Saturday, September 13
2015 Changes

Rule and Regulation changes for the 2015 Season.  This will help start our transition into another season.  In the next few months, any addition rule or regulation changes for this season will be forwarded to this site.

Keep checking back.


Good Luck 

Handout: 2015 Rule and Regulation changes

Saturday, January 11
Volunteering Really Does get Rewarded!

District 40 has, again, been able to reward their volunteer umpire's, a position at a Regional Tournament.

Through many years of dedicated volunteering as a District umpire, and throught personal perseverance, we would like to congratulate two of our own.

Please join us in congratulating Allan Clark for his appointment to umpire in the 2014 Western Region's Intermediate Baseball Tournament. Located in Nogales, AZ.

Please join us in also congratulating Claudio Kusnier for his appointment to umpire in the 2014 Western Region's Little League Softball Tournament, located in San Bernardino, California.

Congrtatulate them during this years Tournament Season.


Congratulations from the entire District Staff.


Good Luck. 



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Friday, July 26
Granada Hills 11/12 Year Old Softball Team

Granada Hills has won their well deserved championship during Section and Division levels of play.  They proceeded to advance with a no loss record into the Western Regional tournament, now being held at the Western Regional Headquarters in San Bernardino.

The team has batteled it's way through all of the teams entered at the regional level of play, to what is now the Championship game, tonight, still with no losses on their record.

After a valiant effort to overcome the Oregon team, Granada Hills proceeded to second place in the regional tournaments.

This is the only team in District 40 History to be able to make it to the Softball Regional touranments and the Championship games.

Look forward to game highlight pictures in the Album section, within the next few days.

Good Luck from the entire District Staff and all of the dedicated volunteers.

Saturday, January 19
New Tee Ball Program Revealed

Through many years of research, questionaires, input from parents, healthcare professionsals and trainers, Little League has developed and new set of training guidelines especially for the Tee Ball program.

Go to the Coaches Resource Center, sign up (free) and browse the many organizational and training tabs available for this new endeavor.  This source is available to each coach, manager and parent, just by signing up.

The practice guides and future video guides are geared for a ten week triaing course.  The object is to provide proper training for these young people without exceeding their age limitations for physical and mental endurance.  This will also assist in teaching them the proper rudamentry skills for Baseball and Softball, which will assist them and your league as they progress through the minor and major divisions of play.

Have a Great Season

Friday, July 26
District 40 Baseball Teams Excel

The hard working and energized 9/10 & 11/12 Year Old Baseball teams from Sherman Oaks and the 10/11 Year Old Baseball team from Encino, have won their level's of play in District, Section and Sub Division.  We wish them the best of luck this weekend at the end of their tournament experience (9/10 & 10/11 only), as they vie for Southern California Championship Pennat.

Should the 11/12 Year Olds win their Division Championship, they will proceed to The Western Regional Tournaments and a chance to advance to the World Series.

Look in our Album section for tournament pictures (as they become available).  We welcome any submitted photo's for addition to these albums.

Good Luck from the entire District Staff and volunteers.

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