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Home of Central Carroll's 2015 U9 Wildfire Girl's Travel Soccer Team

              A Winning Tradition Built Upon Building Winners
                From the smallest of flame to the mighty powerful fire.......Wildfire

Wildfire is dedicated to providing enhanced soccer instruction through a licensed and certified coaching staff (U.S. Soccer and NSCAA) Wildfire is proud of its history of placing girls on their respective High School and College teams. To view a list of some of these players visit our Alumni Page on this site.

Interested in becoming a Wildfire Player? We host teams for Fall BBSL, CMSA, Indoor at Carroll Indoor Sports Complex and Spring BBSL and CMSA as well as WInter Futsal. Contact the coach (Frank Wagner) directly at CentralCarrollWildfire@gmail.com

While we offer soccer as a year round experience we recognize the importance of other activities and sports as part of developing into a well rounded young adult. We will work around these sports and activities as necessary.  

Wildfire offers yearly enhanced specialized training, speed and agility camp, AST instruction, futsal and target specific joint exercising as part of its efforts to improve individual performance, maintain healthy players and develop team play.    

In 2014 Wildfire will partner with Union Memorial Sports Medicine to provide Injury Threat and Risk Assessments as well as provide a tailored and specific exercise program for injury prevention for each individual player.

"Somewhere behind the athlete you've become and the hours of practice and the coaches who've pushed you is a little girl who fell in love with the game and never looked back....play for her"

2015 In-Bound Freshman Class "What a Year for Wildfire"

2015 in bound freshman class represents one of the best ever for Wildfire and it's training concepts. Not only did current and former Wildfire players out shine fellow freshman from other clubs and programs, but many made varisty on their respective high school teams. No doubt most will be starters whether Varsity or JV and several additional players will probably get called up to varsity as the season progresses. Congratulations to each of them as we wish them a succesful high school soccer career and beyond..... 

Westminster: Corrie Karas (V) Emily Bryden, Breanna Dewan, Caroline Zentz (V), Chelsea Roth, Kristen Janezcek, Hannah Green (V)

Winters Mill: Erin Snyder (V) Kyla Holt (V) Maddie Bruno, Kolby Brown, Kaitlyn Belfield, Caitlin Haines

FSK: Lexi Adkins (V)

Liberty: Kasey Lamb

Loch Raven: Kira Fallen

Maryvale: Molly McAleer, Caroline Absher (V)

St Paul's School for Girls: Devan Conrad 

South Western (PA): Taylor Gieman (V)

Glenig Country School: Taylor Denny (V)

McDonough: Aleah Nelson

Spring Grove (PA): Lindsay Leister (V), Isadora Dukehart (V)

Wildfire Coaching Staff

Frank Wagner U.S. Soccer C License and NSCAA Diploma

John Simensky U.S. Soccer E License Keeper and Defensive Coach  

 Wade Shank U.S. Soccer E License

Shawn Taylor

Grant Jewell

Mike McGinnis 

 Wildfire Teams through the Years Tournament and League Titles

LTSC Challenge Cup Finalist (U9) 
Dillsburg Dual Shoot-out Division A Semi Finalist (U9) 
CMSA Fall League Champions (U9) 
Fallston Cup Finalist (U9) 
CISC Session I Finalist (U9/U10)  
Frederick County Futsal League 2nd Place (GU10) 
CISC  Session II Finalist (U9/U10)
Hershey Cup Finalist U14)
Gettysburg Battlefield Blast Champion (U14
Dillsburg Shootout 3rd Place Division A (U14)
Baltimore Beltway Fall Champions (U14)
CISC Session I Champions (U14)
CISC Session II Champions (U14)
Ocean City MD Sand Duels Premier Division Finalist (U14) 
Hershey Cup Champion (U13)
Gettysburg Battlefield Blast Division 1 Champion (U13)
Father Hooper Labor Day Tournament (U14) Champion (U13)
CMSA Fall League Finalist A Division (U13)
Four Seasons Sports Complex U13/14 Indoor Champion (U13) 
CISC Session II Finalist U14) 
CMSA Spring League Champion (U13) 
Ocean City MD Sand Duels Division A Champion (U13) 
CMSA Columbus Classic Champion  (U12)
Fallston Cup Gold Division Finalist (U12)
McDaniel College Futsal Tournament Finalist (U12)  
CISC Session II Champion (GU14)
CMSA Spring League Champion (U12)
York Cup Classic Champion (GU13)
Ocean City MD Sand Duels Division A Champion  (U12)    
Gettysburg Battlefield Blast Champion (U11)  
Overlea Cup Champion (GU11/12)
CMSA Columbus Classic Champion U11) 
CISC Session I Finalist (U11)
CISC Session II Champion  (U11)
Presidential Showdown Finalist (GU12/13) 
CMSA Spring Champion (U11)
Ocean City MD Sand Duels Division A Champion  (U11) 
Overlea Cup Champion  (U10)
CMSA Fall League Champion (U10) 
CMSA Fall League Champion (U16)
EASL Open Finalist  (U10)
EASL Open Champions (U15) 
CISC Session I Champion (U10)
CISC Session II Champion (U10)
Ocean City Sand Duels Finalist  (U10)
LTRC Cup Champion  (U9)
CMSA Columbus Classic Finalist (U9)
EASL Open Finalist (GU9/10)
EASL Open Champions (U14) 
MLK Classic Champion (GU11/12)
CMSA Columbus Cup Champions (U13)
CISC Champions (U13)
Carroll County Travel League Champions (U14) 
Pikesville Thanksgiving Classic Finalist (U14)
CISC  Champions (U13)
Carroll County Travel League Champions (U13)
CISC Session I Champions (U13)
CISC Session II Champions (U13)

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