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Monday, November 7

Santa Clarita Christian is a Bible Based private school operating has a ministry of Santa Clarita Baptist Church, and located in the Santa Clarita Valley of California. In 1999 elementary coed soccer was introduced with a short multi-week program. In 2000 Varsity Boys soccer was added to the high school athletic program, which already had the sports of 8-man football, basketball, volleyball and baseball. In 2002 Girls Varsity Soccer was added to the Girls Athletic program which already had basketball, volleyball and softball.

Athlete Competition and team work in building decision making leaders for the future

2000-2001 Season Boys Varsity (15-4-1)
CAPTAINS:       Jason Cooper (Sr) and Josh Masopust (Jr).
Head Coach:        Steve Cooper
Assistant Coach:  JohnEd Masopust
Team Manger:      Mrs M Clark
Home Field:         Wherever we found room

After several years of asking by Jason Cooper (SR), Josh Masopust (JR) and a host of others the Inaugural Varsity Boys Soccer program was launched. Steve Cooper is given the head coaching position. The Athletic Department of Mr. Moss and Mrs. Scott make calls to schools everywhere to arrange a schedule, get a field to play on and arrange to purchase the first away uniforms. That first year, the team practices began at school and end at La Mesa Junior High. The team will run up to the practice field beginning at 4:30 PM. Coach will transport all the bags to the field by truck. A generator for lights, goals and flags are set up and taken down every practice by the coach and team. Lots of work and worth every minute. The 2000-01 inaugural team opened the season with a Thanksgiving weekend game against the parents of the players and their high school soccer coach. The out come was never clear. Players and Parent are still today in dispute of the victor. I vote for both. After a 20 game schedule, CIF denied the team an at-large entry into playoffs due to lack of room, but the door was open for those players that would follow and for the Cardinal charter members that remain. The SCC Cardinals played 5 games in the final week of their first season to complete a 20 game schedule with only one game at home. The team had many home fields that included College of the Canyons and Central Park.

School Awards:

Co-MVP: Jason Cooper and Josh Masopust

Best in Defense:

Best in Mid-Field:

Best in Forward:

Coaches Award: Jacob Griffin

Scholar Athlete:


2001-2002 Season (9-1-0, Heritage League ) 14-1-0
CAPTAINS:            Josh Masopust (Sr) and Matt Ganz (Jr)
Head Coach:       Steve Cooper
Assistant Coach: JohnEd Masopust
Team Mangers:   Sandi Stevens and Sara Cooper
Home Filed:        Hart High and Central Park.

The first Alumni game was held at Canyon Country Park on an overcast damp day.

SCC enters the Heritage League and finished co-champs with Hillcrest Thousand Oaks. The Team received their first CIF playoff berth losing to a strong Salesian team at a neutral field. The lost ended the two-year leadership of Captain Josh Masopust (Sr). Captain Matt Ganz (Jr) remained to carry the torch into the 2002-03 season. Heritage League Coach of the year was awarded to Coach Cooper.

Heritage League 2001-02

First Team
Josh Masopust, Trevor Jones, Seth Klindworth and Shawn Rennie

Second Team

Klye Doty, Orlando Pena

School Awards:

Best Defensive Player Seth Klindworth

Best Mid-Filed Player Trevor Jones and Josh Masopust

Best Forward Player Kyle Doty

Scholar Athlete Orlando Pena

Coaches Award Matt Phillips

CIF Awards


2002-2003 Season, (8-0-0 Heritage League) 12-2-0

CAPTAINS: Matt Ganz (Sr), Andy Bloomfield (Sr) and Darren Clark (Jr)

Head Coach: Steve Cooper

Assistant Coach Norb Brown, JohnEd Masopust, Trevor Jones, Seth Klindworth and Jason Cooper

Team Mangers Michele Mayle

Home Field Central Park, Canyon Country Park

The second Alumni game was held at Central Park on Thanksgiving. The team would obtain an undisputed victory season 12-2-0. Champions of the Heritage League while Coach Cooper received Heritage League coach of the year for the second season in a row. SCC hosted its first CIF home soccer playoff game at Central Park against Oak Park. Oak Park would play the Cardinals in a 0-6 Oak Park Victory. With the season over for the Cardinals, the SCC soccer team says good bye to seniors Matt Ganz, Kevin Canning and Andy Bloomfield.

Heritage League 2002-03

MVP Matt Ganz

First Team:

Andy BloomField, Kevin Canning, Matt Ganz and Orlando Pena

Second Team
Darren Clark, Kyle Doty, Ryan Labeaune, Nolan Patterson, Pat Rennie and James Richardson

School Awards:

Best in Defense: Matt Ganz

Best in Mid-Field: Orlando Pena and James Richardson

Best in Forward: Kyle Doty

Scholar Athlete: Chase Kilfoyle

Coaches Award: Ryan Labeaune and Steve Crawford

CIF Awards


2003-2004 Season ( 6-3-1 Heritage League) 8-8-1

CAPTAINS: Darren Clark (Sr) and Orlando Pena (Jr)

Head Coach: Steve Cooper

Assistant Coach Norb Brown, Jason Cooper and Seth Klindworth

Team Mangers Mrs S Patterson

Home Filed: Canyon Country Park and Central Park.

The Alumni game was cancelled. Our football team had advanced and headed to the CIF Championship Game. The success of the Football also cancelled the overnighter to play Mammoth Mountain High School. Cardinal Soccer notched their first CIF post season win 9-2, on the road at Rolling Hills Prep. The second post-season game was tied 2-2 against visiting Villanova Prep who capitalized on Penalty Kick late in the second half winning the game 3-2. The field conditions at Canyon High School were muddy at best from rain. Both team were slipping and sliding for 80 minutes and the Cardinals missed several scoring opportunities that should have put the game out reach of the visiting wildcats. With games end and the season over the last of SCC soccer charter members would say good bye. We say thank you to Steve Crawford, Darren Clark and Pat Rennie for four years of soccer action.

Heritage League 2003-04

First Team:

Kyle Doty, Ryan Labeaune, Nolan Patterson, James Richardson, Darren Clark and Orlando Pena

Second Team
Pat Rennie, Stephen Mercier, Steve Crawford and Kyle Sivak

School Awards:

Best in Defense: Darren Clark, Ryan Labeaune and Nolan Patterson

Best in Mid-Field: Orlando Pena

Best in Forward: Kyle Doty

Scholar Athlete: Steve Crawford

Coaches Award Pat Rennie


CIF Awards

James Richardson, 3rd Team

Kyle Doty, 2nd Team

Orlando Pena, 1st Team

2004-2005 Season (4-1-0 Heritage League) 9-3-1

CAPTAINS Orlando Pena, Kyle Doty and James Richardson

Head Coach: Steve Cooper

Assistant Coach Norb Brown, Jason Cooper

Team Mangers Mrs J Masopust and Ryan Labeaune

Home Filed: Canyon Country and Central Park.

In 2004-05 the SCC Cardinal opened against the returning SCC Alumni. The game ended 4 - 4. All in attendance were treated to a burger BBQ with Coach Cooper at the grill. The 2004-05 Team Captains were named. to lead the 22 man roster as SCC Varsity Boys Soccer pursues "The Ring", awarded to the CIF Champions on March 5, 2005. The on field services of Ryan Labeaune where lost due to injury in football, but he stepped into the role as manger to help the team. The season games where moved cancelled rescheduled moved and cancelled again as the rain of 2005 made field conditions unsafe. LA Lutheran opted out of league after playing each league team once. This set in motion a chain of events that would spot light the final game of the season vs Milken at the home field of the Cardinals. The rain had placed both CIF bound teams with not enough games to apply for an at-large bid in CIF. Thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Scott in the athletic department, CIF was convinced that the league teams should not be held responsible for LA Lutheran pulling out and dropping the league to only three teams, which does not count as a league. So there we are February 10th the day before the league season would end facing the Milken Wildcats. The Cardinals needing to win, the Wildcats needing just not to lose. The Cardinal's battle cry as they entered the field, quoted in the Signal Newspaper by Kyle Doty, "Go Big or Go Home". After 80 minutes, Doty and Pena would each score two goals to defeat Milken for the first time in four meeting over two years 4-0. Stephen Mericer would collect the shut out and Kyle Sivak and James Richardson would play the role of assisting on the goals. The Cardinals practiced inside during the raining days awaiting their first CIF round 1 opponent, Mojave Mustangs. On the 19th after a night of heavy rain both teams met at Canyon High School. The newly laid turf field, designed to play in all weather conditions fell a bit short in the drainage of water department. The game would be played with 4 inches of standing water for 100 yards along both touchlines. The assistant referees would run along the third lane on the track rather than the normal field position along the touchline. The Mojave Mustangs scored first and at half time would lead 1-0, then the Cardinals countered and tied at 1-1. Time would expire in regulation, two ten-minute overtimes would past. Then, in the 5th minute of sudden death, the Cardinal season and the hopes of the 2005 ring would end as the Mustangs would net the golden goal in sudden death. With the end of the game we say thank you and good by to eight Soccer Seniors, Chip Barragan, Kyle Doty, Tim Fox, Stephen Mericer, Nolan Patterson, Orlando Pena, James Richardson, and Kyle Sivak. With God’s grace we will all see them again at the Alumni game on November 26, 2005.

NOTE: The Mojave Mustangs played in the March 5, 2005 CIF Championship game. They lost but they made it to the game, congratulations to their coach and team.

Heritage League 2004-05

MVP: Orlando Pena

First Team:

Nolan Patterson, Orlando Pena, James Richardson, Kyle Sivak, Steve Mercier, Kyle Doty

Second Team
Kyle Labeaune, Chip Barragan, Jeremiah Masopust, Ian Campbell

School Awards:

Best in Defense: Kyle LaBeaune and Nolan Patterson

Best in Mid-Field: Kyle Sivak and James Richardson

Best in Forward: Kyle Doty and Orlando Pena

Scholar Athlete: Orlando Pena and Ian Campbell

Coaches Award Tim Fox


Nolan Patterson, 3rd Team

Kyle Doty, 2nd Team

Orlando Pena, 1st Team

2005-06 Season

CAPTAINS TBA. Nov 1 2005

Head Coach: Steve Cooper

Assistant Coach JohnEd Masopust, Norb Brown, Jason Cooper

Team Mangers Mrs. J. Masopust

Home Filed: Canyon Country Park

Heritage League drops Soccer. Team will play AT-LARGE to get into CIF playoffs. First practice November 12, 2005, 9:00AM




School Awards:

Best in Defense:

Best in Mid-Field:

Best in Forward:

Scholar Athele:

Coaches Award

CIF Awards


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