Bucks-Mont United SC: Club Info

Bucks-Mont United SC is a non-profit soccer club, whose teams compete in premier leagues throughout eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and competitive tournaments nationwide. The Bucks-Mont United SC program focuses on the development of each individual as a student athlete and as a citizen, while promoting teamwork and sportsmanship.

Our Mission
To provide skilled and committed players a challenging enviroment by competing at the highest level state wide, nationally, and internationally. Bucks-Mont United SC Provides year-round soccer training programs to develop players to their greatest potential. The goal is to combine quality training with competition at the highest level available.

The Bucks-Mont United SC training program seeks to provide a unified coaching curriculum for all club teams. Each program will have a specific cirriculum that is age appropriate with the ultimate goal of preparing players to compete at the next level.

Bucks-Mont United SC provides specialized training for their goalkeepers. The club recognizes the unique demands of this position and provides skilled instruction for these athletes.

Speed and Agility Training
Our own, Matt Moyer conducts speed and agility training for all Bucks-Mont United SC players. Focus is on teaching proper techniques, reduction of player injuries and developing a winning edge. Year round Speed and Agility training is offered to all Bucks-Mont United SC players.

Pre-Season Camp
Each year the coaching directors provide a training camp to introduce the training program to all teams. The training camp sets the goals for each team and ensures the players all understand their personal and team goals.

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