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Tuesday, January 19


Little League raises lots of questions – here are some of the answers. We will update this list as the season goes on.

Q: Are we playing with Middlesex this season (2016)?

A: Yes! For the 2016 season, Bound Brook and Middlesex will be participating in what Little League International calls "combination play." During the regular season, all Bound Brook and Middlesex players will be put into a common draft pool and teams will be chosen from that pool. That means that regular season teams will have players from both Bound Brook and Middlesex on them. Combination play means more competition and better games, and we are extremely excited to be playing with our friends in Middlesex.

Q: Where will games and practices be held for 2016?

A: Games will be played in both Bound Brook, at its Tea Street Complex, and in Middlesex, at the Middlesex Little League Field at the corner of Pierrepont Street and Wellington Street in Middlesex. The Middlesex field is approximately five to ten minutes (tops) away from Tea Street, straight down Union Avenue into Middlesex. It is about the same, and maybe even a little less, as traveling to the away games we have previously played in South Bound Brook. Practices will be held in both locations as well, depending on the coaches.

A.  When is Opening Day?

A:  We haven't set Opening Day yet, but we will let you know as soon as we do. 

Q:  Do I need baseball experience to volunteer as a coach or league official?

A:  No! BBLL is comprised entirely of volunteers. We come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but we all have one common goal: to provide the best, safest, most fun experience we can for the children of our community. Some positions are “on-field”, such as coaching or grounds keeping, and some positions are “off-field”, such as managing our concessions stand or fund raising. You do not need any experience for any on-field or off-field job; we will gladly help you learn what needs to be accomplished and we are ALWAYS looking for more hands to help out. Volunteering is a great way to meet your neighbors and make a positive contribution to Bound Brook. Please see the Handouts page on this website for volunteer application forms.

Q:  How long does the baseball season last?

A:  The baseball season consists of regular season play (all divisions) and play-offs (all divisions except Tee Ball). Each team generally plays 16 regular season games. Practices generally start in March and Opening Day is generally the first or second weekend in April. BBLL tries to have all regular season and play-off games completed by the first or second week of June, depending on how many games have had to be rescheduled due to rain or other reasons.

Q:  What clothes/shoes/equipment does my player need?

A:  Uniforms are included in your registration fee and include: a hat, a jersey, pants, and socks (and a belt for Majors and above). Further, each team is provided with five (5) batting helmets, a number of bats, and at least one full set of catcher’s gear, including a catcher’s glove, for the entire team’s use.

Your player really only needs to have his or her own a baseball glove and shoes to play. If you are purchasing a glove, make sure it is the right size – bigger is not necessarily (and usually isn’t) better when it comes to baseball gloves. Also make sure it is for the correct hand – gloves come in right-handed and left-handed versions. As for shoes, cleats are generally preferred for Minors and above, but not necessary. Players in Tee Ball, Minors, and Majors may NOT use metal baseball cleats. While soccer cleats are acceptable to wear for baseball, football cleats (which have a cleat right in front of the toes) are not. 

Many players do use their own equipment, particularly bats. Little League rules on bats can be confusing but are ALWAYS strictly enforced, whether you understand them or not. Illegal bats are not allowed in a dugout for any reason during any game, even if they are never used in the game. For the most up-to-date list of bats approved by Little League, please go to: CHECK BEFORE YOU BUY!  Stores will not let you return a bat once you have used it!!!   


If you have any questions or issues about equipment, please ask your Team Manager or contact BBLL Past President Marty Koeller, Executive Vice President Mike Witt, or Vice President Brian Polakiewicz. We have all been through many rounds of equipment purchase for our kids and will be happy to help you out. 


Q:  What is the work bond for? When is it due?

A:  Running a youth sports league takes an enormous amount of time and effort, and BBLL is no exception. BBLL is comprised entirely of volunteers, many of whom who have spent countless hours and dedicated years to ensuring that our program provides a safe, fun learning environment for our children. But we need help to accomplish that mission, and all parents or guardian of players are expected to pitch in at least a little through volunteer opportunities with the League. The work bond is a check in the amount of $50.00 that BBLL collects for each player at the beginning of the season. The check is not cashed; it is held by the League until the player’s parents or guardian completes a minimum amount of volunteer work (usually about four hours). If the work requirement is completed, the check is destroyed. If the work requirement is not completed by the end of the season, then the League will cash the check. The work bond is due at registration. Please make out a check in the amount of $50.00, payable to “Bound Brook Little League”. The check should be dated August 1, 2015. 


Q:  How are players selected for teams?

A:  Players are drafted onto regular season teams by the Team Managers. For the 2016 Season, all players in a division will be available to be drafted to any team. That is to say, players who were on a certain team last season will not necessarily be on the same team this season. This is the method of selection preferred by Little League International. BBLL will make exceptions for: (1) children of coaches; and (2) siblings. 


Q:  What is “League Age” and how do I figure that out?

A:  “League Age” is the age Little League International considers your child to be for purposes of determining in which age division he or she is eligible to play. That age used to be the child’s age as of April 30th of each year. Why? We don’t know; that was just the rule. Commencing with the 2015 Season, Little League International is changing the age rules. Why? That's a long answer; too long for here. For the 2016 Season, please refer to the Age Chart available in the Handouts section of this website to find out how old your child is for Little League.


Q:  Is there an All-Star team? How does my player get selected?

A:  Yes! BBLL has a long and successful tradition of All-Star or “summer ball” teams. The teams usually play in at least one-to-two (sometimes more) local-area tournaments. Bound Brook typically fields a team for players 9-10 years old (10U) and a team for players 11-12 years old (12U). Under certain circumstances, and player who is slightly younger that the ages listed may be selected to play. The decision to field an All-Star team and selections to any team rest solely with BBLL.


Recently, BBLL has also sent teams to participate in the official Little League Tournament, which is the first step in attempting to reach the Little League World Series, broadcast on ESPN. Because of the combination play with Middlesex this year, BBLL and MLL will have the option of fielding joint teams for participation in that tournament, should the leagues so desire. 


Playing for an All-Star team is a privilege. Players are chosen by vote of the regular season Team Managers based on the players’ levels of talent and ability to be part of a team. In order to be eligible for selection, a player must have played in at least 60% of his or her team’s regular season games. There are additional fees for All-Star uniforms (usually around $50) and may be additional fees for tournament entry.