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The Intruder
Tuesday, July 31
The "Original" Intruder
Coach Bill recently attended the EAA Airventure air show in Oshkosh, WI.   During the show Coach ran into a real Intruder.  He had his photo taken in front of the Navy A6 Fighter Aircraft that this team is named after.

From Coach Bill

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Intruder - The name is taken from the military aircraft designated the A-6. The "Intruder," as it was nicknamed, joined Navy/Marine squadrons on board fleet carriers in 1964, complementing A4 and A7 aircraft in the attack role. The A6 provided the Navy with an all weather strike capability for the first time.  Its design enabled it to carry both nuclear and conventional weapons, which consisted of over three dozen types of ordnance, from guided missiles to cluster munitions.  Its versatility and unique ability to operate in adverse weather conditions is a fitting visual of the attitude of the Intruder players.  According to their association website, when the Intruders were inbound, there was nowhere to hide - day or night.  That is the reputation that we intend to uphold within the softball environment - there is nowhere to hide!

With a very busy fall 2013 schedule the girls will be playing college exposure tournaments and taking the field in the 18U division.  I am very excited for this team and I am equally thankful for the support of great parents.  We are well underway. 

Coach Bill 

A6 Intruder Association
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