Bethesda Roadrunners: The Birds

2007 Birds!
Meet the Roadrunners, old and new. Individually, each is a great player. But playing as a team, they are even stronger.

Sam B. signs on as RRs new goalie!!!
No, not RRs' longtime, dependable and supertalented, left defender, but another Sam B. (Samir Badr), who comes to us from Team America Red.

Having played the entire fall season without a U13 goalie, the RoadrunnersÂ’ patience has paid off. Sam has played with TA for the past 4 years and distinguished himself as a top goalie in the U13 age bracket.

With great natural instincts, a good understanding of the game, and strong physical presence, Sam has the attributes of a premier goalie. Maybe most important, Sam has the mindset that makes a great goalie: In spite of his solid abilities as a field player, he actually wants to play goalie. That is a first for the Roadrunners. RRs two previous Hall of Fame goalies, Chris W. and Emile, were excellent part time goalies, but they are field players in their hearts.

We are simply thrilled to have Sam the Goalie on board, and extend to him and his family a warm welcome to the Roadrunners.


Who is quoted: Roberto Carlos or Sam Bradley?
"My behaviour has always been proper, both on and off the field."

"I am never going to slight a player, a team or a referee."

"It does not matter whether it is a friendly or a final; my attitude is to play and fight for every ball."

"My juggling record was 1,350 when I was 9 years old."

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Paul or Zidane?
He had the ball 75 times; three-quarters of those possession were in the opponents half. Yet despite always looking to play the killer ball, only eight of his passes failed to find a teammate. As impressive as the figures are, his performance CANNOT be measured by the numbers alone.



Hakan Suker or HAAKON?
"Like an Assassin he destroyed our teams hope of victory."

"I saw the keeper and knew if I didn't put it in the upper 90, he would stop it."

He once torched the older opponents for 7 goals in one game.

Chris, Chris or Chris
""The reason we play is not to top any scorers' chart, but to win,and have fun!""

Chris H. is a truly majestic footballer. He outwits opposing strikers not with unnecessary aggression, but with perfect timing and outstanding reading of the game. Fair play is second nature to him, and he is a good example to young players both on and off the pitch. In defence he hardly ever puts a foot wrong, and frequently enjoys venturing . His maturity - evident even as a young player - flair and vision, have made him into one of the league's best.

Chris W. can be an agile shot blocker,fun to watch. He can make the most incredible save, likes to roam off his line. He can be dangerous at both ends of the pitch.

They both can break opponents with an ability to conjure goals out of nothing.


The "Bright One"
The Bethesda Roadrunners is proud to introduce our newest addition. Trey is a perfect fit for the Roadrunners, bringing more speed, good touch, and good vision, not to mention a great work ethic and a rocket shot.   

Da Dominator- The video
A moment does not a career make, so Da Dominator has some distance to travel. But share with me the relief that, here is a player free to explore his gifts.

Receiving the ball from Figo(paul) on the right, Da Dominator lured the defenders in.

''Come closer, come to me,'' the Da Dominator seemed to say. And the defenders bought the invitation. Tighter and tighter they came until, suddenly, Da dominator swiveled 180 degrees. One moment they had the Desean pinned with his back to goal, the next the dominator had spun to goal, and was accelerating towards the goal.

The defending trio may as well have tried to trap a spider in a fishing net. The end product, a shot containing Da dominators customary venom GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL

preview Goal2

Tuesday, February 27
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