Wednesday, November 29
Are you allowing your league to stray

Are you allowing your league to stray?

Little League is a family, of which, the members are a part of and each member is responsible for.

Do you notice that your league's leadership is faltering, not listening, has shown the appearance of wrong doing.  If youve noticed that the time has come to make changes.  If you cannot get involved at the board level, then start sooner, and at the bottom.  Work your way up the chain until you are in a position to make those changes.

If you continue to allow your leadership to make decisions for you, that have no approval or guidence from its members, what do you do?  Are you asking the league to become a member in good standing, by which you then have a speaking voice in your league affairs.  Are you then trying to document the issues that are working against the children in your league rather than for them?  Are you taking a vested interest in addressing the board, of these issues?  Remember the part about documenting, you will need that documentation to get anyone to take you seriously.

If your board does not respond, are you willing to follow the chain of command and try to make the necessary changes?  If so, hold onto that documentation, youll be needing it shortly.

Did you know that the next step in the chain is your local District Administrator or your league liaisons?  When addressing issues, did you know that written letters with the copy of your documentation will be asked for, for any action to be forth comming.  Verbal or written accusations, without a signature or proof, just tends to waste time, of which, most volunteers dont have much to spare.

Did you know that if the District does nto respond, your next step will be Western Region or International Headquarters offices.  They both have a paid employees trained to assist you in your endeavor.

Please keep in mind, that whatever you do, please maske sure your doing it for ther betterment of the league and the children in that league.  Demonstrating honesty, commitment, loyalty and team work still exisits as long as you are around.  The children in your league will find out and be proud that there are still some people who can be counted on to stand up against what is right and not be bullied into submission. 

Have a great experience at you league, Your children are watching! 

Thursday, September 28
New USA Baseball Bat changes

This change will take affect on January 1st, 2018.

The rule must be implimented for T-Ball thru Intermediate Baseball only.

Saturday, June 17
2017 District and Section Guidleines

This set of guidelines has changed.

Changes include cooler options and batting at game sites. 

Handout: 2017 District and Section Guidelines

Wednesday, September 30
2018 is set for Changes

1.  The final age determination date will be in full force.  Ask your local league for this seasons age chart.

2.  Bats!

A new regulation will be in effect for all non-wood bats starting January 1, 2018.

All non-wood bats below the NHSF and NCAA level of play will be required to conform.

All non-wood bats, used in the youth sports program, will be required to have a stamp or designation as being

 "USABat" approved.  Additional requirements to follow.

Manufacturer's are scheduled to release the new style bats around November of 2017. 

Please make sure that your purchases during the next two seasons allow for these changes.

Little League has made a determination, in regards to travel ball teams.  They are considered a "program", and as such those Managers and coaches cannot be allowed on the local league board of director or district staff. 


Have a great Season. 

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