Central Massachusetts Dart Association: Welcome

League Suggestions & Concerns

At the banquet a new board will be formed.  All members of the league are encouraged to make suggestions and address concens prior to the start of the next season.  Please put any suggestions or concerns you have in the dart box at the Legion.  The new board will address these concerns at the start of the season.

Please hand in your Banquet Forms by the end of Playoffs

You can pick up Banquet Forms at the Legion next to the Drop Off Box or you can download it from the Handouts Section of the website.

Scoring Reminder

Scorekeepers should follow the order on the match report, away starts first.

All scores must be audibly called out by the shooter before he/she removes their darts from the board. Do not pull your darts until the score is confirmed with the scorekeeper. If there is any questionable calls, the scorekeepers word is final as to what was actually thrown.



Handout: 2013 Full League Schedule