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Thursday, February 6
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Monday, January 26
2015 Brunswick Classic Soccer Tournament - NEW DATE

The Brunswick Classic Soccer Tournament will be held the weekend of June 19-21, 2015.

Tournament was formerly The Brunswick Fall Classic which was held in November every year.  We are now a June tournament.

Come Join Us in Brunswick for some soccer and sun!

Click on the Tournament tab on the left for more information regarding our soccer tournament.

Online application is now open.  Click on the tournament link to get to the application page. 


Brunswick Soccer Association

Saturday, January 24
Travel tryout dates announced!

For the upcoming 2015 Fall / 2016 Spring seasons, travel tryouts for Brunswick Soccer Association for both boys and girls ages U8 through U14 will be May 17, 2015, location Brunswick High School.  Age groups and associated tryout evenings will also be TBA at a later date.

Any questions about tryouts and/or travel soccer, please contact our Directors of Coaching (DOC)

Boys: Ben Dotson email:

Girls: Scott Ward email:  

Friday, January 23
Contact Information for Little and Junior Kickers programs

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, etc. regarding either our Brunswick Soccer Academy Little Kickers (ages 3-5) and/or Junior Kickers (ages 6-8), please contact Joe Neff at

Wednesday, January 21
2015 Kickers Winter Indoor Program - 2015 (Ages 3-8) - 2nd session
Register Now for Brunswick Soccer Academy 
Recreational Division of Brunswick Travel Soccer

LITTLE KICKERS INDOOR (Players Ages 3-8) Winter Soccer Program 

Who: Players ages 3-8 


Brunswick Soccer Academy Little Kickers Futsal– Registration Form for Winter 2015

2nd SESSION - February 21st through March 28th For Boys and Girls Ages 3-8

Looking forward to seeing your player this winter!  

               Kickers Soccer: Great exercise, great fun, great friends = Great Experience!
Attached Handout is the registration form for the 2015 winter indoor program 2nd session. 

Handout: 2015 Winter Indoor Kickers Program Reg Form - 2nd session

Monday, January 5
2015 Winter Travel Training Schedule
Click on the 2015 Travel Teams Tab on the left of the main page to view the 2015 winter indoor training schedule.

Saturday, January 24
2015 Lynn Gillespie Scholarship - for girls playing recreational soccer

Click on the tab to the left regarding this scholarship. Scholarship is for girls only currently playing recreational soccer interested in playing travel soccer next year.

Details to follow.  Any questions, contact any BSA board member.

Wednesday, September 17
Smoking Policy for Brunswick City Schools
The Board of Education is committed to providing students, staff, and visitors with a tobacco and smoke-free environment. The negative health effects of tobacco use for both users and nonusers, particularly in connection with second hand smoke, are well established. Further, providing a non-smoking and tobacco-free environment is consistent with the responsibilities of teachers and staff to be positive role models for our students.
For purposes of this policy, "use of tobacco" means to chew or maintain any substance containing tobacco, including smokeless tobacco, in the mouth to derive the effects of tobacco, as well as all uses of tobacco, including cigars, cigarettes, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, snuff, any other matter or substances that contain tobacco, in addition to papers used to roll cigarettes and/or the smoking of electronic, "vapor," or other substitute forms of cigarettes, clove cigarettes and any other lighted smoking devices for burning tobacco or any other substance.
In order to protect students and staff who choose not to use tobacco from an environment noxious to them, and because the Board does not condone smoking and/or the use of tobacco, the Board prohibits the use of tobacco or tobacco substitute products within any enclosed facility owned or leased or contracted for by the Board, and in the areas directly or indirectly under the control of the Board immediately adjacent to locations of ingress or egress to such facilities. This prohibition extends to any Board-owned and/or operated vehicles used to transport students and to all other Board-owned and/or operated vehicles. Such prohibition also applies to school grounds and any school-related event.
The Superintendent shall require the posting of signs as required by R.C. 3794.06 and as specified by the Ohio Department of Health.
R.C. 2923.12, 3313.20, 3313.47, 3313.751, 3794 et seq.
20 U.S.C. 6081 et seq., 20 U.S.C. 7182
U.S.D.O.E. Memorandum, 1995
A.C. 3701-52

Monday, July 7
2014 Fall / 2015 Parents Agreement
Download pdf for the 2014 Fall / 2015 Spring Parents' Agreement with Brunswick Soccer Travel.
Handout: 2014 Fall / 2015 Parents Agreement

Tuesday, August 5
New location for Frontline - Uniforms
Frontline Soccer Shop
23812 Lorain Road
North Olmsted, Ohio 44070

Thursday, March 29
Severe Weather - Article

Please read this article.  It points out why you should suspend a game (or
practice) whenever you see severe weather anywhere near you.   Note the last
paragraph where "officials" said it was "clear" yet they saw the severe weather
a couple of miles away.  ALWAYS ERR ON THE SIDE OF SAFETY!

Lighting strike leaves four injured at Indiana softball field
A lightning strike at a softball practice has left the town of Seymour, Ind.,
reeling after four girls on the Seymour (Ind.) High team were taken to the
hospital when a bolt of lightning struck one girl directly and injured three
As local CBS affiliate WISH-TV in Indiana and the Seymour Tribune reported, the
Seymour team was preparing for practice when they noticed a storm a couple miles
off in the distance. With the severe weather not posing a threat to the
practice, the team continued warming up.
But just moments before they were about to take the field, a bolt of lighting
came out of nowhere and struck Seymour freshman Emily Bobb; three others --
Kristin George, a sophomore, Kelsey Nolting, a junior, and Carlee Westfall, a
senior -- were also injured during the strike, but all three were reportedly
nowhere near Bobb at the time.
"Only Emily was struck by lightning, and the other three girls were taken to the
hospital after it was determined they were complaining of headaches or similar
issues," Seymour Community Schools Superintendent Teran Armstrong told the
Seymour Tribune. "They were not struck by lightning and were really nowhere near
Bobb was rushed to Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health in critical
condition, while the three others players were taken to Shenck Medical Center in
Seymour with non-life-threatening injuries. They were later released on Thursday
evening. Riley Hospital confirmed with the Seymour Tribune that Bobb was in
critical but stable condition on Thursday night.
While some might question what the team was even doing on the field in the first
place, officials were quick to point out that the skies were clear prior to the
accident. It would appear this really was a freak lightning strike. You just
hope the freshman player in critical condition pulls through and is able to get
back on the field in the future.

Friday, March 16
No Pets Allowed
Why pets should be left at home and not brought to any soccer matches.

Friday, January 6
BSA Brick inside BHS Stadium

Thursday, May 30
Blue Pride Foundation - Link
Click on the link to access the Brunswick Blue Pride Foundation website and upcoming events, information and news.