Friday, January 17
Compliance with LLB & District requirements

Each and every year, each chartered league is required to agree to comply with the Little League rules and regulations. The District also has set, for many years, their policies, during the first October presidents meeting.  These policies are set to assist the District in seeing that your league is in compliance with the rules and regulations during the entire season.

It is to that end, that we have found, failure to comply with some of the simplest and easiest requirements, can also be the most important failure to your leagues operation as well as your tournament experience.  We have established a final date by which items must be submitted or completed.  Little League International has also set final dates for these same items.

Each league is given four months in which to comply with these requirements. Failure to comply with these requirements, comes penalties, which in fact, hurt the children that we are entrusted to dedicate our efforts toward helping.

We are requiring, that no later than the January meeting, the following be performed and/or submitted.

Chartering application submitted and Approved

Current season board of directors list.

Last seasons financial statement and this seasons budget

ASAP manual and safety program submitted, and approved and implemented by March 13th.

Player and volunteer data submitted to Data Center no later than March 13th. of each year..

Current season playing rules. 

Adhearence to the approved league constitution as it pertains to board members, managers and coach's on the board , general membership meetings and voting procedures.  Failure to comply could cause the leagues charter to be suspended.  We know that this would not happen, as all of our leagues have a good communication with their liaisons and other district personnel.

Please keep in mind, that the report of violations would be from someone from within your own league! 

Any league failing to comply with each policy item, will prompt a financial penalty from the District, for each item, to the violating league(s) and the loss of tournament hosting priveledges.  The penalties will be included in the following years assessment invoice.

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