Dragons 2009-10 Player Profiles

2009-10 Dragons Profiles2009-10 Dragons Profiles

Passback Collection at Freestate Capitol Cup

Passback FlyerPassback Flyer

20 Moves -- Winter Workout

20 Moves -- Winter Workout20 Moves -- Winter Workout

Futsal Laws of the Game

Futsal LOTGFutsal LOTG

Effective Defending

A description of effective defending techniques, courtesy of Coach Bob Christenson.

Effective DefendingEffective Defending

Nine Critical Characteristics of a Soccer Player

Nine Critical CharacteristicsNine Critical Characteristics

Five Reasons Goals Are Scored

Why Goals are ScoredWhy Goals are Scored

Moves to Fake out an Opponent

These are a variety of Dribbles and Turns described for your use and practice at home. A good player should have at least three moves that he can employ during the game. Pick from the list and work to perfect them with both feet. You'll be on your way to being the next Ronaldo, Pele, Maradonna or Matthews!