Cheyenne Mountain Men's Basketball: Tips & Drills


1. Develop Rebound Radar- There is absolutely no reason in the world you cannot react and go to the basket to put yourself in rebound position every single time a ball is shot.

2. Get Back- It is impossible to succeed as a team if you do not have the mentality of getting back every single time your team loses possession of the ball. You must be obsessed with not giving up easy baskets. It is a pride thing and demonstrates your commitment to playing both ends of the floor.

3.Help on Defense- I know, my teammate didn't help me, so why should I help them. If you haven't experienced it yet before, you will only understand how important this selfless mentality is to a team's success, when you play on a team where you have confidence that every time you get beat someone is coming to help you out of trouble.

4. Deliver Your Passes Consistently on Target- With so much emphasis in today's game on one-one-one play and scoring it's no surprise at their is a lack of players who can consistently pass the ball to a teammate in perfect scoring position every single time.

5. Communicate to Your Teammates on the Court. You and your teammates can often recover from mistakes if you talk on the floor. For some reason some players are intimidated in terms of telling their teammates what's coming. Call the screens, tell them where your help position is, call out I've got yours, call the shot, talk and keep talking.

6. Hustle When It Hurts. Or it might be simply getting back in transition when you have no more gas to give. This could also be called mental toughness. A coach who knows you go to the gas when there is no more to give, is more likely to have confidence to play you at critical moments when the game is on the line.

7. Have a Better Than 3:1 Assist to Turnover Ratio- Coaches can always find playing time for someone who creates more scoring opportunities for their teammates than commit passing mistakes. You might say, I'm not a great passer, then work at become a better one.

8. Be The Best Role Player You Can Be- No team can be successful unless each player on the team knows their role, and performs it consistently to the best of their ability for the team. Even if you are an extremely talented player, if you chose your own way, your team cannot win with you in the game. Take pride in your role, even if you are the last man on the bench and your role is to create a war like atmosphere in practice to keep intensity high. Great role players get PT.

9. Be Loyal to Your Coach and Teammates- Two-faced players, no matter what their reasons, will never get playing time. I don't care how angry you are, how disappointed over poor play, or a coaches decision, nothing will cost you playing time faster than going behind someone, who must trusts you to be there when you are needed.

10. Practice to Improve Every Single Day- If you don't strive to improve every single attempt you make at a skill, you will never string together the large number of small but significant steps necessary to make giant leaps in your skill level. I find playing time for players who are improving daily. I notice skill improvement, it's my job. Actions to improve speak much louder than words and get you PT.

BONUS tip- Make it Tough Every Single Time for Your Player to Catch the ball- If you are lazy at times and don't make this kind of effort how can a Coach give you more time. It can be as simple as playing good position and keeping your hand and arm in the passing lane with good vision. If you consistently can perform that skill you will get some PT.

They May Only Be 10 But They are Significant
So now you have my secrets. What are you going to do with them. Some of you will go out and work at them a few days and then forget them. How about printing out this list, making a chart or calendar and marking off each day how many of these pointers you paid attention to each day during the season and see if you your playing time doesn't improve.