Bethesda Roadrunners: My Site News: RRs go 1-3-2 and 4-7 (GF-GA) in Nike Man U. Tourney

Tuesday, May 30
RRs go 1-3-2 and 4-7 (GF-GA) in Nike Man U. Tourney
The Nike Manchester United Tournament lived up to its high expectation: Top competition (many of the best 91's in the US), top fields, top refs and a great experience all the way around.

As expected the RRs found that playing up against top academy teams was both tough and a valuable development experience. With a score of 4-7 in six games at this level, the RRs performed very well and above pre-tournament expectations.

Congratulations to the kids for their solid efforts and thanks to Nike for putting on the show.

After a few tough games on the field it was a daily ritual to head to the "Players" Lounge. That's right "Players" no coach, no parent, no notsoccer critics (they will never know about this level). Just "Players" those who can actually play the game. NIKE treated the players like royalty. Special prerelease shoes to play with, bags full of NIKE gear. It was there the Roadrunners enjoyed Jogo Bonito and exacted revenge on some of their on field opponents. Size meant nothing this was about skill and technique. This game was reserved for those with a "magic touch" and quick feet. If you didn't have those things you could be caught kissing the shoes of your opponent at anytime. Toughest competition in here was not the So Cal boys, Barca or the Academy teams, but those always dangerous Bethesda girls.

Then it was on to NIKE TOWN for a players ball. Don't worry fellas what happens at NIKE Town stays at NIKE TOWN...