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"with choice comes responsability and accountability"

You have reached Little League Baseball's, California District 40's official website.  We are located in the North-West San Fernando Valley and represent 11 Little League charters. 

Our leagues encompass the entire San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley and as far North as Frazier Mountain (select League Location tabs above).

Our Mission is to serve as liaison between the league's President and Little League Baseball, Inc. and to provide assistance, guidance,  informed interpretation of the current rules and regulations and provide current information throughout the season. 

This site covers all aspects of Baseball and Softball for the current season, within the District boundaries.  Please check your league site for current information regarding your leagues activities.

This is also the site where you can learn about the best this District and Section has to offer.  District 40 is currently a part of Section II and Division III for tournament play. 

District meetings are held on the 1st Monday of each month.  These meetings are for league presidents or their approved substitute or board member.

Remember, Little League is a volunteer based organization. Volunteer your time and talents to help the children in your family and community.  Also, donate to your League and the District, so that these programs can continue.

In closing, the entire District 40 Staff welcome's you to our Little League family.  

We would also like to pay a special THANK YOU to all of the League and District volunteers, without whose dedication to the children in your communities, regular season and tournament games would not be possible.  And last, but not least, the reason why we are here.  Congratulations to all of the participating players and their parents, for trying, learning and smiling through it all. 

Good Luck!

Thank you,

Domenic Iadevaia
District Administrator

preview Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

T.O.C. participation is directly related to a leagues full compliance with District guidelines!

In an effort to assist leagues in complying with the rules and regulations, the District firmly believes that the only way to channel each leagues avenue toward compliance, is to set deadlines, rewards and penalties, toward this end.

Please check back to this site in January to see a list of leagues that are in non compliance and will not be allowed to enter into this season's TOC Torunament.  You, as parents and volunteers, should be allowed to see the avenue in which your league has decided to travel.

It is not only the board of directors responsability but all of the league volunteers and members to assist the board in this compliance endeavor.

It is our hope that there will not be any league on that list.

Have a Great Season. 

Saturday, September 13
2015 Changes

Rule and Regulation changes for the 2015 Season.  This will help start our transition into another season.  In the next few months, any addition rule or regulation changes for this season will be forwarded to this site.

Keep checking back.


Good Luck 

Handout: 2015 Rule and Regulation changes

Saturday, February 22
Find your correct League

Use this link to locate your league within California District 40.

Then use the Left side bar - League Locations to locate the contact information for the league that you are eligible to participate in.

Have a great season. 

Friday, December 5
District 40 to offer registration for Boys Softball divisions

Contact us if you or your friends would like to be part of Little Leagues Boys Softball program.  District 40 is concidering formation of a new division of play.

We would be looking at forming Boys Fast Pitch Softball for Major, Senior and Big League divisions of play.

A great opportunity for boys that wish to play in softball.  This is for boys only, females must register and play in the girls softball program.

Please use the contact link to inquire.

If we get enough player interest, we will open online registration.


Have a great Christmas Season.