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Saturday, August 1
Home of The Brent Raiders

Thank you for visiting the Brent Youth Sports Association (BYSA)-Home of the Championship Brent Raiders Football Program and the Brent Raiders Cheerleaders.   Brent Athletic Park is conveniently located on the corner of W Street and Beverley Parkway (Brent Lane) at 501 Yoakum Court Pensacola, FL 32505.  

The BYSA was initially established in 2001 and was formally recognized as a 501 (c) 3 organization in 2009. We are an all volunteer program with over 50 active board members including coaches, parents, and our executive officers.  The BYSA was established to create a youth sports program based upon the ideals of academics, discipline, leadership and good sportsmanship.

We welcome and encourage you to learn more about us by reading our by-laws, reviewing our meeting minutes, and contacting any of our board members with questions or interests.  If you are looking to promote your business, we are the perfect place to promote your business given our highly visible location.  If you really want to know what we are all about, come and see our kids in action at one of the many games we have left this season.  Just be ready—we cannot be held responsible for what happens when the Brent Raiders take to the field!

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Brent Raiders 2011

Friday, July 31
2015 Football Registration Monday - Friday 5:30- 7:30 At The Baseball Field Practice Area

Monday, November 4
Brent Youth Sports Assoc., Inc.

Friday, July 31
Brent Youth Sports Association Is Now A Proud Member Of Pop Warner USA