BoontonJuniorLacrosse: Welcome

Updated: Feb 27, 2015 8:00pm

We're getting close to the start of the season. It's time to get in shape, boys. Do everything you can to stay active. Find a place to run. 



New players, here is what to expect for the 2015 spring season.

When: March 7 - Memorial Day. We usually meet two weekdays, from 6:00 until dark. We meet every Saturday. Times vary. We do have some Sunday games.

Where: Boonton High School turf field or Fireman's Field. We also travel for away games.

Cost: The sign-up fee is $125. We will refund ALL NEW PLAYERS $50. This will help to offset the cost of new equipment.


  • Stick: you need to buy a stick (list price is $30-$40 at Dick's - don't buy the $100 sticks! They don't work well for beginners!). Recommended starter sticks are STX Stinger Jr. ($30) for 2nd graders and small 3rd graders. Under Armour UA Spectre ($40, but can find for $20 on sale sometimes at Modell's).
  • Helmet: This is the biggest cost. A white Cascade CPV is $125.
  • Gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads. Dick's has a sale as it gets closer to the season. They usually have a $90 package for these items, and a $120 package as well.
  • Cleats: any cleats you may have will work. Soccer, football, baseball ... all the same.
  • Athletic cup. This is a must!
  • Mouthpiece. Also mandatory.
  • Bag, water bottle, etc. This is all at your own discretion.

The best price I found is $180 at COMLAX in Fairfield. The full package includes helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads, a stick, and even a ball.


Please send any questions to

2015 EXPECTED ROSTER (green = registered)

2nd grade - 9 players

Colin Bostrom (new)
Brady Green (new)
Nate Mangio (new)
Matthew Sulpy (new)
Patrick Blake (new)
Connell Koba (new)
Kenrick Kleid (new)
Rinaldo DiGiacopo (new)
Cody Larsen (new)

3rd grade - 5 players

Austin Hudak
Sal Postiglione
Charles Sagerer (new)
Peter Shiels (new)
Cody Darling (new)

4th grade - 12 players

Ethan Smith
Logan Przestrzelski
Gavin Gaetano
Liam Bostrom
Benjamin Monrad
Sam Gresack
Nicholas Scaltro
Anthony Gallo
Jayson Holden (new)
Ryan Elafante (new)
Kai Billa (new)
William Tsai

5th grade - 10 players

Michael DeStefano
Luca DiGiacopo
Christopher Jammaers
Jason Smith
Jake Marchione
Matthew Maggio (new)
Nathaniel Lange
Daniel Dolce
Matthew Blake (new)
Ryan Schlacter

6th grade - 11 players

Tristan Plotts
Tyler Christenson
Jeffrey Yanez
Sean Tucker
William Kronak (new)
Ryan Salemi
Joshua Martinez
Chad Durkin
Tyler Shalhoub
Aiden Connor (new)
Cameron Egan (welcome back)

7th grade - 11 players

Scott Tolochko
Ben Melgaard
Nick Slaughter
Thomas Mulhearn
Anthony Postiglione
Jason Whritenour
Nathan Sikora
Anthony Sorrentino
Patrick Clark
Matthew Cannizzaro
Corey Dempster (new)

8th grade - 17 players

Christopher Wendt
Matthew Glaser
Nicholas DiLorenzo
James Jacobsen
Jason Earle
Ryan Martinez
Bryan Clemente
Austin Anderson
Sebastian Bruno
Tristan Lyon
Amad Arshad (new)
Quadeem DeCosta (new)
Patrick Nathan
Salvatore Lombardo
Gene Barroso
Thomas MacDonald
Jack Meehan