Brunswick Soccer Association: Travel Teams - 2014 Fall Games & Coaches/Trainers

Monday, August 18
2014 Fall Travel Home and Away Games - From 8/18 to 9/3

  Team Coach Game H/A Opponent Time Day Date Field

G U10B Tom Emery 624 Away North Ridgeville I Nav 6:30 PM Wed 08/20/14
G U9A Tim Shearer 288 Home Avon II 1:00 PM Sun 08/24/14 Edwards1
G U10A Nick Mihacevich 550 Home Parma I 1:00 PM Sun 08/24/14 Edwards2
B U10C Todd Butler 520 Home Buckeye II 2:30 PM Sun 08/24/14 Edwards2
B U8 Pete Demonte 33 Home Vermilion 3:30 PM Sun 08/24/14 Edwards1
G U8 Pete Demonte 108 Away North Ridgeville 11:30 AM Sun 08/24/14
B U10B David Eidenmiller 435 Away Buckeye I 2:30 PM Sun 08/24/14
B U9 Dan Allen 186 Away Vermilion 4:00 PM Sun 08/24/14
G U10B Tom Emery 602 Away Parma II 4:00 PM Sun 08/24/14
B U11B Krysztof Slomski 733 Home Avon Lake 1:00 PM Sun 08/24/14 Crestview
B U11A Ben Dotson 685 Home Avon Lake II 2:30 PM Sun 08/24/14 Crestview
B U12A Adam Meidenbauer 980 Home Fairview Park 5:30 PM Sun 08/24/14 Crestview
G U14A Jeff Koeth 1292 Home Parma I 2:30 PM Sun 08/24/14 HS Stadium
B U14B Rob Drum 1269 Home Olmsted Falls 4:00 PM Sun 08/24/14 HS Stadium
G U13B Abbey Dotson 1164 Away North Ridgeville I Nav 2:30 PM Sun 08/24/14
G U13A Scott Ward 1140 Away Westlake I 4:00 PM Sun 08/24/14
G U11B Stephanie Groseclose 868 Home North Ridgeville I Nav 6:30 PM Mon 08/25/14 Crestview
B U10A Brian Valore 400 Away Westlake I 6:30 PM Wed 08/27/14
B U12A Adam Meidenbauer 982 Home Independence 6:30 PM Thu 08/28/14 Crestview
G U12A Scott Ward 3900 Away Jackson Fury 2021 White 6:30 PM Fri 08/29/14
G U11B Stephanie Groseclose 866 Home Westlake III 6:30 PM Tue 09/02/14 Crestview
B U10A Brian Valore 382 Home Olmsted Falls I 6:00 PM Wed 09/03/14 Edwards1

Monday, June 16
AASL Website - 2014 Fall Travel Season

Use this link to check on your teams' schedule and field locations.  Once on the AASL website, click on Results, then Current, then Community, then Brunswick, then locate your team.

Monday, June 30
2014 Travel Fall Teams and Coaches
      Coach Asst Coach Asst Coach
New U8 Royal Pete Demonte Nick Demonte  
New U9 Royal Dan Allen    
Retg U10 Royal Brian Valore Scott Nemcek  
Retg U10 White Dave Eidenmiller Paul Vasko Matt Horner
New U10 Gold Todd Butler    
Retg U11 Royal Ben Dotson Matt Horner  
Retg U11 White Krysztof Slomski Chris Novak Dan Hoffman
Retg U12 Royal Adam Meidenbauer Brian Antonius  
Retg U14 Royal Ben Dotson Julius Bohrer Pat Parete
New U14 White Rob Drum Joe Neff  
      Coach Asst Coach Asst Coach
New U8 Royal Pete Demonte    
Retg U9 Royal Tim Shearer Dan Allen  
New U9 White Julius Bohrer    
Retg U10 Royal Nick Mihacevich Ben Kenrick   
New U10 White Tom Emery    
Retg U11 Royal Dan Mihacevich    
Retg U11 White Stephanie Groseclose    
Retg U12 Royal Scott Ward    
Retg U13 Royal Scott Ward    
Retg U13 White Abbey Dotson    
Retg U14 Royal Jeff Koeth Dennis Koeth   


Friday, April 12
Offsides Explained - Please take a look
Great offsides explaination.  Here is the link.  Please watch this with your players.

Shortcut to:

Thursday, March 29
Severe Weather - Article
Please read this article.  It points out why you should suspend a game (or
practice) whenever you see severe weather anywhere near you.   Note the last
paragraph where "officials" said it was "clear" yet they saw the severe weather
a couple of miles away.  ALWAYS ERR ON THE SIDE OF SAFETY!

Lighting strike leaves four injured at Indiana softball field
A lightning strike at a softball practice has left the town of Seymour, Ind.,
reeling after four girls on the Seymour (Ind.) High team were taken to the
hospital when a bolt of lightning struck one girl directly and injured three
As local CBS affiliate WISH-TV in Indiana and the Seymour Tribune reported, the
Seymour team was preparing for practice when they noticed a storm a couple miles
off in the distance. With the severe weather not posing a threat to the
practice, the team continued warming up.
But just moments before they were about to take the field, a bolt of lighting
came out of nowhere and struck Seymour freshman Emily Bobb; three others --
Kristin George, a sophomore, Kelsey Nolting, a junior, and Carlee Westfall, a
senior -- were also injured during the strike, but all three were reportedly
nowhere near Bobb at the time.
"Only Emily was struck by lightning, and the other three girls were taken to the
hospital after it was determined they were complaining of headaches or similar
issues," Seymour Community Schools Superintendent Teran Armstrong told the
Seymour Tribune. "They were not struck by lightning and were really nowhere near
Bobb was rushed to Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health in critical
condition, while the three others players were taken to Shenck Medical Center in
Seymour with non-life-threatening injuries. They were later released on Thursday
evening. Riley Hospital confirmed with the Seymour Tribune that Bobb was in
critical but stable condition on Thursday night.
While some might question what the team was even doing on the field in the first
place, officials were quick to point out that the skies were clear prior to the
accident. It would appear this really was a freak lightning strike. You just
hope the freshman player in critical condition pulls through and is able to get
back on the field in the future.

Sunday, August 12
Goal Safety
Handout: 2012 Goal Safety

Tuesday, July 27
Player Code of Conduct
Handout: Code of Conduct

Wednesday, September 24
Coaches Invitation
Handout: Coaching Invitation

Wednesday, September 24
Coaching Application
Handout: Coaching Application