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All footwork, and descriptions below are compliments of J.A. King's Strongsoccer.

Lunge Move 11/14/2007 

"The lunge is a very versatile move that works standing still or at a dead run. Start dribbling the ball forwards then abruptly lunge (take a long deep step) with your left foot, to the left of the ball. Plant your left foot hard and take the ball back to the right with the outside of the right foot, on the diagonal. Accelerate. or as I like to phrase it - FAKE and FLY!
KEY POINTS: This move is the backbone of soccer feints. (In fact the "scissors", the "Rivolino", the "Matthews" and the fake kicks are all "lunge-type" moves.) Watch a Premier League game sometime to identify different kinds of moves, and the lunge (or variations on the lunge) will be the most common move by far. For instance, I don't think I have ever seen Michael Owen do any kind of "under the leg" or "spinning" fakes. He simply "faked" left, went to the right with the outside of his foot - and scored. That's the lunge at it's best. Of course it helps to have breakaway speed like Owen, but if you "explode" out of the fake, you will find space.

Cryuff Move 11/5/2007 

"Start by dribbling the ball forward and plant your left foot near the ball as your right leg "winds-up" for a big kick or shot. Instead of shooting however, bring the right foot down and "chop" the ball backwards and underneath your left leg. You may even have to do a little "hop" or "skip" with your left foot to get it out of the way.
The difference between this move and the "turn-away pull-back" is that the "Cruyff" uses the "chop" with the inside of the foot while the pull-back uses a "scrape-roll" with the sole of the shoe.
KEY POINTS:This move takes a little practice. The classic Cruyff highlight clips show him moving diagonally to the right across the field near the opponents penalty box. He fakes a pass/kick towards the right flag but instead "chops" it underneath his left leg giving him space for a shot."

Scotch Move 10/29/2007

"These are all moves that redirect the ball underneath the leg, (but in a different fashion than the Cruyff or "pullback L"). The basic manuever ("straight Scotch", if you will) starts with stepping over the ball with the left foot. After placing that foot down use the inside of your right foot to tap it underneath your left leg and off to the left side at an angle. Turn to the left and take it with your left foot. Yes, this is similar to the famous Cruyff but doesn't really start with a fake kicking motion and then a chopping movement. It is more of a quick little "tap" underneath the support foot.
The "stepover" variation uses the left foot to momentarily stop the ball then it proceeds to step beyond the ball and finally the right foot finishes by cutting it underneath that left leg with the inside of the right foot. And the "step-on" or "drag-out" variation stops the ball and even "drags" it to the outside with the sole of the foot and then knocks it underneath the left foot which has stepped beyond the ball.
KEY POINTS: I've seen this move work really well and I've also seen players end up in collisions sith the defense. Unless the defense is really "wrong-footed", begin this move a little further out from the defender to avoid crashing into them."