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Last updated
03-21-19 08:55 AM
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Cleveland Heights Senior Hockey League
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CHSHL Champions - Past and Present
A new page dedicated to the teams that have endured the long season, battled through the playoffs and made it to the top.


Saturday, November 29
1992-93 League Champions
Row 1:  ??, Neil O'Donnell, Mark Schwartz, ???, Tim Bauman, Jerrald Gaskins, Jim Milligan

Tuesday, June 24
2007-08 A Divison Champions - GRAY
2007-08 Gray Team Champs

Front Row from L to R: Kirt Montlack, Billy Ferkol, John Sindelar, Bob Smith, Andy Milgram

Back Row from L to R: Yuri Borsch, Mike Mears, Tony Prpic, Rick Mears, Geoff Grim, Vladimir Shirokov

Not Pictured: Chris Breary, Sarah Greer, Ryan Mayhugh, Dana Doll, Justin Wolf,


Tuesday, June 24
2007-08 B Division Champions - RED
2007-08 Red Team B Champs

Front Row from L to R: Jack Horrigan, Scott Lee, Michael Sharon, Mike McFarlane, Bob Warshawsky, Ray Carr

Back Row from L to R: Steve Warshawsky, Kevin Amolsch, Doug Grossman-McKee, Glen Stevens, Josh Heyka, Jim Moore, Rich Nicholson

Not Pictured: Allan Wilkinson


Friday, May 18
2006-07 A Division Champions - GOLD (A)
Front Row from L to R: Scott McNevan, Mike London, Mike Jeffery

Middle Row from L to R: Ron Centa, Ryan Nastasi, Pat Kramer, Rob MacKinley

Back Row from L to R: Dan Aerni, Len Trem, Jim Brumbaugh, Dan Burkons

Laying: Gavin

Not Pictured: Joe Perdue, Jamie Cogan, Paul Cardinale


Friday, May 18
2006-07 B Division Champions - BLUE
Front Row from L to R: Steve Izen, Mike Sparker, Michael Pierce, Mark Uguccioni, Dave Weidenthal, Rich Schlenk

Back Row from L to R: Joe Sullivan, Rian Spremulli, Gary Naherny, Chris Brandt, Chris Butler, Tom Adams, Marcus Dana, Mike Seidman


Wednesday, April 26
2005-06 A Division Champions - ORANGE

Front Row from L to R: Brian Bradley, Dave Oliver, Justin Wagner, Mike Kolenich

Back Row from L to R: Ron Skingle, Robert Miller, Jacob Bulk, Ghyslain Manegre, Nick Verch, Mike Verch, Mike Cugini

Not Pictured: Brad Wheeler


Wednesday, April 26
2005-06 B Division Champions - GOLD
Front Row from L to R: Paul Tomann, Hugo Raedler, Peter Kaiser, Frank Theiss

Back Row from L to R: Tom Rudy, Paul Healy, Kevin Ignasiak, Lisa Healy, Ron Teodecki

Not Pictured: Eric Arts, Griff Ralston, Barry Holtzer, Mark Mirabelli


2004-05 A Division Champions - WHITE

Front Row from L to R: Mike Bauman, Jason Cort, Greg Nowak, Mike McKeon, Boris Belkin

Back Row from L to R: Dave Wright, Pat Bauman, Carl Bleick, Dave Lurie, Phil Hall, Tim Bauman

Not Pictured: Tom Bauman, Rob Wright


2004-05 B Division Champions - RED
Red Team 2004 - 05

Front Row from L to R: Ray Carr, Mike McFarlane, Steve Warshawsky, Mike Sharon, Bob Warshawsky, Allan Wilkenson, Jim Moore

Back Row from L to R: Pat Stephens, Kevin Amolsch, Rich Nicholson, Rick Dalcanto, Jack Horrigan, Bob Block, Louis Verstringhe


2003-2004 Maroon Team

Back Row from L to R: Mike Rutledge, Andy Senkovich, Karl Kleinert, Mike O'Callaghan

Front Row from L to R: Jesse Wainright, John Manzatt


2002-2003 Green Team
Back Row from L to R: Paul Healy, Bill Brennan, Dave Baker, Eric Fried, Mike Johnston, Kelly Ross, Mike Paris, Allen Colic, Dave Siegel, Evan Nolan, Carl Kohr

Front Row from L to R: Lisa Healy, Kelly Baker, Paul Tomann


2001-2002 Red Team
Red Champs 01-02

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