CABALL: Welcome

Wednesday, January 28
Central Arkansas Men's Senior Baseball League

Everyone welcome to the website for the Central Arkansas MSBL.  We are a 25+ (28+ to pitch) mens baseball league in Little Rock Arkansas.  Take a look around the page and sign the guestbook or contact us by filling out the Player Registration Form. Remember we are a WOOD BAT ONLY league. So come and check it out and get started playing REAL Baseball this Summer. If anyone is interested in getting in on seeing what our League is about, you can Call the Hotline @ 501-366-6542 and leave a message Starting 02/01/2015. There will be new info on this website every couple of days, so check it out and start having fun and come play Baseball....*** NEW*** This Summer we will be partnering with The Benton Parks and Recreation to play a majority of our games out at the old Benton Airport Complex.

Tuesday, May 26
****2015 Schedule****

***The schedule is up on the website. It should be good. The SMALL field is FIELD #2 at Benton Airport and the BIG Field is #1. If you have any questions you need to ask your manager about what it is and he can make the decision to ask me about it. The playoffs or Tournament will start the Sunday after we are done with the season. Also everybody needs to call the NEW HOTLINE NUMBER for RAINOUT INFO. 501-366-6542. Also remember NO make-ups on Games this year. Another thing to remember is that if it rains on a baseball field it usually takes TWO DAYS OF ABOVE 90 degrees and lots of Sun and Wind before that field might be ready. Everybody have a Safe and Fun Summer. LET'S PLAY BALL!!!!!!!!!!!! ***

***THIS IS A CORRECTION TO WHAT IS FIELD #1 Big Field  #2 Small Field***

This should be the Final Schedule.  *** It doesn't look good for opening day , Sorry to say. WE will keep you posted on the rainout line 501-366-6542. Starting Sunday Morning about 11:30 AM ****

Wednesday, April 1

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Upcoming Games
Date Event Time Location
Sun 5/31 Baseball #1 Red Sox at White Sox 1:30 PM - 3:45 PM Benton Field- Airport #1
Sun 5/31 Baseball #2 Pirates at Rangers 1:30 PM - 3:45 PM Benton Airport Field #2
Sun 5/31 Baseball #3 Yankees at Indians 4:00 PM - 7:15 PM Benton Field- Airport #1
Sun 5/31 Baseball #4 Reds at Cardinals 4:00 PM - 7:15 PM Benton Airport Field #2
Wed 6/3 Baseball #5 Rangers at Red Sox 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Benton Field- Airport #1