Bonney Lake Basketball Boosters: Booster News

Welcome to the Basketball Booster Club and its program of support of the exciting and competitive athletic activities and games at Bonney Lake High School! We are a school and community rich in both academic and athletic spirit and involvement. The Basketball Boosters would like to extend a welcome to all BLHS students, parents and families.


Everyone can be a Booster. A Basketball Booster is simply an enthusiastic supporter of the BLHS sports program. This support can be manifested in many ways -- by becoming a member of our Booster committees, by volunteering to work during sports events, by being a team parent or representative, through financial support, or by simply attending sports events to support our athletes. Please consider volunteering for any of our Booster Club activities, for concessions staff, for Fund raising activities throughout the year. Our student athletes need your involvement.

Basketball Booster Club



BLHS Basketball Booster Meeting

Meeting started at 6:30PM

Present: Kelley and Rick Lund, Lisa Zaragoza, Deb Davidson, Camille and Joe’l Herd, John and Michelle Barger, Pat Thomas, Calvin Parke, Patti and David Zahnow, Bruce and Kelly Ericson

Sitka, Alaska Trip:

Leaving Wed 19th at 3:05PM (Alaska flight #67) arriving home Sunday the 23rd at 4:19PM (flight #62).  The team will be staying at the Shee Atika Inn Totem Square with 4 players to a room (two queen beds).  Coach Smith and wife will be on site.  The players will have a van for transportation.

COST BREAK DOWN:  Alaska trip

$479 Airfare each player

$99 motel each player

$ 578.00 total cost per player

STIPEND FUNDS Available to the program:

$2500-Tournament stipend

$1500 ASB Stipend

Families have the opportunity to request funds from their basketball accounts to help offset food and souvenirs for the trip.  Lisa will be submitting invoices to the PPP for a check for each family on Monday, Dec. 4th so the funds are available before the trip

Lisa Zaragoza explained the player’s individual accounts and how money is deposited into those account from volunteering at C-Link stadium or fireworks.  (some discussion about eliminating individual player accounts and moving to all funds being deposited toward the programs general fund)

MOTION 1: Made by Lisa Zaragoza and seconded by Rick Lund

We motion that Bonney Lake boys’ basketball pay 292.29 per play and Coaches (total $4092.06) to payoff total for Alaska from the basketball general fund.  Vote 6 yes 1 no  The motion was APPROVED

MOTION 2: Made by Lisa Zaragoza and seconded by Rick Lund

Ask each player going to Alaska to pay 50.00 payable to booster by December 15th to offset the cost of the trip and not to deplete the general fund.  Vote 8 yes 1 nay  The motion was APPROVED

MOTION 3: Made by David Zahnow and seconded by Rick Lund

Motion to have boosters pay for a pizza party in Alaska approx. $250.00.   Vote: Yes 0, No 9  The motion was NOT APPROVED


Changing financial input from individual account to general fund. 

Lisa asking for everyone to bring ideas for what Booster want for line items- At January 2013 booster meeting it was suggested that we work to set and approve a budget for the 2013/2014 season.

MOTION 4: Made by Calvin Parke and seconded by Deb Davidson

Motion to collect nominations at the next boosters meeting on December 10, 2012 for all 2013/2014 open board positions.  Positions include, but are not limited to: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Fundraising Coordinator. Yes 9 No 0 The motion was APPROVED

David Zahnow added to the discussion that he would like to suggest we have an organizational meeting including bylaws, procedures, money disbursement, etc and ask an outside mediator- from PPP to help create.  It was suggested that this topic be tabled until new board members are voted on at the January 2013 board meeting.

MOTION 5: Made by David Zahnow and seconded by Rick Lund

Starting in December 2012 BLHS boys basketball boosters will hold regular scheduled booster meetings on the  2nd Monday of each h month.   Yes 9 No 0  The motion was APPROVED


The meeting concluded at 7:45PM