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Dom's Tribute
Dom's Tribute - LDT 2005
Monday, August 14
CCS Strykers' Girls Cheer
The Strykers' cheer has a rich history that dates back to 2003 when Domenic Mobilio, as the Technical Director of Coquitlam City Soccer and Gayle Statton as the VP of Girls Soccer formed a group of promising players known as the U10 Allstars, picked from the then U10 House teams.

These players were enrolled in the Domenic Mobilio Soccer Academy and encouraged to challenge the limits of their abilities with a dedicated training regimen that was previously not available for 9 year old girls.

Born in Vancouver, Mobilio was renowned for his ability to score and win under pressure. He was one of two of the first players signed by the Vancouver 86ers in November 1986. By 1990, he had captured the Canadian Soccer League's scoring title three times.

Mobilio played 14 seasons as striker with the 86ers (now known as the Vancouver Whitecaps), scoring 170 goals despite missing most of the 1995 season with a severe hamstring injury. The Vancouver '86ers and Canadian National Team star not only called Coquitlam home, but made thousands of friends in the Tri-Cities. 

Dom's commitment and special affinity for these young girls was felt deeply, and he so often would take time from his busy schedule to attend their games and tournaments and often expressed his feelings of pride for their love of the game, that he loved so deeply. The Strykers' visit to his home on Wednesday November 10th, 2004 to watch another 14 year old CCS protege (Sydney Leroux)  playing in Thailand was typical of his commitment to combining fun (a pizza party) and soccer (an instructional session watching the satellite TV game). We were all struck by the absence in his home of his countless trophies and awards, as he humbly worked hard to teach the players the finer points of the game.

His death on November 13, 2004 saddened his protege Strykers Girls deeply, and in his honor their cheer of "STRYKERS !!" was changed to "STRYKERS.....DOM !!". Many a tear was shed as the Strykers observed their moment of silence before each of their games that season, and recalled the loss of his smiling presence. Their November 14th game was a perfect performance as they shut out their opponents 6-0 and allowed no SOG's in the entire game.

Perhaps their high regard for him was best stated by a then only 9 year old Strykers player who remembered him as below:

Things that I remember about Dom:
he was always a happy person
he came to most of our games
I remember his laugh
how he said my name
his effort in soccer
he wouldn't want us to quit
he wanted us to try our best
he always believed in us
he was a kind person
he wanted us to love the game
he taught us a lot of things about soccer
how he looked
he was # 10
he wanted us to work hard
he never let us down
he loved us all
I will miss him a lot.

May this thought and Dom's memory sustain the Strykers throughout their seasons and their entire soccer career.

The Strykers' motto remains today as "Fun; Winning & Fun".

Bruce Dent,
Team Manager

Dom & Strykers' Coaches
Dom & Strykers Coaches

NSGSC Thanksgiving Silver Medalists
Monday, October 16
Silver Medal - 20th Annual NSGSC Thanksgiving Tournament
The Strykers enjoyed their first dry Thanksgiving Tournament in 4 years as they entered the highly competitive field in NSGSC's Gold (1) Division.
The team had a very close contest with the defending Provincial Champions Kelowna United, as the Strykers took a 1-0 lead early in the second half, only to have a questionable penalty shot called on their goalie that led to a 2-1 defeat.

The Strykers sharpened their shooting skills as they defeated the talented SW United team from Edmonton, Alberta 2-1 in the 2nd game of the day....the SW United team went on to defeat the Kelowna United team 3-1. The SW United team outshot the Strykers 12-4, as Lauren Askew was superb in goal for the Strykers, to help pull off the upset.
Sunday seen the Strykers defeat the West Vancouver Quest in a 2-0 win as the Strykers worked hard on the field.

Monday's final contest was a thrilling exhibition as the Strykers battled the older and bigger Lake Oswego (Portland, Oregon area) team in an exceptionally close contest that was perhaps the best game of the weekend in the Division. The game was typified by physical play and back & forth action as the Lake Oswego team scored a late 2nd half goal to pull off the 1-0 victory.
Both teams had a clean and challenging contest that was perhaps the best Thanksgiving tournament in the Strykers' team history.

Well done girls !

Tuesday, November 14
Harvest Cup Bound U13Gold Strykers Tame BGSC U15 7-A-Side Division
The Harvest Cup bound Strykers team braved the elements and entered the U14 Gold Division in the BGSC 7-A-Side Remembrance weekend tournament, only to be bumped up into the U15 Division comprised of SA teams.
With the help of Harvest Cup roster additions....Danae Harding and Dayn McGregor of the CCS Milan & Meghan McMillan of the Port Moody Pizazz U14SA teams....the Strykers took on the much larger U15 teams with excellent results.
The Strykers traversed the full sized turf fields with frequent subs on the fly to defeat the host BGSC U15SA United 3-1 in the first game thanks to superior speed and ball handling, followed by a 5-1 victory in the shootout contest and a 5-5 tie in the Roberto Baggio contest.
The Strykers then faced a talented Richmond U15SA  Renegades, who outmuscled and defeated the Strykers 2-1 in a close contest, with the Strykers goalie Lauren Askew again winning the shootout contest 7-3 coupled with a 4-2 loss in the Robert Baggio contest.
In the 3rd round, the Strykers totally dominated the NSGSC U15SA Sidewinders allowing only 2 SOG's in the 4-0 victory to qualify for the Gold Medal final.....and to now no one's surprise Lauren won the shootout 6-2 coupled with a Strykers 6-1 victory in the Roberto Baggio contest.
The favoured undefeated Richmond Renegades and the Strykers took to the turf and to Richmond's surprise the toughened Strykers outmuscled and out passed Richmond to a scoreless tie until Dayn McGregor slotted the winner on a breakaway with 40 seconds left in the contest !
Congratulations to the players who showed size can be dominated by skills and desire, and to the Coaches who made masterful matchups on flying subs to win the Gold Medal in the U15 Division finals. Finally kudos to our 11 year old "mad hatter" goalie Lauren Askew for winning the tournament Goalie award (a Soccer City gift certificate) in U15 by allowing only 6 goals in 48 Shootout shots !!

IDC Cup Finalists
Monday, March 20
CCS Strykers - U12 Gold (1) League & Inter-District Champions

Sunday was a "Double Gold Medal" day for the League Champion CCS Strykers U12 Gold (1) team, as the players defeated the talented Abbotsford Mariners (3-0)  in the Inter-District Cup finals to claim the U12 Inter-District Championship.

The CCS Strykers swept the U12 Gold IDC Cup series with a perfect record of 4-0-0 (GFA 11-0), to claim the Gold medal on the strength of a superb team effort with goals by Fiona Beales; Tamara Jaksa and Tamara Roughead, anchored by superior ball handling; strong defense and an outstanding effort by 1 year younger goalie Lauren Askew who stopped 21 consecutive shots in the team's 4 game shutouts. North District official Pete Skinner also handed out the Strykers' League Championship Gold (1) medals.

League & IDC Gold Medals