Tuesday, January 5
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Sunday, April 7
2013 CB West Food Drive Another Success!
BCHG Food Drive 2013
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The CB West boys lacrosse team recently held a food drive for the Bucks County Housing Group's Doylestown Community Food Bank.  Players spent the day doing a blitz at our local Acme market here in Doylestown.  According to Kate Bianchini, a food bank volunteer, the pantry is servicing more and more families due to the current economy.  Spring and summer months are a difficult time for food banks when donations are down.  The Doylestown Community Food Bank services over 300 families monthly.  If you are interested in donating or hosting a food drive, please contact the pantry at 215-345-1492 to set up delivery Thanks to Acme market and everyone for their support of this community service project.

2013: The team collected 947 lbs of food and an additional $565 in gift cards at the 2013 opening day blitz.  Go Bucks!

2012: The total for the Acme Day blitz was 971 lbs. of food and $400.00 in gift cards.  Way to represent our program and help out in the community!

2011:  The final count is in for 2011 and we delivered 1,074 pounds of food to the food pantry and an additional $400 in gift cards for their future use. Way to go Bucks!

2010: With the last food collection delivery to the Bucks County Food Pantry we have donated over 1400 pounds of food throughout this lacrosse season. 

2009: The food drive yielded 2,543 pounds of food for the community food bank. 

Bucks County Housing Group: http://www.bchg.org/food-pantries/

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