Bonney Lake Basketball Boosters: Team Covenants


The team comes first in every decision I make. I will not let my teammates down in any of the facets of my life. I will do everything in life to my fullest potential. I will take pride in myself and my team. I will prepare myself and my team to be the best we can be. I will take ownership for my actions, never providing excuses. Teamwork is a rare gift that allows ordinary people to attain extraordinary results. I am committed to something greater than myself.


We are a family, and it will show to everyone who sees us. I will be respectful to every teammate. I will always be there to help and show I care. I will not let anyone in my family fall below their capabilities. As a team, we will look out for one another, and help each other succeed. I trust my team, my coaches, our system, and myself. I will be consistent in my thoughts, words and deeds. I am part of a special brotherhood.


I will use all my abilities to attain our goals. I will never give up. My attitude will be a part of our success. I will outwork our opponents at all times. I will play the game the way it was meant to be played. My hard work will help us achieve greater things. I am always ready to learn to become better. I will take the initiative and push myself as I strive to exceed our goals.


I will be a leader for my team, my family, my friends, and my school. I will help us achieve a 3.5 team grade point average. I promise to demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times. All of our opponents will know we are a class act. I will maintain my poise under pressure. I will strive to win on and off the court, and when I do, I will remain silent, like a warrior should. My character will improve my team.


I am a champion for life. I will adhere to my team covenants, goals, and to my own convictions. I am a leader that will instill positive values in everyone around me. I am in charge of my life. I will make a difference for my team, and in the game of life.


I am part of something very special, a team, a family. I will not let my brothers down.