Bound Brook Little League: News

2016 Majors and Minors Schedules

Dates, times, and locations for all Majors and Minors games. Check with your team manager for any make up games due to rain outs.

2016 Majors Games Schedule2016 Majors Games Schedule

2016 Minors Games Schedule2016 Minors Games Schedule

Divisions of Play and Determining "League Age"

Little League offers the following divisions of play:

Tee Ball -- League Age 4-6 years old
Minors -- usually League Age 7-9 years old
Majors -- usually League Age 9-12 years old
Juniors -- usually League Age 13-14 years old
Seniors -- usually League Age 14-16 years old

The rules for determining how old your player is for purposes of Little League ("League Age") have changed. In order to determine your player's League Age for 2016, please use this chart:

2016 Little League Player Age Chart.pdf2016 Little League Player Age Chart.pdf

Volunteer Application Forms

Thank you for volunteering with BBLL! All League Officers, Managers, Coaches, and Umpires MUST submit a Volunteer Application to BBLL. Please complete the appropriate form and return it, along with any other required documents (copy of photo ID, copy of Rutgers Certification) to League Secretary Laura Polakiewicz as soon as possible. Applications must include your social security number as well as all other information. This information is kept confidential.

2016 New Volunteer Application.pdf2016 New Volunteer Application.pdf

2016 Returning Volunteer Application.pdf2016 Returning Volunteer Application.pdf

Accident Claim Forms

These forms provide information on how to handle an unfortunate accident taking place on league property or during an official LL practice even off-site.

2016 LL Accident Claim Form2016 LL Accident Claim Form

2016 LL Accident Claim Form Instructions2016 LL Accident Claim Form Instructions

2016 Instrucciones para Accidente2016 Instrucciones para Accidente

2016 BBLL Registration Forms

To Register:
1. Print out all forms in this section; complete each form as necessary.
2. Return all completed forms to BBLL, along with: (1) a check for registration fees based on your child's playing division; and (2) a check in the amount of $50.00, dated August 1, 2015, for your work bond (see Work Bond Form below for details).
3. Registration Fees:
   A. Tee Ball (4-6)          $90.00
   B. Minors (usually 7-9)    $150.00
   C. Majors (usually 9-12)   $150.00

2016 Player Registration Form.pdf2016 Player Registration Form.pdf

2016 Player Registration Form en Espanol.pdf2016 Player Registration Form en Espanol.pdf

2016 Medical Release Form.pdf2016 Medical Release Form.pdf

2016 Parent and Player Code of Conduct.pdf2016 Parent and Player Code of Conduct.pdf

2016 Parent Code of Conduct.pdf2016 Parent Code of Conduct.pdf

2016 Work Bond Form.pdf2016 Work Bond Form.pdf