Monday, May 25
Top 205 New Yorker Magazine Article 5/25/2009

This article provides some insight into one of the most elite recruiting camps on the East Coast.  Expectations are high in order to be even recommended to attend.  The article also provides some insight in the very real comments/criticisms/expectations of the college coaches in attendance.

See attached handout.

Handout: Top205 New Yorker Article

What_kind_of_camp_should_I_go_to_&_what_year_should_I_go? (click here)

Tuesday, April 15
Recruiting 101: How to navigate the college process (click here)

April 11th, 2008 Inside Lacrosse Blog by Tom Kovic

Tuesday, April 15
All the right moves: Making the most out of recruiting (click here)

January 01, 2005 from Inside Lacrosse.com

Tuesday, April 15
From the recruiting issue: Heaven or Hell? (Click here)

Note: This article appeared in the current Recruiting Issue of Inside Lacrosse. ...

Tuesday, April 15
The Recruiting Process - Part One (click here)

This article originally appeared in INSIDE LACROSSE ...

Tuesday, April 15
College Athletics Recruiting: Developing an Effective Organizing System

Tuesday, April 15
Planning for the College Athletics Recruiting Process