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Roadrunners' Core Beliefs
Roadrunners' fundamental coaching philosophy is based on three convictions:

1. In general, people are more resourceful and have more potential than they show.

Our job as coaches is to create an environment where each player performs at a level approaching his maximum physical and mental potential. The atmosphere should be one where the players feel unlimited tolerance for making mistakes and very little tolerance for lack of effort.

2. The focus should be on having FUN.

We PLAY soccer, we don’t WORK soccer. To stay in the game and perform up to each player's potential, it is critical that it is fun and that each player's creativity is stimulated. Pressure is counterproductive, and should be avoided as much as possible.

We should not run a “military camp,” but rather a bunch of “happy hours” with a virtually imperceptible structure that provides the kids with the tools and ideas they need to play soccer at a high level.

3. Diversity and respect create strength.

The strength of a soccer team (and other teams in life) is enhanced through combinations of individuals with diverse background and skills, who respect each other for their strengths and for their differences. By respecting and relying on each other's diverse talents and skills, the team benefits and each individual can focus on strengthening his own contribution. In turn, individual confidence and ultimate success usually starts with the the mastering of a single skill.