Broadway Astros: Welcome

Welcome to the Broadway Minor League - Astros website

I'm really looking forward to a terrific year! We have a great group of young men that I know will put forth great effort. You were all picked, not just because you showed you could hit the ball and throw it, but because you have great attitudes as well. You have already demonstrated that you are winners and I hope to encourage you to continue that winning attitude!

You see there are different types of winners. One type of winner is the one who scores the most runs. We certainly want to be that type of winner. However, there is another type of winner. There is the winner in life. That's what I want to demonstrate to you. You see, the goal is to give your best effort in all that you do, in ALL aspects of your life. When you give your best effort, you win! The scoreboard may not show a win, but you are winning in life.

As this relates to baseball, I want your best effort in practice, warm ups and in games. If we win, wonderful! If we lose, let's have that be because the other team was better, not because we didn't give our best effort.

Throughout the season we will be learning. We'll learn to get our gloves on the ground to stop ground balls. We'll learn to catch pop fly's, to look where we are throwing, to steal the bases, slide when necessary, to hit a fast ball, to hit a slow ball and to take our base on balls. We'll also learn to throw strikes, to block the ball with our body, to bunt, cover 2nd, cover 1st, cover home and to back each other up. I could go on for a little while longer, but hopefully you understand! This is all a learning process and we'll have fun doing it!

Keep in mind, throughout the season, we will all make mistakes! Just keep trying!!! I'll make mistakes in sending you home on a steal. I'll make mistakes in the lineup. You'll make mistakes hitting, throwing, catching and stealing. Don't worry about it! That is part of life. There was only one perfect man in history and he lived some 2000 years ago. So, let's realize we make mistakes and learn from them so we are better the next time around.

I'm truly looking forward to coaching you all and I wish you the best this year!

Coach Rygol