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Chesterfield Local Weather
Tom Ferrari
Chesterfield, Virginia

yankee flag 3
26 Time World Champs

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Tuesday, February 19

Friday, June 27
Congratulations to our Yankee All Stars, Peanut and PanCake!!!!!

Come out and support all of our CLL All*Stars in this years District and Invitational All*Star Tournanments!!!!


Special recognition to Our Own Yankee All*Stars:

PanCake, AKA, BuntCake: 12 Year old District All*Star

Peanut: 10/11 Yearl Old Invitation All*Star 


I'll post the Invitational Allstar schedule when available!!!


rCoach Tom in Red Sox Hat
Recap Brought to You by the #1 Closet Red Sox Fan!
Saturday, June 21
One Last Rita's Run Before We Leave for St Louis: ALL Are Welcome and Encouraged to Join!!!

I Will Miss You Most of All!

When: Tuesday June 24th

Time: 7PM

In lieu of a final recap I think we'll just get together for some Ice and Storytelling! Besides, I said pretty much all I had to say at the party! Our Team Photo hangs proudly in my new office in St Louis, reminding me daily of what a great season we had, on and off the field!

I sincerely hope if we've done nothing else, that we, the coaching staff, helped to create positive Memories that will be remembered for years to come....

"Girl Power Baby!"

"The score board may read a tie, but we're the Yankees, we'll just take that as a win!" (Ra-Ra)

"Does this mean Bunting Practice is over!" (Bunt Cake formerly known as PanCake)

Come back after come back! (We are the Yankees! Never rule us out!)

Uncle Bob chastising the coaching staff, time after time!

The "Over the Fence" Club (Ra Ra and Boomer..Oh, and Batman in the Pre-season..sure it counts!)

Many Rita Runs, including the "Lone Ranger" aka Johnny Baseball!

Our #1 Fan in the Stands! (You know who you are...thanks for the support!)

Home Run Derby (Won by A-Rod and Yogi, honerable mention to Munson for winning the Pop Up Contest!)

Practice in the rain!

2 Triples and 3 Put Outs in 1 Game (Scooter)

27 Walks (Sholess Joe)

"Rookie of the Year" (Peanut)

Proof Reading by Mrs Coach! Hey, I left those "TYPOS" to keep you busy! XOXO!! LOL!

What a "Pretty Pitch" (Lightning and his awesomley "Confusing" change-up!)

"Who Loves Baseball" (Papa Yogi)

How many coaches kids can we hit!! (Anonymous)

Challenger Buddy Day!

and, what I consider my favorite memory that I WILL remember and talk about for many years to come, ME, in a RED SOX uniform!! AAHH!! What was I thinking!

Thank You Coach George for 3 years of great memories, too many to list here, and some not for younger eyes!


TTFN, Coach Tom!!






Thanks for the opportunity to serve, Chief Nhah!!!!

Thursday, April 17
Uncle Bob Gives Coach George a Tongue Lashing........

Uncle Bob didn't take kindly to Coach George's agressive base running and chatised him for trying to stretch a Triple into an "Inside the Park Home Run!" While we appreciate and take to heart all of Uncle Bob's knowledge and suggestions, we, as a team, are very protective of our beloved Coach George.

Go ahead a Run Em Coach...we got your back! If he scored, Uncle Bob would probably be praising you for agressive base running in a tight game!

Go Yankees!!!!




Thursday, April 17
Manchester Baseball Camp - Monday June 23rd thru Friday June 27th ...See Attached Handout for Details.....

Handout: Manchester Baseball Camp

Friday, April 11
Link to the Main CLL Website: Schedules for ALL Teams

Friday, April 4
Hey Pitchers...Check Out These Drills.....Print the Handouts Below!!

Handout: Pitching Drills

joe girardi
Saturday, April 5
New York Yankees Manager Joe Girardi Is Proud of His Little League Roots (Click Here)

Thursday, March 13
Introducing the 2008 Spring Major Yankees

Do you know who you are?

Pancake, Yogi, Lightning. Batman. Ray-Ray, Bambino, Peanut

Boomer, A-Rod, Munson, Shoeless Joe, Scooter, and a special welcome to our latest aquisition....Jeter!!!




Thursday, March 13
Check Out the "LINKS" Tab to the Left for Important Information!!

george 1
For the last time! My name if Jeff!!!
Saturday, February 23
Has anyone seen George?

Centerfield (Let's Go!)

Friday, February 29
Support Those Who Support Us!! Visit the Sponsor Link to the Left!!

Saturday, March 29
Welcome to the Home Site of the CLL Major Division Yankees

Welcome Sports Fans, Parents, Relatives, Friends, Players, and of course, Shoeless Joe's dad! This is the Official Web Site of the Spring 2008 CLL Major Division Yankees. This site is meant to keep you up to date on information related to our team and includes, among other things, practice and game schedules, game recaps, and links to important information.

Please come back often to keep updated on our beloved Yankees. Also, please feel free to sign the Guest Book or drop us an e-mail for suggestions on site improvements or anything pertaining to the team. The Coaching Staff is extremely excited about working with the players and parents in this, the "Inaugural Season of the WTW Program". What's that? You aren't familiar with WTW! Well, then why don't you just click on the "Waving Yankee Flag" above and read all about it! We would love to hear your feedback!!


Thanks, Coach Jeff, Coach Tom, and Coach Wes!

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