill

Saturday 9/27:  @ Brighton 18's (11:00/1:00) Coach Gans, Coach Churchill 

Saturday 10/4:  (@ Pueblo Evolution Tournament) TBD Coach Moncallo, Coach Churchill

Sunday 10/5:  (@ Pueblo Evolution Tournament) TBD Coach Churchill

Saturday 10/11:  vs. Post #6 Cheyenne WY (12:00), vs. Thunder Academy 18's (2:00) @ Legacy HS Coach Moncallo, Coach Churchill

Varsity #2

Saturday 8/30:  vs. Grandview (11:30) vs. Falcon (2:00) @ Brighton HS  Coach Buchanan

Monday 9/1:  vs. Colorado Baseball Academy (9:00), vs. Arapahoe (11:30) @ Brighton HS Coach Keaton

Saturday 9/6:  vs. CIL (10:00/12:30) @ Cheyenne Mtn HS Coach Swope

Sunday 9/14:  vs. Colorado Baseball Academy (10:00/12:30) @ Vista Ridge HS Coach Sedlak

Sunday 9/21:  vs. Rake Nation (10:00/12:30) @ Vista Ridge HS Coach Sedlak

Saturday 9/27:  vs. CSBB (2:00/4:30) @ Vista Ridge HS Coach Buchanan

Saturday 10/4:  vs. Pueblo West (10:00/12:30) @ Cheyenne Mtn HS Coach Swope

Sunday 10/5:  vs. Team Colorado (9:00/11:30) @ Chatfield HS Coach Sturtevant

Saturday 10/11:  vs. Monument Bears (2:00/4:30) @ Cheyenne Mtn HS Coach Swope

JV #1

Saturday 8/30:  vs. Evergreen (3:30), vs. Diamond Club (8:30) @ Metzler Field Castle Rock  Coach Sedlak

Monday 9/1:  vs. Rock Canyon (11:30), vs. Grandview (2:00) @ Grandview HS  Coach Gans

Sunday 9/7:  vs. Cherry Creek (10:00/12:30) @ Vista Ridge HS Coach Sedlak

Saturday 9/13:  vs. Thunder Academy (1:00/3:30) @ Legacy HS Coach Gans

Saturday 9/20:  Pueblo Evolution Tournament TBD Coach Moncallo

Sunday 9/21:  Pueblo Evolution Tournament TBD Coach Keaton

Sunday 9/28:  vs. Cherry Creek (10:00/12:30) @ Vista Ridge HS Coach Sedlak

Sunday 10/5:  vs. Pueblo Evolution (10:00/12:30) @ Vista Ridge HS Coach Sedlak

Sunday 10/12:  vs. Team Colorado (11:00/1:30) @ Vista Ridge HS Coach Sedlak

JV #2

Saturday 8/30:  vs. Grandview  (5:00) @ Mountain Vista HS  Coach Carpenter, Coach Sturtevant

Sunday 8/31:  Cherry Creek Blue (11:30), vs. Cherry Creek Red (2:00) @Grandview HS Coach Carpenter, Coach Sturtevant

Monday 9/1:  vs. Colorado Angels (4:30) @ Cherokee Trail HS Coach Carpenter, Coach Sturtevant

Saturday 9/6:  vs. Grandview (2:00/4:30) @ Vista Ridge HS Coach Buchanon, Coach Sturtevant

Saturday 9/13:  vs. Batter's Box (10:00/12:30) @ Cheyenne Mtn HS Coach Swope

Saturday 9/20:  vs. Sandlot (10:00/12:30) @ Cheyenne Mtn HS Coach Swope

Saturday 9/27:  @ Cherry Creek (12:30/3:00) Coach Moncallo

Saturday 10/4:  vs. Dakota Ridge (2:00/4:30) @ Vista Ridge HS Coach Buchanan

Saturday 10/11:  vs. Prep Baseball Report (2:00/4:30) @ Vista Ridge HS Coach Buchanan

Sunday 10/12:  vs. Colorado Angels (11:00/1:30) @ Bruce Randolph HS Coach Carpenter, Coach Sturtevant

Thursday, August 21
Golf Tournament.....September 22nd!!!

The Indians Foundation annual golf tournament is coming up at the Colorado Springs Country Club and it's time to make a late push!!!  Coach Swope's 4-some is ready to defend their middle of the pack finish last year!  The Foundation has paid for many field upgrades over the past 5 years and have about $9,000 in the account going into this year's event.  That being said, if they have another successful tournament this year, we can really apply the monies toward the new facility if the bond passes, or continue to upgrade our current field if the bond is voted down.  I'm asking the parents of the program to come together and get as many 4-somes as possible to come play on the 22nd.  If you don't know of any golfers, you can help by getting some gifts to give away as prizes, gift cards, vollunteer, or even sponsor a hole.  Please contact Lisa or Barry Helton to receive more direction as to how you can help.  The goal is to provide every golfer with something to take away from the tournament to add to their positive experience so we can continue to get repeat participants every year.  Thanks to all in the Cheyenne Mountain Baseball Family!

Coach Swope

Sunday, August 24
Varsity Summer Stats....

Player                   PA       AB      R     Hits     2B     3B     HR     BB      K      HBP     AVG      OBP

McCarthy            117     88      32     33       7        1       3        25     22      3         .375      .521

Churchill             116    103     31     37       4       4        1        12     22      1        .366       .431

Schneider          112      83      25     30       6       0        1        16     10      11      .361      .509

Buckler               103     68       18     10      2        1        0       27      16      5        .147      .408

Helton                 98       81       17     18      5        0        0       14      23      0        .222      .327

Daignault            88       63      17      16      6        0        1       16      16      8       .254      .455

Brennan              85       72      16      26     10       1        1        7       13      1       .361      .400

Jancik                   84      71        8       22      3        0        0        12      11     0       .310      .405

Webster              83       68       14     17      7        0        2        12      13     2       .250      .373

Moore                 78       65       15     19       3        1        0        12      7       1      .292      .410

Strickland            77       60       11     17      6        1        0        14     12      1       .283     .416

Henn                    72       62       12     18      3        0        1         8        5       1      .290      .375

Pennell                67       57        6       12      0       0        0         6        21     0      .211      .269

Marshall             60       53        4        13      2       1        0         6       16      2      .245     .350

Morris, C            54      41        6         9        0       0         0         9       11      0     .220      .333

Morris, R            25      23        2         4        0       0         0         2       6        0     .174      .240

Monday, August 4
Golf Tournament Information....

The golf tournament for the Indians Foundation will be held on Monday, September 22 at the Country Club of Colorado Springs on 115 Hwy.  The Foundation has asked for volunteers and prize donations.  It's the Foundations goal to provide a prize to every participant for their effort to come out and support this cause.  There are many ways for you to help: check in volunteers, putt for prize volunteers, hole in one observers, etc... The foundation bought the foul poles last year for the baseball field and continues to be a valuable contributor to field improvements.  Please contact Lisa Helton at 719-502-9949 to ask how you can get involved.

Sunday, April 27
Scholorship Fund....

The Fundraising card sale was a big hit and helped many of our players with their expenses moving forward.  I wanted to take this opportunity to let our baseball family know that Dane Ford-Roshon has decided to donate his portion in the amount of $220 to go into a scholorship fund to help some of our Cheyenne Mountain players with their future costs for spring, summer or fall baseball.  This is an incredible offer of generosity from Dane and his family!  The family would like to let everyone know they would like to see this scholorship fund grow and be available for anyone who would need this.  If you would like to join hands in this endeavor, please contact Coach Swope.  Thanks Dane for your incredible act of selflessness!

Thursday, August 4

The following balances for summer baseball:

Moore.............$380 (2012)

Please send your payments in ASAP.  Thank You. View Our Guestbook | Sign Our Guestbook
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