California LL District 67: Welcome

D67 Map

District 67 lies in the Central Valley between Stockton and Modesto and is comprised of the following leagues:

All City Softball Little League        Lathrop Little League   
Manteca Little League      Northgate Little League 

Patterson Little League   Mountain House Little League
Salida Little League      Spreckels Park Little League
     Tracy American Little League     Tracy National Little League and
Weston Ranch Little League


Monday, July 28
All City Softball Sr's Off to 4 - 0 start at Western Regional in Montana Advance to Championship!

1st Game All City defeats Montana State Champ 2 - 0.

2nd Game All City Defeats Washington State Champ 14 - 8.

3rd Gave The big rivalry vs So. Cal All City Wins 7 - 5!

4th Game vs Arizona State Champ and defending Regioanl champs All City wins 5 - 0.

5th Game Today 1t 4:30 vs Oregon State Champs, but All City has already clinched 1st place and adcances to the championship round tomorrow.

Monday, July 28
All City Softball Jr.'s Win Nor Cal Championship head back to Tucson for Western Regional!

After a hard fought victory over a Red Bluff team that wouldn't quit All City's Jr. Softball squad nailed ...

Friday, July 18
All City Softball Sr's Win Nor Cal Championship Head back to Montana for Wetern Regional

All City Faced off against Tahoe Tallac from Section 4 again on Monday night and took home a 9 - 4 win to ...

Friday, July 18
All City Softball Jr's Heading to Divisional in Auburn Tuesday 7-22

Friday, July 18
All City Softball Majors Headed to Division II Play in Sacramento Saturday 11:00 Am at Bryte Park in West Sacramento

Friday, July 18
All City Softball 9/10's set to begin Division II play on Sunday at 10:00 at Northgate Park.

Friday, July 18

Jr. Baseball D67 and Section 3 Champs!
Click the link to see the bracket.

Sunday, July 20
Congratulations to 2008 All Star Champions

9/10 Baseball  Tracy American

9/10 Softball  All City Softball

10/11 Baseball Tracy National

Major Baseball Manteca 

Major Softball  All City Softball

Junior Baseball Tracy American

Junior Softball  All City Softball

Senior Baseball  Lathrop

Senior Softball  All City Softball


Section 3 Champions

9/10  Softball  All City Softball

Major Softball  All City Softball

Junior Softball  All City Softball

Senior Softball  All City Softball



Saturday, July 12
Post season Baseball and Softball Brackets Now available under Handouts

Monday, July 14
Revised 9&10 Baseball Section 3 Bracket now available in Handouts Section

Wednesday, April 9
District 67 Welcomes two new league.

District 67 welcomes two new leagues for the 2008 season. 

Patterson Youth Baseball and Softball Little League in Patterson,

and Mountain House Little League in Tracy / Mountain House. 

Welcome Aboard and good luck.

Wednesday, July 25

9/10 CHAMPION - NORTHGATE LITTLE LEAGUE (advanced to Sectional championship)
11S CHAMPION - TRACY NATIONAL LITTLE LEAGUE (advanced to sectionals)
SENIORS CHAMPION - LATHROP LITTLE LEAGUE (advanced to the Sectional championship)
* Congratulations to Lathrop seniors who went further than any other team from Latrhrop in the town's Little League History. Lathrop beat Redwood City 13-3, Granada 8-4, and San Lorenzo 14-0 but loss to Mission (Fremont) 12-5 in the Championship game.

Monday, June 25

Congratulations to the following tournament of champion winners

Minors Champion - Northgate Little League

Majors Champion - Tracy National Little League

Juniors Champion - Tracy National Little League


 Basically, Little League has three structural components, each dependent upon the other and each vital to the success of the program.

The administrative and service core of the movement is Little League Baseball, Incorporated. a non-profit membership organization that maintains the international program, with International Headquarters in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Part of the Headquarters structure includes various Regional Headquarters in the U.S. and throughout the world.

The next component is the District. All the leagues within a District (a geographical area usually encompassing 10-20 leagues) elect a District Administrator (DA). The DA and his/her staff of Assistant District Administrators serve as liaisons between the various Headquarters and the local Little Leagues. They are usually the most experienced Little League volunteers in the area, and are charged with helping to ensure that all the volunteers in their districts are well trained, and all the leagues are operating within the guidelines set by Little League. The District Administrator does not have the authority to suspend or revoke any rules, regulations or privileges of charter by a local Little League, but may recommend such action to the Charter Committee in Williamsport.

The final, most important component is the local Little League. The league provides its Services in the community. It furnishes physical facilities, volunteer services and resources to provide a program for children. Through effective leadership and strong administrative policy at the top level, together with training extensions and adherence to rule and policy at district and local league level, Little League is able to provide liberal benefits to children who participate.

Friday, October 20

Pitches Will be Limited in 2007
WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (Aug. 25, 2006) – Little League Baseball is changing its decades-old pitching rules, making the actual number of pitches delivered the deciding factor in determining eligibility in the baseball division, it was announced today by Stephen D. Keener, president and chief executive officer of Little League Baseball and Softball.

Starting with the 2007 season, pitchers in all divisions of Little League, from age 7 to 18, will have specific limits for each game, based on their age. The number of pitches delivered in a game will determine the amount of rest the player must have before pitching again.

There are about 2.3 million players in the baseball divisions of Little League worldwide. There are nearly 400,000 girls softball players, but the new regulations will not apply to softball.

For the past two years, Little League has conducted a Pitch Count Pilot Program to determine the feasibility of implementing a regulation limiting the number of pitches a Little Leaguer can throw in a day, and the rest required before pitching again. Fifty leagues were studied in 2005, and nearly 500 signed up for the program in 2006.

“Surveys of those leagues showed the overwhelming majority were able to implement a pitch count without any problems,” Mr. Keener said. “They also found that they were able to develop other pitchers who might not have otherwise ever taken the mound. And they found that their pitchers were stronger at the end of the season, with less arm pain.”

Previously, Little League pitching regulations limited pitchers (league age 12 and under) to six innings per week (Sunday through Saturday), and six innings per game. The number of innings allowed was increased for older age groups.

The number of pitches allowable under the new regulation is based on the pitcher’s age. Specific rest periods are in place when a pitcher reaches a higher threshold of pitches delivered in a day.

League Age Pitches allowed per day
17-18 105
13-16 95
11-12 85
10 and under 75

The rest periods required during the 2007 regular season are listed below.

Pitchers league ages 7 through 16 must adhere to the following rest requirements:

• If a player pitches 61 or more pitches in a day, three (3) calendar days of rest must be observed.
• If a player pitches 41 - 60 pitches in a day, two (2) calendar days of rest must be observed.
• If a player pitches 21 - 40 pitches in a day, one (1) calendar day of rest must beobserved.
• If a player pitches 1-20 pitches in a day, no calendar day of rest is required before pitching again.

Pitchers league age 17-18 must adhere to the following rest requirements:

• If a player pitches 76 or more pitches in a day, three (3) calendar days of rest must be observed.
• If a player pitches 51 - 75 pitches in a day, two (2) calendar days of rest must be observed.
• If a player pitches 26 - 50 pitches in a day, one (1) calendar day of rest must beobserved.
• If a player pitches 1-25 pitches in a day, no calendar day of rest is required before pitching again.

Little League also continues to explore other pitching-related issues, such as the use of breaking pitches.

Monday, February 12

On Monday, February 12, Bill Faulkner was named District Administrator of D-67. He replaces Kevin O'Neil.