Cheyenne Mountain Men's Basketball: Nutrition


The following information is meant as a basic guide for nutrition for competition.

High Complex Carbohydrate Foods
bagel (regular size)
whole wheat bread
english muffins

High Protein Foods
lowfat cheese
turkey breast
tuna packed in water
yogurt, low fat or nonfat
lean roast beef
peanut butter (1 tbsp.)
chicken breast without skin

Pre Competition Meals/Snacks 1 Hour Before Competition
fresh fruit or canned fruit
lowfat dairy such as yogurt with fruit
lowfat pretzels
half a bagel
whole wheat toast

2 Hours Before Competition
dry cereal with fruit
1/2 whole wheat sandwich w/2 oz. turkey breast
1/2 bagel with lowfat tuna or cheese
lowfat granola bar with fruit

Mini-Meal 3 Hours Before Competition
This should settle hunger, aid in match concentration & provide immediate energy
1 cup pasta with tomato sauce, fresh fruit
1 whole sandwich with lean protein source, a piece of fruit
1/2 sandwich, fresh fruit, lowfat yogurt
2 pancakes or frozen whole wheat waffles with fresh fruit, 1 pat butter
scrambled eggs with milk, whole wheat toast

Fluid Recommendations
Simple sugars such as fruit juice, soda, or other beverages should not be consumed before a game due to high sugar content. They may cause stomach upset. They may be diluted to half strength. Water is still the preferred source of fluid.

Pre Game
Athletes should be drinking fluids throughout the day.
Drink two cups (16 oz.) water approximately two hours before competition
Do not drink simple sugar beverages before a match as it may cause severe stomach upset

During Game
Consume 1 cup cool fluid every 15 minutes and during breaks
Flavored sport drinks are not needed unless playing at a high intensity for >90 minutes

Post Game
Replace lost fluids immediately after play For every pound lost, consume two cups (16 oz.) of fluid

Noelle Ellert Sheehan, RD