Thursday, April 6
NEW! For 2017

To bring out the kid's love of the game and tournament play, the District is bringing back, the Car Pins.

The new pins will be formula racing style and each year, will feature two pins in two different colors.

These pins will be available for purchase or trade, during the entire District 40 Tournament process. 


Dont miss out, as the last sets went fast. 

Monday, February 27
Former District 40 Staff member and Volunteer passes away, he will be missed by all of us!

Wednesday, October 5
2017 Western Region Clinic Handout now available

Wednesday, September 30
2018 is set for Changes

1.  The final age determination date will be in full force.  Ask your local league for this seasons age chart.

2.  Bats!

A new regulation will be in effect for all non-wood bats starting January 1, 2018.

All non-wood bats below the NHSF and NCAA level of play will be required to conform.

All non-wood bats, used in the youth sports program, will be required to have a stamp or designation as being

 "USABat" approved.  Additional requirements to follow.

Manufacturer's are scheduled to release the new style bats around November of 2017. 

Please make sure that your purchases during the next two seasons allow for these changes.

Little League has made a determination, in regards to travel ball teams.  They are considered a "program", and as such those Managers and coaches cannot be allowed on the local league board of director or district staff. 


Have a great Season. 

Wednesday, February 3
The most current Concussion information by CDC
Handout: Heads Up Concussion Info Sheet

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