CB United 96 Navy: Welcome

Welcome to the home of CB United 96 Navy

~ 2009 HPFC SeaTac Cup Finalist ~
* Picture Taken Following Tournament Championship Game *


~ 2009 Rainier Challenge Finalist ~
* Picture Taken Following Tournament Championship Game *


~ We Represent Columbia Basin Youth Soccer ~



The 2009/10 CB United 96 Navy Team

  • Alysha Overland
  • Ashton Blanksma
  • Elizabeth McGraw
  • Emma Deering
  • Haley Berryman
  • Janelle Fox
  • Jazelda Garcia
  • Jeanette Alvarado
  • Kailey Crawford
  • Kaitlin Ramsey
  • Kimmie Bennett
  • Natalie Hussey
  • Navroop Jhutty
  • Paloma McNair
  • Roni Wenz
  • Stephanie Overland
  • Zaira Villanueva

Apologize for some of the odd site colors - colors shown on this site are default settings left us by Eteamz when the 'Plus' feature expired on the site - the site background used to be black and looked really COOL :-)   Overall it really was a very nice site and still includes some good material that reflected good times in the sport where all the girls were great friends, they seemed to win every place they went and had a huge love of the game.  This page remains in tribute to these girls and in memory of those times.