CA District 12 LL: Umpire Portal

Sunday, October 14
E-Rules: LL Rules on CD available at
The electronic rulebooks allow users to search the rules electronically, making it easier and faster than ever ...

Sunday, October 14
(1) How To Set Up an Umpire Clinic
Powerpoint presentation used at LL Congress to give UIC (Umpire In Charge) the background on setting up a good ...

Sunday, October 14
(2) 4 Man Crew Mechanics for 60' Diamond
Handout: umpire 4 man crew

Sunday, October 14
(3) Role of the League Chief Umpire
From LL Congress presentation.  This presentation is geared towards the DISTRICT Chief Umpire, however many ...

Sunday, October 14
Umpires DO make mistakes .... sometimes.
 A good umpire learns from his or her errors, and we all make those. Here are some basic problems that lead ...

Sunday, March 22
Stump the Ump 11-20