Brunswick Soccer Association: Return to Play (Concussion Training)

Wednesday, January 21
Return to Play (Concussion Training)

Concussion Training

OYSAN FAQ on Bill 143:

Ohio Dept of Health FAQ's:

Overview of Bill 143:

Information For Leagues and Parents/Guardians

All of OYSAN member clubs/leagues are responsible to provide a HARD COPY of the Youth Sports Concussion Information Sheet, supplied by the Ohio Department of Health, to the parent or other guardian of each athlete who wishes to practice for or compete in the league.
This information must be provided yearly. Upon OYSAN’s request, leagues must be able to produce evidence of compliance with this obligation. 

 - Youth Sports Concussion Information Sheet:

Please be advised that a player who has been suspected of a concussion may not return to play until they are provided a written clearance that it is safe for the individual to return to practice or competition from a from a licensed physician or a licensed healthcare provider. OYSAN has provided a document that you may present to your physician to complete:

- Return to Play Doctor Verification Letter:

Concussion Education

To protect youth athletes, the State of Ohio has passed a concussion law, Bill 143. This bill is also known as  the “Return to Play” law. This law, similar to the laws enacted in most other states, enforces training, safety, and awareness requirements on youth sports organizations, such as OYSAN, and its leagues, tournaments, coaches, referees, officials, and athletes and their families.

A concussion is an injury to the brain that may be caused by a blow, bump, or jolt to the head. Concussions may also happen after a fall or hit that jars the brain. A blow elsewhere on the body can cause a concussion even if an athlete does not hit his/her head directly. Concussions can range from mild to severe, and athletes can get a concussion even if they are wearing a helmet. Even though most concussions are mild, all concussions are potentially serious and may result in complications including prolonged brain damage and death if not recognized and managed properly.

OYSAN is giving the following expectations to its leagues, coaches, referees, officials, and athletes and their parents.

Training Requirements

All of OYSAN’s member leagues and tournaments are responsible to monitor and track their coaches’ compliance with the concussion training requirements of the Return to Play law. Each coach must participate in a certified concussion training course prior to April 26, 2013. The training must be renewed every three years. Leagues and tournaments must collect and maintain certificates of compliance from the coaches and may ask for evidence of compliance. At any time, OYSAN may request evidence of compliance with the training requirements and leagues must be able to produce confirmation for each coach.

All referees for OYSAN member league events and OYSAN-sponsored events must also be able to demonstrate that they have complied with the training requirements of Bill 143. Each referee must receive concussion training prior to April 26, 2013, and that training must be renewed every three years. Upon OYSAN’s request, referees must be able to produce evidence of compliance with the training requirement.

There are FREE approved online training courses available. OYSAN mandates that members use the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). The NFHS requires a user to login but allows leagues to track coaches’ progress and allows coaches to log in and print their certification should they require a new certificate or provide OYSAN with proof of compliance.

NFHS Video Training Site:

(scroll down the page once on the OYSAN site.)

Coaches responsibility

Inconjuction with completeing the above training course, you must carry the following items while at practice or competitions:

- Youth Sports Concussion Information Sheet:

- Possible Concussion Notification Form (updated 3.19.13):

- Certificate of Completion of Concussion Training from the NFHS course:                         

Ohio Law 143 or the Return-To-Play Law will go into effect on April 26, 2013.  Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich signed the state’s new youth concussion rules into law after passage by legislators.  The law requires youth coaches, officials and referees to complete free, basic online training about concussions.

All coaches (including assistants) and referees are required to take the online concussion course before April 26, 2013.  At the present time only the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) certificate will be accepted by AASL until faults in the Center for Disease Control system are fixed.  NFHS online training course requires the applicant to view the entire training video before obtaining a certificate. NFHS course (found at will give the AASL and OYSAN the ability to verify the certificate when necessary. The NFHS online training video is free and requires very little time to complete. All AASL communities and clubs shall be responsible for all coaches and parents in their organization and to confirm compliance to the AASL that all the requirements of Law 143 are completed by April 26, 2013. All organizations will be required to have either a hard or electronic copy of all coaches and assistants certificates.  A board member from the community will be required to sign a certification document before April 26th stating that all their coaches and the organization have completed the requirements of the law.   All AASL Assignors shall be responsible to confirm to the AASL that all referees assigned to AASL game have completed the online NFHS training video by April 26, 2013.  A copy of each referee’s certificate must be sent by the referees to each assignor and kept on file before being assigned any to AASL games. The AASL is committed to providing a safe environment for the players and believes this is a very important step in protecting young athletes. 

Paul R Emhoff

AASL President