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AYSO and Its Mission

AYSO And Its Mission

By the Book

By The Book - The Game Of Soccer

Codes of Conduct - Be a Good Sport

Codes Of Conduct - Be A Good Sport

Dedication - Being an AYSO Volunteer

Dedication - Being An AYSO Volunteer

Parent volunteers


Please complete a Volunteer Form on!  We cannot run our program without all the volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer on the field, with the snack stand, or any other aspect, please complete your volunteer form and you will be contacted by Diane D'Angelo.

Thank you so much for your time!

Fun - What it's all about!

Fun! - What It's All About

What does my child need for soccer?

What does my child need?

With your registration fee, you will be provided with a uniform which includes a jersey, shorts and socks.

You will need to obtain:

     1. shin guards

     2. soccer cleats

     3. soccer ball: size 3 for U8 and under, size 4 for U10 & U12, size 5 for U14 and up

     4. (optional) an extra pair of socks for practices

You can obtain all of these items at Walmart, Herb Philipsons, Dick's Sporting Goods, etc.

Tuesday, April 25
Heading & Slide Tackling
AYSO will follow FIFA rules when it comes to Slide tackling and Heading in the U10 and below divisions. Slide tackling and Heading should not be encouraged or taught at these levels but will no longer be called a foul by the referee. Players should be encouraged to stay on their feet.

Sunday, February 12
Cheering On Your Child - On and Off the Field

Cheering On Your Child – On and Off the Field

Safe Haven

Safe Haven®

Child & Volunteer Protection Program