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Friday, March 21

 Playoffs - Indoor 2008

Standings Cambrian Cup

TEAM W L T Points
NLSC 4 1   12
PTSC 3 2   9
BV Flames U18 2 2 1 7
NLSC U16PB 2 2 1 7
BV Flames U17 1 3 2 5
WSEU 1 4   3

Regular Season - Indoor 2008

Soccer Standings    U 18 Boys PREM - Indoor 2007/08
Team  G  W  L  T  D  GF  GA  GF-GA  Points 
NLSC U16 Boys Prem(Ladobruk)  15  10  54  35  19  31 
WSEU U 18 Boys Prem  15  10  45  40  30 
NLSC U18 Boys Prem(Santos)  15  50  43  25 
Portage Trail U 18 BP  15  45  40  24 
BV Flames U 18 Boys Prem  15  34  40  -6  16 
BV Flames U 17 Boys Prem  15  12  39  69  -30 

For Standings see:

Soccer Standings    u16 Prem/u18 Reg Boys - Outdoor 2007
                   As of June 5, 2007
Team ------------------G---W---L---T---D---GF---GA-----GD----Points   
BV Flames--------------4---4---0---0---0---15---5---- + 10-------12
WSEU u16BP-------------4---4---0---0---0---15---6---- + 9-------12   
PTSC U16BP-------------3---2---1---0---0----7---4---- + 3------- 6   
NLSC U16BP-------------3---1---1---1---0---10---8---- + 2------- 4   
Brandon U16BP----------2---0---2---0---0----3---6---- ( 3)------- 0   
BVSC Blaze u18BR-------5---2---2---1---0---13--14---- ( 1)------- 7   
NLSC U18BR-------------3---1---2---0---0----9--10---- ( 1)------- 3   
BVSC Inferno u18BR ----6---1---5---0---0----9--22---- (13)------- 3   
PTSC U17BR-------------4---1---3---0---0----9--15---- ( 7)------- 3
GD = Goal Differential or Goals For minus Goals Against
                   2006/7 INDOOR SEASON
                        March 20, 2007
Premier Regional Play-off Standings - Round Robin
Div P5 - R3 Boys --------------Wins----Ties----Losses----Points
FINAL: SEU U17R   4      Bonivital U17R   3 (Golden Goal in O/T)   
Regional Final Standings after Round Robin:
3. South End United U17R--------4------1--------1---------13
4. Bonivital U17R---------------2------0--------4----------6   
Premier Final Standings after Round Robin:
1. Portage Trail U15P-----------6------0--------0---------18
2. South End United U15P--------4------1--------0---------13
5. North West U15P -------------2------0--------4----------6
6. Portage Trail U16R-----------2------0--------4----------6
7. Tri-S United U16R------------0------0--------6----------0
                     February 1, 2007
Premier Regional Combined Standings - Regular Season
Div P5 - R3 Boys --------------Wins----Ties----Losses----Points   
1. Portage Trail U15P-----------8------2--------0---------26
2. South End United U15P--------6------2--------1---------20
3. North West U15P -------------5------2--------3---------17
4. Bonivital U17R---------------4------1--------7---------13         
5. Portage Trail U16R-----------4------1--------4---------13
6. South End United U17R--------3------1--------5---------10
7. Tri-S United U16R------------0------1-------10----------1
                     2006 OUTDOOR SEASON
                         Sept 30, 2006
Regional D2/3 Final   Northern Lights 3   Bonivital      1
Premier D4 Final      Flames          2 Portage Trail   1
MSA Cup D4 Premier    Flames          3   Portage Trail 2

Premier Regional Combined Standings - Play-offs
Div P4 - R2/3 Boys -----------Wins----Ties----Losses----Points   
1. Flames P4 ------------------6------1--------0---------19
2. Portage Trail P4 -----------5------1--------1---------16
3. South End United P4 --------5------0--------2---------15
4. North West R2/3 -------------4------1--------2---------13
5. North West P4 --------------2------1--------4----------7
6. Phoenix P4 -----------------1------2--------4----------5
7. Bonivital R3 ----------------1------1--------4----------4         
8. Tri-S United P4--------------0------1--------6----------1

Premier Regional Combined Standings - Regular Season
Div P4 - R2/3 Boys -----------Wins----Ties----Losses----Points   
1. Flames P4 -----------------10------3--------0---------33
2. Portage Trail P4 ----------11------2--------1---------35
3. North West R2/3 -------------9------0--------5---------27
4. North West P4      ----------6------3--------4---------21
4. Phoenix P4 -----------------4------1--------8---------13
6. South End United P4 --------4------1--------9---------13
7. Bonivital R3 ----------------3------0-------10----------9         
8. Tri-S United P4--------------1------0-------11----------3

               2005/06 Indoor Playoff Standings
North West P4 Wins City Finals 3 - 1 over Portage Trail P4
                            March 11, 2006
                     Round Robin Play-Off Standings
R4 /P5-------------------------Wins----Ties----Losses----Points      
1. Portage Trail P5-------------4------1--------0---------13   
2. North West P5----------------3------0--------2----------9
3. Bonivital Inferno R4 -------3------0--------2----------9
4. Phoenix P5 -----------------3------0--------2----------9
5. South End United P5 --------0------1--------3----------1
6. Tri-S P5---------------------0------0--------4----------0

             2005/06 Indoor Regular Season Standings
                            Feb 7, 2006   
                     Final Regular Season Standings
R4 /P5-------------------------Wins----Ties----Losses----Points      
1. Portage Trail P5------------12------0--------2---------36
2. North West P5---------------10------2--------3---------32
3. Phoenix P5 -----------------8------1--------5---------25
4. Bonivital Inferno R4 -------5------3--------7---------18
5. Tri S P5---------------------3------2--------9---------11
6. South End United P5 --------1------2-------13----------5

                2005 CanadInn Christmas Tournament
                           Dec 29, 2005
                            Wins    Ties    Losses Points GF GA
1. Portage Trail P5-----------3-------1-------0------10----19----1
2. NorthWest P5---------------2-------1-------1-------7----14---13
3. Bonivital Inferno R4-------2-------0-------2-------6----16---13
4. Phoenix P5-----------------2-------0-------2-------3-----6---10
5. Charlewood C4--------------0-------0-------4-------0-----4---14
                   2005 OUTDOOR PLAYOFFS
                        Oct 2, 2005
Regional Division 4 Boys-------Wins----Ties----Losses----Points

South End United Wins City Finals 3 - 1 over Bonivital Inferno

Semi Final Winners:      Bonivital Inferno;   South End United   
1. Bonivital Inferno R4 -------2-------1--------0---------7
2. South End United R4 --------2-------0--------1---------6
3. Phoenix R4 ------------------1-------1--------1---------4
4. North West R4 ---------------0-------0--------3---------0
                2005 OUTDOOR REGULAR SEASON
                      Sept 9, 2005
Regional Division 4 Boys      Wins    Ties    Losses    Points
1. Bonivital R4 ----------------7--------1--------6---------22 ***
2. South End R4 ----------------7--------0--------7---------21
3. Phoenix R4 ------------------4--------0-------10---------12
4. North West R4 ---------------2--------0-------12----------6


                2005 Phoenix Tournament
                     August 28, 2005
                            Wins    Ties    Losses Points
1. Bonivital Inferno R4-------2-------2-------1-------22
2. Hanover (Steinbach)--------2-------1-------2-------18
3. SEU R4---------------------1-------1-------2-------10
Tournament Points Format - 6 points for a win; 1 point for each goal and 1 for a shutout.
Tournament Final:   Bonivital 3 - Hanover 0   (on penalty kicks).

                   2005 INDOOR PLAYOFFS
                      April 7, 2005
Regional Division 5 Boys-------Wins----Ties----Losses----Points      
1. Phoenix R5 ------------------3-------2--------3--------11
2. North West R5 ---------------1-------2--------5---------5
3. South End United R5 --------1-------1--------5---------4
4. Bonivital Inferno R5 -------0-------2--------7---------2
                           Dec. 29, 2004
Snickers Christmas Tournament
1. North West R5 --------------2------0--------1---------6
2. Bonivital Inferno R5 -------2------0--------1---------6
3. South End United R5 --------1------0--------1---------3
4. Fort Richmond C4 -----------0------0--------2---------0

                            Dec. 22, 2004
2004/05 Indoor Regular Season (Final Standings)
Regional Division 5 Boys-------Wins----Ties----Losses----Points      
1. Phoenix R5 -----------------5------1--------3---------16
2. Bonivital Inferno R5 -------4------1--------4---------13
3. South End United R5 --------4------0--------5---------12
4. North West R5   -------------3------1--------5---------10
Premier Division 6 Boys--------Wins----Ties----Losses----Points   
1. North West P6 (1) ----------8------0--------1---------24
2. Portage Trail P6 -----------5------0--------4---------15            
3. North West P6 (2) ----------4------1--------4---------13
4. Flames P6 ------------------3------2--------4---------11
5. South End United P6 --------3------1--------5---------10
6. Phoenix P6 -----------------2------1--------6----------7

Premier Division 5 Boys--------Wins----Ties----Losses----Points   
1. South End United P5----------4------2--------2---------14
2. Flames P5 ------------------2------3--------2----------9      
3. Phoenix P5-------------------2------2--------4----------8
4. North West P5----------------0------3--------4----------3

Friday, March 21
Scoring Indoor 2007-08 and History

Scroll down to review:
- Scoring (updated after each game)
- Standings (updated after each game)
- Game Summaries (updated after each game)
- Caution Counter (updated after each game)
... and more......
                   INDOOR 2007-08
                  as of Mar 21, 2008
             (9 of 13 have scored this season)
Name    Exhib/Tourn   Reg Season    Playoffs      Total



Avg Team Goals For Per Game = 46/20 = 2.3  

 Games as Keeper
Name      Exhib/Tourn Reg Season    Playoffs    Total   GA   AVG
TOTAL ------0.0-------15.0----------5.0---------20.0----50.0--2.5
                   OUTDOOR 2007
                  as of Sept 30, 2007
             (12 of 18 have scored this season)
Name    Exhib/Tourn   Reg Season    Playoffs      Total


Avg Team Goals For Per Game = 37/18 = 2.06

*Game 17 & 19 were 5 - 0 default wins (+10 goals).  Games and Goals not added into total.

                   Games as Keeper
Name      Exhib/Tourn Reg Season    Playoffs    Total   GA   AVG
TOTAL ---------4.0-------12.0----------4.0---------20.0---55.0--2.75

Avg Team Goals Against Per Game = 55/20 = 2.75

*Default win not added into totals.

                   INDOOR 2006/07
                  as of March 20, 2007
             (10 of 15 have scored this season)
Name    Exhib/Tourn   Reg Season    Playoffs      Total
Dale -------0-----------7-------------0------------7
Muzyka ------0-----------3-------------0------------3
Adey --------0-----------2-------------0------------2
TOTAL -------0----------48-------------0-----------48
Avg Team Goals For Per Game = 48/20 = 2.4

                     Games as Keeper
Name      Exhib/Tourn Reg Season    Playoffs    Total   GA   AVG
TOTAL ---------0.0-------20.0----------0.0---------20.0--71.0---3.6

Avg Team Goals Against Per Game = 3.55
                     OUTDOOR 2006
                   as of September 30, 2006
             (13 of 22 have scored this season) (*5 guests)
Name    Exhib/Tourn   Reg Season    Playoffs      Total

                     Games as Keeper
Name      Exhib/Tourn Reg Season    Playoffs    Total
Peters (Guest)-0.0--------1.0----------0.0----------1.0

                     INDOOR 2005/06
                   as of Mar 11, 2006
             (10 of 16 have scored this season)
Name    Exhibition   Reg Season    Playoffs      Total

                Games as Keeper
Name      Exhib/Tourn Reg Season    Playoffs    Total

                      OUTDOOR 2005
                  as of Oct 2, 2005
            (12 of 18 have scored this season)
Name    Exhibition   Reg Season    Playoffs      Total
Cumming -------5**---------7-------------8-----------20
Therrien -------0-----------1-------------0------------1
Muzyka ---------0-----------1-------------0------------1
Dale (guest)----1-----------0-------------0------------1
Unassigned------0----------10-------------0-----------10 (from games defaulted Phx & NW)
Total ---------16----------30------------31-----------62

* scored 1 guesting for Flames June 20, 2005
** 3 players scored 1 each on Penalty Kicks to win the Phoenix Tournament.

                     Games as Keeper

Name      Exhib/Tourn Reg Season    Playoffs      Total

                      INDOOR 2004/05
                  as of April 7, 2005

          (12 of 16 have scored at least once this season)

Name    Exhibition   Reg Season    Playoffs      Total
          _______    _______          ______      ______

                      Games as Keeper

Name      Exhibition   Reg Season    Playoffs      Total
TOTAL -------4.0---------9.0-----------9.0---------22.0

In-Outdoor 07-08 - Indoor 06/07 - Outdoor 2006 Game Summaries and History

 Indoor 2007-08

Play-Off 5   Fri Mar 21                8:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno U18P    2                      NLSCU16P   1
         Scoring:    Shah, Lo
         Cautions:   NL had 1 yellow 
         Keeper:    Cooper
Game Summary: Wow.  What a great way to end the season.  With only 1 sub on the bench and playing against the 2nd place team, a team that "owned" us all winter, you guys played tight defence and got an amazing game in goal out of Coop.  Down 0-1 at the half, you guys tied it up shortly after the break and went ahead on a goal off of the corner kick with about 12 minutes left.  Strong defending and a few more good offensive chances of our own closed out the game.  That win knocked NL16P out of the finals next Friday.  PTSC was in the stands cheering you on to the win and now they get to play in the final next week as a result.  Great season boys!  See (most of) you Sunday at the try-outs at Max Bell.

Play-Off 4   Fri Mar 14                7:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno U18P    2                      Bonivital Flames U17P   2
         Scoring:    Dale, Klowack
         Cautions:   Shah - yellow 
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: An excellent effort against a team that has spent the entire season changing players to try and improve.  Slightly better finishing and we'd have won by 1 or 2 as you guys had a few close chances missed and out played them most of the game.  Next game will be the last of the indoor season and your last under WYSA so let's go out there and have fun.    

Play-Off 3   Fri Mar 7                6:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno U18P    1                      PTSC U18P   4
         Scoring:    Richards
         Cautions:   Maurice - yellow 
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: After such a great game last week it's surprising that so little could go right for us this week.  They were desperate with 2 losses coming into the game and with a few breaks they had momentum that we couldn't counter. Come back hard next week and we'll give it another go.  

Play-Off 2   Fri Feb 29                6:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno U18P    6                    SEU U16P   1
         Scoring:    Cooper (3), Maurice, Richards, Freisen
         Cautions:   Muzyka, Lo (Yellow); SEU 1 Yellow
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: One of those games where everything clicked.  Great passing, great team play, good communication and all of the bounces resulted in a fun game to play and watch. 

 Play-Off 1   Fri Feb 22                6:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno U18P    2    Northern Lights SC U18P   4
         Scoring:    Cooper, Klowak
         Cautions:   None 
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: Up 2 - 0 at the half, we let them come back on us and they didn't stop until they'd won.  Some tough breaks but overall they worked harder and deserved the win. 

GAME 15   Fri Feb 15                7:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno U18P    0    Northern Lights SC U16P   4
         Scoring:    None
         Cautions:   None 
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary:

GAME 14   Fri Feb 8                7:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno U18P    4            Bonivital Flames U17P   4
         Scoring:    Kulczyzki, Dale, Cooper, Lo
         Cautions:   None 
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary:

GAME 13   Fri Feb 1                7:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno U18P    2               PTSC U18P   3
         Scoring:    Freisen, Richards
         Cautions:   PT 1 Yellow 
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: 

GAME 12   Fri Jan 25                7:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno U18P    1                SEU U16P   2
         Scoring:    Kulczycki
         Cautions:   Maurice; Lo (Yellows) 
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary:

GAME 11   Fri Jan 18                7:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno U18P    7    Northern Lights SC U18P   5
         Scoring:    Maurice (2), Cooper (2), Shah, Kulczycki, Lo
         Cautions:   NLSC (1 - RED) 
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: A hard fought game that you guys never gave up on.  We were down 0-2 early and down 2-3 at the half but you guys battled back and kept working and were rewarded with a good comeback win.  Well done.  See you at practice on Wednesday.

GAME 10   Fri Jan 11                8:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno U18P    2    Northern Light SC U16P   4
         Scoring:    Maurice, Cooper
         Cautions:   None 
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: We played well in the first half, up 2-1 at one point and level at 2 at the half.  They outworked us in the 2nd half and we couldn't answer their 2 goals.  First game back after Christmas and we weren't sharp.  Forget about this one and we'll work hard in practice on Wednesday and look for a better result next Friday.

GAME 9   Fri Dec 21                6:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno U18P    4    Bonivital Flames U17P   3
         Scoring:    Maurice (2), Lo, Dale
         Cautions:   Kulczycki (Yellow) 
         Keeper:    Cooper
Game Summary: A very well played game.  We moved the ball well and had through some bad breaks were down 0-2 at the half.  You guys battled back and pulled ahead 4 to 2 at one point. Great game and a great way to finish the first half.  

GAME 8   Fri Dec 14                6:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno U18P    3    PTSC U18P   4
         Scoring:    Richards, Klowak, Maurice
         Cautions:   Kulczycki (Yellow) 
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: Another solid game both offensively and defensively.Two marginal calls that went against us resulted in goals against although we had more than enough chances in the last half to win it. Keep working hard and playing as a team and the breaks will come.  Even if we don't win 'em all you know that you did your best and had fun doing it. 

GAME 7   Fri Dec 7                6:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno U18P    1    SEU U18P   2
         Scoring:    Richards
         Cautions:   None 
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: An outstanding game.  Solid defence, solid goal keeping, and great team play.  We had one cleared off the line that would have tied it and were denied at least 2 penalties that may have changed the outcome (holding and tripping).  You played extremely well on both ends of the ball and deserved a better result.  We're still the strongest team defensively in the league and if we keep at it the breaks and more favorable results will come.  The Ref left his cards at home and the play was dirtier overall than I'd like to see you play but I realize that if the Ref lets the junk go you have no choice but to play the same game as the opposition.  Let's just not make that part of our normal game style.

GAME 6   Fri Nov 30                8:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno U18P    2    NLSC U18P   1
         Scoring:    Maurice, Klowak
         Cautions:   None 
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: Another outstanding game.  Solid defence, solid goal keeping, and great team play.  They've improved since the first time we met them but you guys still outworked them and out played them.  Well done.  They gave us a good battle but you prevailed.

GAME 5   Fri Nov 23                7:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno U18P    0    NLSC U16P   3
         Scoring:    None
         Cautions:   None 
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: A better game than the score line shows.  They played a different formation than we've seen this season and it took us the entire game to adapt but overall it was a good defensive effort against arguably the best team in the league (SEU and these guys are 1 and 2 at this point in the season).  Well done. 

GAME 4   Fri Nov 16                7:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno U18P    1    Bonivital Flames U17P   0
         Scoring:    Maurice
         Cautions:   Shaw (Yellow); BV Flames 1 Yellow 
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: An outstanding game.  Solid defence, solid goal keeping, and great team play.  Overall we dominated play but still only managed one goal.  It's good to get a positive result after 2 close games. Keep working hard and keep the heads-up team play and we'll continue to hold our own in this league.  It's also important to keep the game clean and for fun.  See you at practice on Wednesday.

GAME 3   Fri Nov 9                6:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno U18P    1    PTSC U18P   2
         Scoring:    Kulczycki
         Cautions:   Maurice (Yellow) 
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: Another very good game.  Close from start to finish.  Again, solid defence, goal keeping and good team play.  They had several fouls including 15 yellows in the second half resulting in 6 minutes where we had a man advantage and we were unable to capitalize on.  We can work on playing with the man advantage to generate scoring opportunities.  Well played overall though.  As was the case last game, you deserved a better result. 

GAME 2   Fri Nov 2                6:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno U18P    1    SEU U17P   2
         Scoring:    Shah
         Cautions:   None 
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: A very good game.  Close from start to finish.  We had several excellent chances and their Keeper kept them in it, and they had several excellent chances and our Keeper kept us in it too.  It was 1-1 until the last few minutes of the game and we instictively opened up our play to push to try and score instead of defending and playing for the tie, and they scored on us on a counter attack.  We could have done a few things better.  We need to increase our passing speed, improve our team defence and conditioning - all things that attendance at practice will help.  The rest of the teams in the league this winter will give us a tough game and we can be successful if we continue to work on those key elements of our game. 

 GAME 1   Fri Oct 26              7:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno U18P    5    NLSC U18P   1
         Scoring:    Lo (2); Shah, Cooper, Maurice
         Cautions:   None 
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: An excellent first effort.  Lots of excellent team play, short passing and creative play.  Short shifts kept all of you fresh and ran them into the turf.  Well played.  I think the only goal they scored was a fortunate screened shot that found it's way in.  We came close another 10 times and controlled the majority of the play in both halves. Keep playing like that and you'll be a tough team to beat.  Well done boys!

FINAL Sun Sept 30    Blumberg Field #9    2:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R2/3    1       Bonivital Blaze R2/3    2* on Golden Goal in 2nd OT 
         Scoring:    Maurice
         Cautions:   Fleming 
         Keeper:    Cassell
Game Summary:  An extremely well played game.  Maybe our best of the season.  We pounded their goalie in the first half and he stood on his head.  If not for him we would have been up 4 to 1 at the half.  We had our chances today and came within about 2 minutes of taking it to penalties but it was not to be.  Thanks for a great season boys.  I hope you had fun.  

 Semi Final Sat Sept 22   Riel Park   12:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R2/3    5       NLSC U18R    0  (Default) 
         Scoring:    default
         Cautions:   none 
         Keeper:    -
Game Summary:  Since the other team couldn't field a team and had to default we had an exhibition game  against my "Masters" (old timers) team.  Thanks for the game boys.  IT was fun.

GAME 17 Sun Sept 16    Sturgeon Road North (West)   12:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R2/3    4       PTSC U18R    3 
         Scoring:    Cooper, Vakhtine, Gaudet, Maurice
         Cautions:   Richards, Vakhtine 
         Keeper:    Cassell
Game Summary:  A well played game.  Lots of good team play resulted in several unselfish "team" goals by passing to the open man.  Well done.  Good build-up from the back through the mid-field for several more scoring chances than the score line indicates. We need to continue to work on our discipline to keep things tight at the back and clear the ball quickly in future games. We have a great chance of making it to the final if we continue to play well as a team.  Well done. 

GAME 16 Sat Sept 15    Lavallee School      5:30 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R2/3    3       NLSC U18R    3 
         Scoring:    Maurice, Cooper, Richards
         Cautions:   none 
         Keeper:    Cassell
Game Summary:  A solid effort. You guys played very well as a team and generated lots of great chances including a crossbar near the end of the game.  Great game.  We'll do this again tomorrow.  Play the same way and you should have success against the PTSC team. 

GAME 15 Sat Sept 8    Memorial Park      10:00 AM
         Bonivital Inferno R2/3    1       BV Blaze U18R    4 
         Scoring:    Maurice
         Cautions:   none 
         Keeper:    Regier
Game Summary:  A tough loss.  A well played game.  Exceptional passing and team work.  We had a lapse during the second half, maybe only 15 minutes, during which they outworked us, and they scored two lucky goals that really put the game away for them.  Overall though, a great game We may get another crack at them in either the semi's or the final.  We can beat these guys, we've done it.  To do so we need to fine tune a few aspects of our game in practice and work hard during the game for a few breaks.  If we don't, let's make sure we have fun playing.   

Exhibition Game    1  -  1  vs Div 2 Bonivital Men's MMSL Team

Exhibition Game    10 - 3  vs a bunch of VERY OLD MEN......

GAME 14 Thur Aug 30    Reil Park      7:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R2/3    5       NLSC U17R    0  (Default)
         Scoring:    none
         Cautions:   none 
         Keeper:    Not played
Game Summary:  We had an exhibition game against a bunch of old guys (some of the guys from my old timer's team).  I saw lots of good passing and support play, lots of unselfish sharing and lots of goals for the young guys.  Well done.  The old timer's plan worked to perfection. We intended to lull you into a state of overconfidence so that if we ever have a re-match you'll come into the game thinking it will be a cake walk and then we'll really play the next time.  Seriously though, bring that style of play to your next game, Monday night, against a Div 2 Men's Team and we'll see if you can get a similar result.  

GAME 13 Thur Aug 16    Memorial Park      7:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R2/3    0    Bonivital Blaze R2/3   1
         Scoring:    none
         Cautions:   none 
         Keeper:    Cassell
Game Summary: A very well played game considering that we took the summer off and they played and practiced the entire summer.  Still a few key guys away but we played solid defensively and had some chances offensively.  One lucky free kick for them and one incorrect offside call against us (negating a goal) was the difference in the game.  Hopefully we'll get another chance against these guys in the play-offs as I know that we're capable of beating them on any given day.  They've had more good luck against us then we've had against them and things should even out.

Exhibition Game  4 - 8 vs Div 2 Bonivital Men's MMSL Team 

GAME 12 Tue July 10    Riel Park      7:30 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R2/3    9    PTSC U16R   1
         Scoring:    Dale (3); Gaudet; Maurice; Richards; Cooper; Kulczycki; Sharif
         Cautions:   none (PT had 2 yellows)
         Keeper:    Cassell
Game Summary: A well played game although we had more time and space than usual as they played the entire game with 9 men. There was a run of about 30 minutes with the score 7-0 where you kept control of the ball and built up play but either chipped it to their keeper or shot it over the goal (4 times) so as not to run up the score any more. It's good to work on things like passing and crossing when you've got a big lead and you took advantage of that.
Up 3-0 at the half we went up 7-0 before they went all out for a goal and we countered with 2 more.
We'll break now until our exhibition game against the Div II men's team (TBC). See (some of) you guys in 12 days.
To the guys that won't be available for the July 22nd game, have a good summer, stay fit, stay safe and have fun. We'll see some of you in August and others not until September.

GAME 11 Mon July 9    Memorial Park      7:30 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R2/3    1    Bonivital Blaze R2/3   0
         Scoring:    Goossen
         Cautions:   none
         Keeper:    Cassell
Game Summary: Best game of the season (so far) in my opinion. With the change from 1-3-3-3 to 4-4-2 in the last 3 games we still have a few guys getting used to some new responsibilities but overall the defence, midfield and strikers are really working together well. Great passing and excellent support throughout the positions meant that we controlled the majority of play.
Halfbacks did well controlling the midfield and supporting both the offence and the defence.
Excellent goal keeping with key saves at critical times meant we were able to play with confidence.
Tied 0-0 going into the second half we scored early and kept a good balance of absorbing pressure and counter-attacking. Both sides had a number of good chances.
One more game before the league break for summer and an exhibition game against the MMSL Div 2 Men's Team on July 22 will be all we have until mid-August.

GAME 10 Fri June 29    Lansdowne Park      7:30 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R2/3    0    NLSC R2    2
         Scoring:    none
         Cautions:   none
         Keeper:    Cassell
Game Summary: A well played game. We had the better chances in the first half including a shot that hit the crossbar twice and the ground once before their Keeper controlled it. 0-0 at the half they scored twice within about 4 minutes about mid-way through the half and we couldn't answer. Overall a good team game. We played the first half with 10 men and the second with 11 against their 14.

Golden Boy International Soccer Tournament
GBIST Game 4 Sat June 23    Blumberg 10      6:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno U18R    1    NLSC U18P   4
         Scoring:    Sharif
         Cautions:   none
         Keeper:    Cassell
Game Summary:

GBIST Game 3 Sat June 23    Blumberg 6      1:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno U18R    0    Flames U18P   5
         Scoring:    none
         Cautions:   none
         Keeper:    Cassell/Regier
Game Summary: Down 1-0 early, about 7 minutes in, we played great defence for the rest of the first half. In the second half they got things rolling and cut our defence apart and scored 4 more times.

GBIST Game 2 Sat June 23    Blumberg 9      9:15 AM
         Bonivital Inferno U18R    0    Phoenix U18P   2
         Scoring:    Maurice; Richards; Cooper
         Cautions:   none
         Keeper:    Cassell/Regier
Game Summary: Down 1-0 early, about 3 minutes in, we played solid Defence and held them scoreless until a Penalty shot late in the second half (about 4 minutes left). A well played game but we weren't able to break down their defence. We had 6 subs and changed all 6 every 6 minutes to ensure that everyone played and that there'd be lots of gas in the tank for 2 more games later in the day. (Note: This Phoenix team beat the Flames in the final of this tournament 3-0.

GBIST Game 1 Thur June 21    Blumberg 10      8:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno U18R    3    PTSC U18P   4
         Scoring:    Maurice; Richards; Cooper
         Cautions:   none
         Keeper:    Cassell/Regier
Game Summary: A very well played game. Strong Defence and good control of the mid-field overall. We had our chances on offense and could have had a little better luck and tied or better. Good communication and passing. Tied 2-2 approaching the end of the first half they scored on a questionable "non-call" (goalie interference) and we ended the half down 2-3. They scored about half way through the second half and we pulled one back with about 7 minutes left. We had chances to tie it but couldn't finish. We can still improve our passing by keeping our play to two or one touch and moving up and down the field as a unit but overall an excellent game. We'll need all of that and more for the next 3 tournament games.

GAME 9   Tues June 19    Lavallee School      7:30 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R2/3    1    Bonivital Blaze R2/3   3
         Scoring:    Maurice
         Cautions:   Kulczycki (Yellow); Klowak (Yellow)
         Keeper:    Maurice/Cooper
Game Summary: A well played game overall however the Reffing was awful. They had 3 unearned penalty shots and scored on 2, which was the difference in the game. We need to continue to develop our team skills as we'll face these guys at least 2 more times and will probably see them in the play-offs if not in the final. Let's be ready by making more practices. Note: Klowak's card actually belongs to Hartman but the ref marked it down on the game sheet incorrectly.

GAME 8   Fri June 15    Riel Park      7:45 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R2/3    2    NL U16P   0
         Scoring:    Klowak; Vakhtine
         Cautions:   Sharif (Yellow); NL had 2 yellows
         Keeper:    Cassell
Game Summary: A very good team effort from start to finish. You controlled the ball by keeping your passing to 2 touches for the most part. Lots of good team play and strong team defending. We were up 2 to 0 by the end of the first half and closed out the scoreless second half with solid defence and good goaltending. If we can keep our passing to one or two touches with close support we'll control the play and continue to improve in games. Well played.

GAME 7   Fri June 8    Memorial West    7:45 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R3    2    Brandon U16P   2
         Scoring:    Cooper; Vakhtine
         Cautions:   Dale (Yellow); Brandon had 3 yellows
         Keeper:    Regier
Game Summary: We started strong on defence absorbing pressure and waiting for an opportunity to counter attack. We scored the first 2, the first on a breakaway counter attack and the second on a corner. They came back and tied it by the half. The game was full of good offensive plays and good defence on both sides and it was a well earned tie. Our Goal Tending was a big reason for our being in the game as we probably gave up more quality chances than they did. Still, overall our team Defence was much improved over previous efforts. We have the talent on this team to be very competitive. If we can get together and practice consistently as a larger group we will begin to put it all together in time for the Golden Boy Tournament.

GAME 6   Fri June 1    Sturgeon Road North    7:30 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R2/3    2    PTSC U18R   3
         Scoring:    Maurice; Askar
         Cautions:   None
         Keeper:    Cassell
Game Summary: We controlled the first half with great team passing and ball control. Up 2 - 0 at the half we let them back in the game in the last 20 minutes and they came back and scored 3 unanswered goals. We need to work on playing more consistent defence as we are allowing too many goals against overall. We'll need to work on that.

GAME 5   Fri May 25    Sturgeon Road North    7:30 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R3    3    PTSC U18R   1
         Scoring:    Askar; Vakhtine; Cooper
         Cautions:   None
         Keeper:    Cassell
Game Summary: With 12 guys and finishing with 10 you put out a consistent effort and worked hard the entire game. I saw better team passing and some good heads up team play. We also got a few breaks that we'd been missing in previous games this season. Well played. We'll see these guys again in 7 days and we'll need to work harder for the same result but the points are there if we earn them.

GAME 4   Thur May 17    Riel Park    7:30 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R2/3    0    Flames U16P   4
         Scoring:    None
         Cautions:   Vakhtine (Yellow)
         Keeper:    Regier
Game Summary: With 11 guys we had a good team effort but ran out of gas against these guys. We also didn't get a few breaks that could have gone our way. We should have another opportunity against these guys and with better numbers and more practices under our belts we should expect a better result.

GAME 3   Wed May 9    Riel Park    7:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R3    3    SEU U16P   7
         Scoring:    Maurice (2); Dale
         Cautions:   Askar (Yellow)
         Keeper:    Cassell
Game Summary: Again, a short bench and not enough practices hurt us. We had plenty of chances against this team but couldn't finish. We need to play better team defence and take away one on ones by covering better as a team. One of their players scored 3 times from the same side. This is something that we can easily correct if we have the opportunity to work on it in practice.

GAME 2   Wed May 2    Riel Park    7:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R2/3    1    NLSC U18R   6
         Scoring:    Jacques
         Cautions:   None
         Keeper:    Regier
Game Summary: With 1/2 the guys coming directly from a High School Game right before, and with only 1 sub due to injury and guys missing due to work we struggled.
Down 0-3 after the first half and them with only 10 men we moved some players around to positions they don't normally play and had some fun. Re-focussed on passing and team play, our second half possession was much better and we had a few more chances. In the second half we scored 1 good team goal and gave them 3 more.
Our next practice is Tuesday, May 7 and our next game is Wednesday, May 8. Hopefully we'll have strong turn-outs for both adnd we can work a few things out.
Like most things in life you get out of it what you put into it. If we practice, in numbers, as a team, we'll improve our chances. If we can't make practices regularly we won't be as effective as a team. If everyone is okay with that we can still have tons of fun playing this season, we just won't win many games - and in the scheme of things - fun is all that really matters.

GAME 1   Sun Apr 29    Sturgeon Road North (West)    1:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R3    0    PTSC U16P   1
         Scoring:    None
         Cautions:   None (PTSC had 1 yellow)
         Keeper:    Cassells
Game Summary: A very good first effort and a tough one to lose. We rung it off the post once and had several other very good chances to score. They scored with about 1 minute left in the game and not enough time for us to mount a come back.
You should be very happy with the individual effort and the team play. Good passing and communication and solid team defending overall. We generated plenty of offence and came back hard whenever we turned the ball over. Well played. Let's see if we can put out the same effort Wednesday night.


INDOOR 2006/07
GAME 19 Thur Mar 20    Highlander         7:30 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R3    3    SEU U17R   4
         Scoring:    Sprout (3)
         Cautions:   None (SEU had 1 yellow and 1 Red)
         Keeper:    Childs Elliot
Game Summary: Down 1-0 early we tied it at 1 soon after. We went up 2-1 mid first half and they countered quickly to make it 2-2. We went into the half tied. They struck first in the second half going up 3-2 with only 10 minutes or so left but we tied it with 5 left. They took a well deserved Red Card with a few minutes left taking it to overtime. We had the man advantage in the first overtime period but one of their players managed to shoot with 3 players on him and squeeze one through for the winner. A tough way to lose a final, on a "golden goal" (known as sudden death in other sports), but as a team, and to a man, you played an amazing game, both defensively and offensively. You really left it all on the field. We had 2 or 3 solid chances that their Keeper made amazing saves to stop, and those were the game breakers. I was proud of everyone's effort and your exeptionally good sportsmanship both during and after the game. Great FINAL boys and a great season. I hope you had fun.

GAME 18 Thur Mar 15    Highlander         8:15 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R3    1    NL U15P   4
         Scoring:    Maurice
         Cautions:   None
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: Not a bad effort for a short bench missing several key players in a game that didn't affect either team's playoff position. Overall we had more bad luck than good and weren't able to put consistent pressure on them. We'll comeback next game with more focus.

GAME 17 Thur Mar 8    Highlander         8:15 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R3    0    SEU U17R   5
         Scoring:    Dale
         Cautions:   None
         Keeper:    Jacques
Game Summary: We had several chances today but we were shooting from 20 feet or further and not moving in to take our shots even though we had space. That's something we can correct for next game.
When attacking our Strikers need to work on making space with their runs by pulling the man marking you away from the ball carrier. If your defender doesn't move with you, you'll be open for a pass. If he moves with you, you'll make more space for the ball carrier. For some reason we were staying tight and their defence had an easier time defending 3 on 2's. We also need to "check" for the ball taking a few strides back to the player making the pass (to show for the pass and to move away from your marker). These are all things that we can correct at our next practice.

GAME 16 Thur Feb 22    Highlander         7:15 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R3    0    PT15P   4
         Scoring:    None
         Cautions:   None
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: Another tough one. Marking was a little better. Passing was better as well. We had several quality chances but their keeper was up to the task. We have to remember that we're facing 2 or 3 Provincial Level players on each of the Premier teams we face and those are usually the "game breakers". That was the case today. Let's come back to practice with a renewed focus on a strong finish to the season.

GAME 15 Thur Feb 15    Highlander         6:15 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R3    0    SEU15P   7
         Scoring:    None
         Cautions:   None
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: A tough one. We didn't have our best passing or marking game. Sometimes the best thing to do is try to come back the next game and fix a few things. We'll try that this time.

GAME 14 Mon Feb 12    Skylight          6:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R3    9    PT U16R (4R)   1
         Scoring:    Power (3); Dale (2); Jacques; Friesen; Muzyka; Richards
         Cautions:   ???
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: Wow. Great game guys. Sorry I was out of town on this one but it sounds like you guys were on fire. I hear there was lots of good team play and passing. We need to come down an few notches for our next game on Thursday and get more focus on the defensive side of the game as we won't be able to play as wide open against our next opponent. Great game boy's.

GAME 13 Thur Feb 8    7 Oaks          7:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R3    5    Tri-S United 4R   2
         Scoring:    Jacques (2); Maurice; Friesen; Muzyka
         Cautions:   Childs-Elliot
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: A very good way to rebound from a tough game. You guys moved the ball well, with lots of good team passing and team goals. Your touch was great and you were taking time to make quality passes and passing into space. Well played.
Good luck on Monday. Greg Nordman will be your coach for that game.

GAME 12 Thur Feb 1    Highlander       8:15 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R3    0    SEU D2/3R   5
         Scoring:    none
         Cautions:   None
         Keeper:    Maurice / Jacques
Game Summary: That was our toughest loss this season. We were short several key players but still had the talent to do better. All of our luck was bad today and we had chances but they stoned us each time. We'll need to improve our marking against this team or the result will be the same. They hae too much team speed for us to let them pass and run on us. We have to mark them tighter and break up the passing plays before they move the ball down the field. We'll see them in the playoffs once and again in our finals so we had best learn to deal with them as soon as possible. See you at practice on Wednesday.

GAME 11 Sat Jan 27    Skylight       8:00 AM
         Bonivital Inferno R3    2    North West U15P   3
         Scoring:    Richards; Maurice
         Cautions:   None
         Keeper:    Jacques
Game Summary: Another very well played game. We were close the entire game and ahead for a good part of it. I saw lots of great team play, close support, and good give and go. We can still improve our shooting in close but that's something that comes with practice. Well done boys. See you at practice Wednesday.

GAME 10 Fri Jan 19    Skylight       7:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R3    4    PT U15P   6
         Scoring:    Power; Joubert(Nic); Maurice; Sprout
         Cautions:   None
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: That was a solid game all round. Although we lost, that's one game that you can take a lot of very good things away from. Your short passing and give and go was very good; communication was very good; team defence and goal tending were very good, and we scored 4 goals against PT. That's the most goals they've given up in a game this winter. You can be proud of the game you played. We had one or two breakdowns and a couple of unlucky breaks that allowed them to get up and hold the lead very late in the game but overall we gave them the toughest game of their season. One player had 3 goals for them this game, we can improve on that when we see them in the play-offs and maybe the outcome will be in our favor next time. Great game guys.

GAME 9   Thur Jan 11    Highlander       6:15 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R3    2    PT U15R   2
         Scoring:    Jacques (2)
         Cautions:   None
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: A very good effort coming back from Christmas Holidays. Lots of great team play (support, passing, give & go; tracking back, team defending). We had a strong enough effort offensively to deserve a better result (too many scoring chances to count) but considering that they kept it close and they beat us the last time we played them we should consider this a good result. If we can keep this kind of team play up and keep coming out to our weekly practices we will continue to improve and challenge for the rest of our games this winter. Good effort boys.

GAME 8   Sun Dec 21    7 Oaks       8:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R3    4    SEU U15P   2
         Scoring:    Maurice (2); Sprout; Jacques
         Cautions:   None
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: Only 10 guys again, but we seem to manage just fine when we're short. We played a tight game defensively with solid goal tending. We moved the ball well through the middle with good supporting play on the attack and we had some good finishing when it counted.
Well done guys. It's nice to go into the holiday break with a couple of wins in a row. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you and your families. We'll start practicing again Wednesday January 10th. See you then.

GAME 7   Sun Dec 10    Skylight    8:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R3    5    Tri-S United   2
         Scoring:    Maurice (2); Dale (2); Jacques
         Cautions:   Friesen
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: Only 10 guys for the game but a very good team effort. Overall a strong defensive effort from all positions when not in posession of the ball but also a very well played team game offensively. Strong passing and great runs into the limited space that Skylight affords. Strong shooting when we had time. Good game boys.

GAME 6   Mon Dec 6       7 Oaks       9:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R3    1    North West P5   5
         Scoring:    Maurice
         Cautions:   None
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: Ouch. We were okay for the first 15 minutes and then things came apart. Not much sense in focussing on games that didn't go well so I won't. It's important to learn to lose with grace, and to take something away from every game, even in losing. The only thing that we can take away from this is to learn to forget it quickly and move on.

GAME 5   Thurs Nov 30    Highlander    8:15 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R3    3    South End United R3 1
         Scoring:    Sprout; Dale; Richards
         Cautions:   Richards.
         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary: A solid game both defensively and offensively. For the most part we stuck to the game plan which was defend first, as a team, and build up offensive play slowly when the opportunity presents itself. We're still jumping in when we should jockey, and we're still taking too many guys on "one-on-one" when we should be laying the ball off for the give and go, but overall it was a big improvement over previous games. I saw lots of good team play, support and passing. That's what we need to continue to do and improve upon to be successful.

GAME 4   Sun Nov 12    Skylight    9:00 AM
         Bonivital Inferno R3    1    South End United P5 3
         Scoring:    Richards
         Keeper:    Jacques
Game Summary: ????

GAME 3   Mon Nov 6    Highlander    7:15 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R3    0    South End United P5 3
         Scoring:    None
         Cautions:   None         Keeper:    Childs-Elliot
Game Summary:

GAME 2   Tues Oct 31    7 Oaks    6:00 PM
         Bonivital Inferno R3    3    South End United P5 5
         Scoring:    Richards (2); Maurice
         Cautions:   Ri

Friday, March 14
Caution Counter

Caution Counter
If you accumulate 3 Yellow Cards (Cautions) over the season you will be suspended for 1 game (Red Card). You can work cards off over time for good behaviour with no cards for 4 consecutive games.

INDOOR 2007/08     Cards as of March 14-08:

Kulczycki = 3 (but only 1 current);    Maurice = 3 (but only 1 current);    Lo = 2 (but only 1 current);    Shah = 2 (1 current); Muzyka = 1 (1 current)   

Outdoor 2007
Game                Player Cautioned
1    No Cards - Good
2    No Cards - Good (again)
3    Askar (Yellow)
4    Vakhtine (Yellow)
5    No cards - Good
6    No cards - Better
7    Dale (Yellow)
8    Sharif (Yellow) - we need to stop taking unnecessary cards and each on this season was unnecessary.
9    Kulczyzki; Klowak (Klowak should have been Hartman but the Ref marked it down incorrectly).
11    No cards - good. PTSC had 2 yellows.

Outdoor 2006
Game                Player Cautioned
1    No Cards - Good
2    No Cards - Good (again). Keep it going.
3    No Cards - Well done.
4    No Cards - Very good.
5    No cards - Still good.
6    Muzyka - 1st Yellow - Jer will take 4 Regional games
       to clear his card. (ref carded the wrong player).
7    No cards - good clean game.
8    No cards - Keep it up.
9    No cards - Another well played clean game.
10    Poot (guest) - 1 Yellow - Portage Trail had 3. Jeremy's card is now clear from game 6.
GBIST 1 Poot (guest) - 1 Yellow
GBIST 2 No Cards
GBIST 3 No Cards
GBIST 4 Dale - 1st yellow. Nick will take 4 Regional games to clear his card.

hmmmmm..... I seem to have lost interest in keeping track of this, not enough cards to pay attention to it. I suppose that's the sign of a clean well disciplined team and that's a good thing.

Indoor 05/06
Game                Player Cautioned
1    No Cards - Good
2    No Cards - Good (again). Keep it going.
3    No Cards - Well done.
4    No Cards - Very good.
5    Dale - 1st Yellow - Nick will take 4 Regional games
       to clear his card.
6    No cards - better.
7    No cards - good clean game.
8    No cards - very good.
9    No cards - very good (although PT should have had a few) - you kept your
T1    CanadInn Christmas Tournament Game #1 - No cards - a good clean game.
T2    CanadInn Christmas Tournament Game #2 - 1st yellow - Burton.
T3    CanadInn Christmas Tournament Game #3 - No cards - a good clean game.
T4    CanadInn Christmas Tournament Game #4 - No cards - a good clean game.
10    No cards - very good (although both teams should have had at least 1)....
       Note: Nick's card from Game 5 is now clear.
11    No Cards - well played.
12    Dale - 1 Yellow; Maurice - 1 Yellow. (Phoenix had 1 Yellow & 1 Coach Red
       Carded). Both of our cards were miss called.
13    No cards - better.
14    Maurice - 1 Yellow (Not sure which game the Ref was watching). Maurice
       needs to go 4 games (up to and including game 18) without a 3rd yellow or he
       will earn a Red and sit a game.
15    No cards. Good. Although Portage Trail should have had a few.
16    No cards. Good. Dale's Yellow is now cleared. Maurice has 2 games to go.
17    Again no cards. Very good. Phoenix had 2 yellows - same player = 1 red.
       Maurice has 1 game to go to clear his cards.
18    No cards. Very good. Maurice is now clear.
19    No cards. Better. A very rough game. I would have given PT a few yellows.
20    No cards. Northwest had one yellow and should have had several.   

Outdoor 05
Game                Player Cautioned
1    No Cards - Good
2    No Cards - Very Good - Keep it up.
3    Richards - 1st Yellow - Brennan will take 4 Regional games
       to clear his card. Intentional Hand Balls are avoidable....
4    No cards - Good (NW P5 had 1 yellow)
5    No cards - Better! (Phoenix P5 had 2 and deserved more).
6    No cards - Well done (Phoenix R4 had 1 Red in the last 10 minutes).
7    No cards - Very well done. (Brennan's yellow is clear)
8    No cards - Great, another clean game.
9    Golden Boy Game 1 - no cards
10    Golden Boy Game 2 - no cards
11    Golden Boy Game 3 - no cards
12    Golden Boy Game 4 - Maurice - 1 Yellow ... bad dog / (SEU had 1 Yellow)
13    League Game 8 - no cards. Well done.
14    League Game 10 - no cards. (Phoenix had 1 yellow and deserved a few more).
15    League Game 9 - no cards. Great job.
16    Phoenix Tournament Game #1 - no cards - good job
17    Phoenix Tournament Game #2 - no cards - excellent
18    Phoenix Tournament Game #3 - no cards - excellent
19    Phoenix Tournament Game #4 - no cards - well done
20    Phoenix Tournament Final   - no cards - excellent! That's the way it should be.
21    League game 13 - no cards. They should have had a few......
22    No cards - NW defaulted so we played for fun..... imagine.....
23    Therrien - 1st Yellow; Maurice - 1st Yellow. SEU no cards..... hmmmm...
       I'm not sure what game the ref was watching but....
24    No cards. That's better.
25    No Cards. Good.
26    Semi-Final. No Cards. Good.
27    Final. No Cards. Very Good.

Indoor 2004/5
Game                Player Cautioned
1    No Cards
2    Shebaylo-Merry   1st Yellow (Flames P6 had 1 Yellow)
3    No Cards (probably should have been 2 or 3)
4    Nault - 1st Yellow (Shebaylo Merry picked up his second
       yellow guesting for Flames. Pat will take 4 Regional games
       to clear his card and Drew will take 7 (more) Regional Games
       for a total of 8) to clear his two cards.
5    Spooner - 1st Yellow (Phoenix P6 had 2 Yellows)
6    None - Better         (Phoenix R5 had 1 Yellow)
7    None - Good. (No cards for either team today).
8    None - Good clean game boys. (SEU had 2 yellows).
9    None - Another good clean game. (NW has 1 and should have had 2 more)
10    None - Very good.
11    None - It's important to play a clean game - win or lose.
12    None - Great. It was an intense game but you guys maintained your composure. (NW had 1 yellow and yes, they should have had more)
13    No cards. Very good.
14    No cards. That's great.
15    No cards. Great.
16    Richards. 1st yellow. The other guys were chippy. We need to walk away when other teams play like that.
17    Nault - 2 Yellows. That's a Red next game. Forget about it and move on.
18    No cards. Great.
19    No cards. (SEU had 3 and deserved more).
20    No cards. Well done.
21    No cards.   (NW had 1 Red Card).
22    Richards. (SEU had 1 yellow as well). We let that one get chippy. The ref should have carded more on both sides. We need to work on keeping cool when the other team gets chippy.

Outdoor 2004
Game             Player Cautioned
   1            None   (Good)
   2            Ross    (1st)
   3            Nada    (Good)
   4            Zip       (Still Good)
   5            Zero    (Good Again)
   6            Zilch    (Getting Better)
   7            Nothin (great - Ross is clear)
   8            Nothin again (very good)
   9            MSA Qualifier # 1 - No cards - good. (Phoenix had 1)
10            MSA Qualifier # 2 - No cards - good.
11            Richards (1st)
12            None (good)
13            Nada (Better)
14          Golden Boy 1 - no cards
15          Golden Boy 2 - no cards
16          Golden Boy 3 - no cards
17          Golden Boy 4 - no cards (excellent)
18            Nault (1st) (SEU had 1)
19            None (Good)   (North West had 1)
20            None (Very Good) (Richards card is clear) (Phoenix had 1)
21            Phoenix Tournament 1 - no cards
22            Phoenix Tournament 1 - no cards
23            Phoenix Tournament 1 - no cards
24            Phoenix Tournament 1 - no cards
25            Phoenix Tournament 1 - no cards
26            None (although I would have carded someone
                for arguing with the ref... so let's work on that one...)
27            Exhibition Game - no cards - as I would expect
28            Kelly (1st) (PT had 1 red) - Play-off Game 1
29            None - good.
30            No Cards. - Good.   We still need to work on "not" talking
                back to the Ref and not arguing calls.
31            No cards; better.
32            No cards; great. (Kelly's card is clear); North West had 1 yellow.
33            Kelly (2 Yellows = 1 Red); Nault (1st - yellow); (SEU had 1 yellow)

***** ***** ***** ***** ****** ******* *******
Indoor 2003/04
Game         Player Cautioned
   1             Daoust (1st)
   2             Marion (1st); Raval (1st)
   3             Singh (1st)
   4            No Cards    (better)
   5            No Cards    (great)    (Daoust's Card is now cleared).
   6             Raval's card from game 2 is now cleared.
                  Marion (1st)               (Marion's card from game 2 is now cleared).
                  Singh (2nd)                (Singh cannot afford a card in game 7).
   7             Singh's card from game 3 is now cleared.
                  Ross (1st)
   8             No cards      (good)
   9             Marion (2nd)             (Marion cannot afford a card in Game 10).
10            No cards    (good )   (Marion's card from game 6 is now cleared).
                                                       (Singh's card from game 6 is now cleared).
11            No cards    (better)   (Ross' card from game 7 is now cleared).
12            No cards    (good)   
13            Ross (1st)                  (Marion's card from game 9 is now cleared).

14            No cards    (good)
15            No cards    (good)
16            Marion (1st)
17            Ross (2nd) (not good) (Ross cannot afford a card in Game 18).
18            No cards   (good)    (Ross' card from game 13 is now cleared).
19            Ross (2nd) (not good)

Indoor Roster 2007/08

Premier Team Roster 

Indoor Roster 2007-08
----Last Name-First----------------Home Club
1. (K)      Childs-Elliot, Ryan            Glenlee
2. (S/F) Cooper, Mike                    Winakwa
3. (S)     Dale, Nick                        Norberry
4. (F)     Friesen,   Dallas                Southdale
5. (S)     Lo, Jerry (Jay)                Norwood Flats
6. (F)     Shah, Sukesh (Suky)         Southdale
7. (S)     Richards, Brennan             Dakota
8. (F)     Young, Burton                   Dakota
9. (F)     Jacques,   Jordan              Glenlee
10. (H)   Klowak, Andrew (Andy)      Winakwa
11. (H)    Kulczycki, Tomas (Tom)      Dakota
12. (S)    Maurice, Brett                  Dakota
13. (F)    Muzyka, Jeremy (Jer)      Southdale

Regional Team Roster
Outdoor Roster 2007
----Last Name-First-------------------Home Club
1. (K/H)    Cassell, Jason               Southdale
2. (S/F)   Cooper, Mike                Winakwa
3. (S)       Dale, Nick                    Norberry
4. (S)       Askar, Faysal               Glenlee
5. (F)       Fleming, Will                Norberry
6. (S/H)   Gaudet, Alain (Al)         Windsor
7. (F/S)   Goossen, Manny             Windsor
8. (F)       Hartman, Riley              Dakota
9. (F)       Jacques, Jordan            Glenlee
10. (H)     Klowak, Andrew (Andy)  Winakwa
11. (H)      Kulczycki, Tomas (Tom)  Dakota
12. (H/S) Maurice, Brett               Dakota
13. (F/H) Muzyka, Jeremy (Jer)    Southdale
14. (K/H) Regier, Warren              Greendell
15. (H/S) Richards, Brennan (Benny) Dakota
16. (F)     Sharif, Yahya                 Glenlee
17. (S)     Vakhtine, Ivan                Dakota
18. (F)      Young, Burton                Dakota

(K) = Keeper; (F) = Fullback; (H) = Halfback; (S) = Striker

Indoor Roster 2006/07
   #                Name                   Home Club
----14----------Sandor, Nick-----------------TBA
----13----------Joubert, Nic-----------------TBA
----10----------Joubert, Seb-----------------TBA
----12--------- Power, Dylan-----------------TBA
----11---------Rohringer, Sean--------------TBA
----9-----------Adey, Marty----------------Dakota
---44K----------Childs-Elliot, Ryan--------Norberry
----7-----------Dale, Nick-----------------Norberry
----6-----------Friesen, Dallas------------Southdale
----8-----------Jacques, Jordan------------Norberry
---18-----------Maurice, Brett-------------Dakota
----4-----------Muzyka, Jer----------------Southdale
----2-----------Richards, Brennan----------Dakota
---15-----------Sprout, Nels---------------Winakwa
----5-----------Young, Burton--------------Dakota

Moved to Flames for Indoor 2006/07
---11-----------Klowak, Andrew-------------Winakwa

Not Playing Indoor 06/07 or Outdoor 2007
---10-----------Cumming, Darby-------------Riverview
---16-----------Gerylo, Mikhail------------Greendale
---14-----------Goossen, Manny-------------Windsor
----8-----------Saccucci, Andrew-----------Riverview
---13-----------Yee, A.J.------------------Winakwa
---12-----------Wintink, Chris-------------Windsor

Outdoor 2006
    #                Name                   Home Club
----9-----------Adey, Martin---------------Dakota
---44K----------Childs-Elliot, Ryan--------Norberry
---10-----------Cumming, Darby-------------Riverview
---19-----------Dale, Nick-----------------Norberry
----6-----------Friesen, Dallas------------Southdale
---16-----------Gerylo, Mikhail------------Greendale
---14-----------Goossen, Manny-------------Windsor
----3-----------Jacques, Jordan------------Norberry
---11-----------Klowak, Andrew-------------Winakwa
---18-----------Maurice, Brett-------------Dakota
----4-----------Muzyka, Jeremy-------------Southdale
----2-----------Richards, Brennan----------Dakota
----8-----------Saccucci, Andrew-----------Riverview
---15-----------Sprout, Nelson-------------Winakwa
---12-----------Wintink, Chris-------------Windsor
---13-----------Yee, A.J.------------------Winakwa
----5-----------Young, Burton--------------Dakota
---20-----------Poot, Jason (guest)-------Southdale
---21-----------Ridler, Mike (guest)-------Southdale
---19-----------Towns, Matthew (guest)-----Norberry
Quit to do other things:
From Indoor 2005/06
---13-----------Valenzuela, Ricardo--------Norberry
---19-----------Therrien, Jeff-------------Champlain
From Outdoor 2005
---12-----------Kernested, David-----------Glenlee
----7-----------Nault, Pat-----------------Lorette
---K/16---------Stanners, Johnathan--------Winakwa
----9/K---------Raval, Nikeel--------------Notre Dame
----TBA---------Ross, Marc-----------------Dakota

Regional Team Roster
Outdoor 2005

   #                Name                   Home Club

---21-----------Adey, Martin---------------Dakota (moved from Norberry Club Team June 21/05)
---10-----------Cumming, Darby-------------Riverview
----6-----------Friesen, Dallas------------Southdale
---14-----------Goossen, Manny-------------Windsor
---12-----------Kernested, David-----------Glenlee
---18/K---------Maurice, Brett-------------Dakota
----4-----------Muzyka, Jeremy-------------Southdale
----7-----------Nault, Pat-----------------Lorette
----9/K---------Raval, Nikeel--------------Notre Dame
----2-----------Richards, Brennan----------Dakota
----8-----------Saccucci, Andrew-----------Riverview
---15-----------Sprout, Nelson-------------Winakwa
---K/16---------Stanners, Johnathan--------Winakwa
---19-----------Therrien, Jeff-------------Champlain                  
---11-----------Wintink, Chris-------------Windsor
----5-----------Young, Burton--------------Dakota
----3-----------Dale, Nic------------------Norberry - Guest for Phoenix Tourney
---13-----------Valenzuela, Ricardo--------Norberry - Guest for Phoenix Tourney

Moved to Flames:
----3-----------Yee. A. J.-----------------Winakwa

Quit: May 23, 2005
---13-----------Spooner, Jesse-------------Windsor

Regional Team Roster (League & City Champs)
Outdoor 2004
   #                Name                   Home Club
--11------------Cooper, Michael--------------Winakwa
--14------------Goossen, Manny---------------Windsor
---6------------Friesen, Dallas--------------Southdale
--12------------Kelly, Dustin----------------Winakwa
--19/K----------Kuran, Brett-----------------Southdale                  
--18------------Maurice, Brett---------------Dakota
---4------------Muzyka, Jeremy---------------Southdale
---7------------Nault, Pat-------------------Lorette
---9/K----------Raval, Nikeel----------------Notre Dame
---2------------Richards, Brennan------------Dakota
--10------------Ross, Marc-------------------Dakota
--13------------Spooner, Jesse---------------Windsor
--15------------Sprout, Nelson---------------Winakwa
---K/16---------Stanners, Johnathan----------Winakwa
---3------------Yee. A. J.-------------------Winakwa
---5------------Young, Burton----------------Dakota

Updated July 20, 2004
--21------------Desharnais, Alex-------------Windsor--- Moved to Flames July 20
---8------------Singh, Neil------------------Dakota-----Moved to Flames July 5

Originally named to Regional Roster and Revised:
--Mohamed Ali, Sevan-------------------------Glenlee -   went to Flames March 29
--Marion, Dan--------------------------------Notre Dame - went to Flames March 29

Coach's Comments
Coach's Comments

Welcome to another Outdoor Season of Bonivital Regional Soccer. We've got a lot of new players on the outdoor team this season so we'll need to get to know each other and really become a team.

- We're here to work hard and have fun and if you guys can learn to play as a team we might even win a few games.

- It's important to play as a team - we're going to work on lots of basics to make you into a team that passes and communicates like no one else.

- It's very important that Players learn to make decisions for themselves on the field.
Sometimes you'll make the wrong decision (and that's OK).

- It's important that players do not get "on" each other when someone messes up. There's nothing worse than watching a team "self destruct" because they chew each other out on the field. Every player needs to know that they can take chances, mess up, and still have full support of the rest of the players on the team.

- It's very important that Players are willing to try new things, new moves, tough shots, trick plays - be creative on the field.

- You will mess more of these up than you will make the first hundred times you try them. If you never mess up it means you're not pushing yourself to try new things - and that means you're not improving.   
It's okay to try them and you can trust that the team will back you up when you mess up.

- It's very important that Teammates learn to "trust" each other and support each other with "positive comments" only - comments like "right idea"; good try"; "good effort".

If you can't say something positive, don't say anything at all.

- Attending practice is more important than attending games.
You'll be lucky if you touch the ball 50 times in a game.
You'll get hundreds of touches on the ball in a practice.
Practice is where you learn to play as a team - learn each others tendencies - learn to execute set pieces - take chances to try "new moves".
Practice is where our "game" improves.

- If you are not going to make a practice I expect a phone call. I plan practices based on expected numbers - I adjust when a player is going to miss.

- There's a ton of talent on this team. Talent alone is not enough. Practice and Team play is what makes talented players into winning teams.

- There are 18 Players on this team and everyone of you deserves to be here. I will make sure that everyone plays as much as possible while keeping things fair every game.
With the number of players on the team we'll need to run with 2 subs for Strikers (Offence); 2 for Halfbacks (Mid-Field) and 4 for Fullbacks (Defence). I will try and even things out over the course of the season based on the work rate required for the position(s). Some of the positions require a higher "work rate" from the player.

- Parents are encouraged to cheer the players on in a supportive and positive way.
Please leave the coaching to the coaches.
Most importantly, leave the decision making to the players on the field in the game. These boys are old enough to be making decisions during the game on the field.

- Good luck with the Outdoor Season.

Words To Play By
Important Things
Every Player
Should Know

1. A good Soccer player must continually develop skills, conditioning, and tactical knowledge. A player must work on all three to be the best he or she can be.

2. When our team has the ball, everyone is on offence, when our opponents have the ball, everyone is on defense.

3. A Soccer team does not have Full-backs (Defense), Half-backs (Mid-Fielders), and Strikers (Forwards); only Soccer players. No matter what position you may start the game in, you will still have to Head the ball, Pass the ball, receive, shoot the ball, and make space, as any player will, regardless of position. Every position is important, and every position makes a contribution.

4. If you can't pass and recieve a soccer ball, you can't play soccer. Practice passing to another player or to space with proper pace and practice recieving ground and air balls. A ball and a wall are really all you need.

5. Do not just kick the ball unless it is in a dangerous position in front of our goal. You always have more time than you think. If an opponent is close to you, turn and shield the ball until you can decide what to do. Before you get the ball, look for 1 or 2 passing options or space to move to. Then your decision will be easier when the ball is passed to you. (this is called "vision" - being able to see the play before it develops).

6. Don't run forward when your team has the ball, unless you run back just as hard when the opposition gets control of the ball.

7. Your team is limited only by each team member's effort.

8. In most sports you need to be balanced on both feet. In soccer you must have superior balance (to shoot, pass, recieve, etc.) on both feet, one foot at a time. The best way to improve balance is by juggling a ball on your feet.

9. If you lose the ball, you should be the first player on defense. Giving immediate chase is the first rule of defense.

10, When changing from offense to defense, sprint to get between your man and the goal that you are defending (called getting "goal side").

11, Beat your opponent to the ball. The best way to keep the opposition from scoring is to maintain control of the ball.

12. If your opponent has the ball and his back is to you, do not let him turn with the ball or he can pass, dribble forward or shoot. Mark tight.

13. After a goal, always thank your teammate for the assist. The goal wasn't possible without it.

14. Never criticize the Keeper after a goal. Before the ball got by him, everyone else on the field let the ball get by them.

15. In a soccer game, the team with possession plays soccer, and the other team chases. Maintain possession as a team!

16. Smart team players give up the ball (pass) before they are in trouble, not after they are in trouble.

17. Losing possession of the ball is acceptable in three situations; after a goal, after a shot, or in the offensive third of the field.

18. Never challenge the Referee's call. They are not dishonest, but they do sometimes make mistakes. If all of the players on our team made as few mistakes as referees in a game, the team would never lose a game.

19. Never harass or criticize a team mate. Players learn new skills by having the guts to try new things, and fail trying until they learn the skill. "Right Idea" and "Nice Try" are words that make playing fun, and give the team the support it needs to keep developing.

20. Individual and Team effort of 99 percent or less will not win games against good competition.

21. The world is full of potentially good soccer players, but lacking in players that achieve their full potential. "Effort" and "Committment" are the main ingredients to success in Sport and in Life.

22. Players should not say "I can't". They should say "I'll try".

23. Win, lose, or tie, if you have given 100 percent, from the start to the finish, you can be proud of your efforts and should have no regrets. All anyone ever wants is for you to give it your best effort.

24. Honor your opponents. Without them it's just a practice.

25. Work hard, Play together, Trust each other, and good things will happen.

26.   If you are closest to the ball, it's your responsibility to go get it. If you stand and watch, the game will pass you by. Go make something happen.

27. Communication is one of the most important basics that every player needs to continually work on developing. Using names, calling for the ball, calling for a pass, telling your team mate to "turn and go" or "man on" are all important communication points. Work on them every practice and use them in every game.

Pre-Game Warm-up
By Pete Sanderson

To become an élite footballer it is imperative that you warm up and down properly before and after a match. In the first chapter of a two-part interview, Richard Hawkins, deputy head of exercise science at the English Football Association, gives some helpful advice to What is the importance of the warm-up before a match?
Richard Hawkins: The warm-up is designed to prepare the player for the ensuing physical activity, be it a training session or game, to enable players to perform optimally. Why do we have to warm-up before a game?
Hawkins: There are several reasons why a warm-up period should be given as part of a training session and before games, with some of these reasons holding true for half-time in preparation for the second half of matches. It has recently been shown that by performing warm-up exercises during the half-time period more distance can be covered by players at a high-intensity pace compared to what is normally achieved. This enhanced ability clearly has performance implications and consequently attention should be paid to this aspect of a player's or a team's preparation. Why do we see players warm up and then return to the changing room 15 minutes before kick-off? Does this really benefit their performance?
Hawkins: Clearly, the benefits do not last for long, and you have to question current practices of performing a 30 minute warm-up and then allowing the body to cool again. Ideally, the interim period between the end of a warm-up and the start of the game should be no more than ten minutes to ensure as many of the physiological benefits as possible are carried over into the game. What kind of exercises should be included in a warm-up?
Hawkins: Since the warm-up is designed to prepare players for the game the activities should incorporate rhythmic and dynamic movements simulating the movements performed in the game. There should be a gradual increase in intensity, slowly increasing the stresses placed upon the body's physiological systems, culminating in some form of football activity. So what is the essential role of the warm-up?
Hawkins: A warm-up prepares the body for a workout or competition by raising muscle temperature towards an optimum level for performance, enabling metabolic processes in cells to proceed at higher rates and nerve messages to travel faster, physical performance having been shown to improve following a warm-up. It is a process that increases awareness, improves co-ordination, improves elasticity and contractibility of muscles, and increases the efficiency of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. How important is the warm-down?
Hawkins: This is an important aspect of the training process which is often neglected. Following the end of vigorous physical activity it takes time for the body to return to its resting state. Large volumes of blood and waste products remain in the muscles which leads to a build up of pressure within the muscle which results in excess fluid accumulating in the tissues and muscles. When a player simply stops following a training session or game they are more likely to incur some form of muscle stiffness or soreness. By cooling down appropriately the recovery process is accelerated, diminishing subsequent discomfort and promoting the process of adaptation.

Post Game Warm-down
Perfect preparation pays off
Monday, 12 January 2004

By Pete Sanderson

To become an élite footballer it is imperative that you look after your body before, during and after a match. In the second chapter of a two-part interview, Richard Hawkins, deputy head of exercise science at the English Football Association, gives some helpful advice to Does a warm-down help the heart to recover from exercise?

Richard Hawkins: Yes. The aim of the cool-down is to encourage the gradual return of the heart, body metabolism and respiratory rate to normal, and to encourage effective re-absorption of waste products from the muscles. The active cool-down promotes the clearance of lactic acid. How does the warm-down help the body?

Hawkins: A gradual decrease in exercise intensity and the application of controlled rhythmical movements helps assist in cooling the body as the transfer of blood flow to the skin will be maintained allowing further heat loss. Is it true a warm-down can help with your sleeping?

Hawkins: Yes. One of the major benefits of this is that the ability to sleep is enhanced which is crucial in ensuring that the appropriate regeneration is allowed to take place. From a performance perspective there is evidence that demonstrates an enhanced sprinting ability in subsequent training days and there is also a suggestion that the cool-down procedure partly offsets any depression in the immune system that commonly occurs after exercise, therefore decreasing the likelihood of players picking up infections. When is the last time you should have a training session before a match?

Hawkins: Common practice is to have a light training session on the day before the game which should not be detrimental to performance. The major concern links to the nutrition programme of players and it is important to ensure that energy levels are not depleted the day before a game. However, through light training and appropriate nutritional strategies this will not be an issue. Do things like endurance training and long cross-country runs get you fit for football or is football fitness a completely different issue?

Hawkins: Endurance is a key component of fitness for outfield players. How this is achieved depends on the philosophy of the conditioning coach. Long cross-country runs in the past have typically formed part of pre-season training and at some clubs this is still the case. There are, however, more efficient ways of enhancing the endurance of players through small-sided games and designing sessions that require players to work for extended periods at high-intensities (90-95 per cent of maximum heart rate). This type of training has been shown to produce dramatic improvements in the endurance ability of top players without any detrimental effects on speed and strength. (Like Coervers) How long should you leave between matches * is it right that players sometimes play two games in 48 hours?

Hawkins: The more endurance ability players have the faster they will recover from games. When players do have to perform twice in less than 48 hours success is likely to be determined by the efficiency of the nutritional and recovery/regeneration strategies adopted by the club. When players have to compete every two days it becomes increasingly difficult to enhance performance with the training emphasis clearly being on recovery. Without appropriate intervention players will ultimately break down and under perform, resulting in poor performances and also injuries. Attention to the detail of these additional strategies are therefore important at the highest level, all of which are aimed at enhancing the welfare of the player.

Diet Tips
These Diet Tips are from the U.E.F.A. Web Site.
Parts 1 and 2 below:

Getting your diet right
Monday, 17 November 2003
By Pete Sanderson

Reaching the top in football is not just about playing well. To perform to the top of their ability, players need to eat and drink the right things to maintain maximum fitness. In the first part of a two-part interview, Richard Hawkins, deputy head of exercise science at the English Football Association, gives his tips on diet for footballers to When was it realised on a global level that a good diet in the run-up to a match would have a significant effect on performace?

Richard Hawkins: As early as the 1960s research evidence was presented displaying the benefit of carbohydrates on endurance performance. Because the research generally involved runners, little attention was paid to it by the football industry. It has taken several decades for professional football to catch up, but as an industry it has made massive steps forward in the last decade. What is the best piece of nutritional advice you could give a player?

Hawkins: Keep well hydrated and ensure you consume a sufficient amount of carbohydrates in your diet. Dietary strategies need to be incorporated on a daily basis, and not simply the day before a match. Former England captain Alan Shearer said he always ate chicken and beans before a match - is this a good meal?

Hawkins: If everything is done correctly, players should eat what they are comfortable with for a pre-match meal. Emphasis should be on extra fluid intake on match days to ensure that dehydration does not come into play. Chicken and beans provide protein and carbohydrate - however, if the preparation has not been right in the week leading up to the game, it will not make much difference. Would would your ideal diet be in the week building up to a match?

Hawkins: Variety is the key - players should enjoy the food they eat and look forward to it. Generally, players need to consume a little less fat and more carbohydrate, 60-65% of the energy content coming from carbohydrates, 15% from protein and 20-25% from fat. Applying the right strategies immediately following training sessions and consuming a healthy breakfast daily are both important points to follow. What would your ideal meal be the night before a match, and on the day of a match (assuming the match is a UEFA Champions League fixture kicking off at 10:45 PM)?

Hawkins: The night before a match would be a high carbohydrate, low fat meal incorporating pasta or rice. It is preferable that this could be of the wholemeal variety which would diminish the insulin response associated with many carbohydrate foods [high GI foods], and this could lead to a sparing of carbohydrate stores through greater fat metabolism. The following day would be begun with whole wheat cereals, skimmed milk, fruit, yoghurt and fluids. Extra fluids would be consumed throughout the day. A relatively light lunch would be eaten such as chicken and pasta salad or even sandwiches. The energy stores should already be full, and you only need to be topping up what you have lost from the liver overnight. From here on in, it is personal preference - players should be aware how their body responds and what works for them. As long as fatty foods are avoided, there should not be a problem.

Think before you drink
Tuesday, 25 November 2003
By Pete Sanderson

To become an élite footballer it is crucial that you eat and drink the right things to maintain maximum fitness. In the second chapter of a two-part interview, Richard Hawkins, deputy head of exercise science at the English Football Association, gives his tips on diet for footballers to How much liquid does a footballer lose during a match?

Richard Hawkins: Players can expend 1500 kilocalories (kcal) in a game. The daily expenditure for the average man who does not do any exercise is 2500 kcal. Also they can lose anything up to 5kg in weight. This is equivalent to 5 litres of fluid. How much liquid should a player take on before, during and after a match?

Hawkins: This part of the preparation should be well practised during the pre-season away from important games.   It is useful for player to take on about 500 millilitres (ml) of liquid in the hour before a game and if they can take on 250ml at half-time then that is also useful. They should weigh themselves before and after so they know how much weight they have lost and for every 1kg lost they need to drink 1.5 litres of fluid. Do the English Football Association have a recommended diet for young players?

Hawkins: We recommend that young players take on board some advice but emphasise the importance of a varied diet with at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. Can you give an example of a good meal and a beneficial drink for any budding footballers?

Hawkins: Chicken and pasta with a basil and tomato sauce is a great meal to have on a regular basis. In terms of liquids I would say low-fat milkshake - ideally immediately post-game for providing both carbohydrate and protein. Does alcohol have a detrimental effect on a players performance?

Hawkins: Alcohol can enhance dehydration and severely affect the response of the nervous system such as player reactions. How long does alcohol stay in the system?

Hawkins: For 24 hours or more but the negative effects could be much longer. What is the best nutritional story you have heard in your time as an exercise scientist for the English FA?

Hawkins: Not a pleasant story but it emphasises the point of attention to details in the days before a game and personal preference the day of a game. It has been known for players to be sick immediately before a game due to nerves. The food often looks exactly the same as it did when it was eaten three hours earlier. This tells us that limited digestion has taken place and the player has gained little from the pre-match meal.   Players like this need to concentrate on fluids with an appropriate energy content and ensure that they prepare properly in the days leading up to games. Who is the most dedicated player you have met in terms of nutrition?

Hawkins: No one springs to mind - I guess there is room for improvement in the most dedicated professional.

Field Locations

OUTDOOR Field Locations:

St. Vital Memorial Park          behind Glenlawn Collegiate

Republican Park (Republic of Manitobah Park)    Portage La Prairie (stay on the Portage la Prairie By-Pass to go around to the south east end of the city. Republic of Manitobah Park is off of River Road. River Road is the first overpass (new) at the south east end of the city. The road name isn't marked. Turn right up the overpass toward SOUTHPORT but Turn left at the stop sign (into town, NOT right which heads to Southport) and turn right at the restaurant called KoKo's. Drive right to the back of the 2nd parking lot, (as there are two - connected). The fields you see as you enter are smaller, the large Premier fields are at the back of the complex. Give yourself an hour to get out there from St. Vital.

Riel Park                                     behind the St. Vital Arena off St. Annes

Kilcona Park                               Lagimodiere and Springfield Road

Kinver Park                               Kinver on Keewatin 1 block south of Inkster

Grant Park West                      500 Nathaniel behind Pan Am Pool

Sturgeon Road North (1)   Sturgeon Road between Silver and Saskatchewan

Sturgeon Creek CC             Off of Rita which is off of Portage Ave 2 blocks
                                                   east of Moray

Shaughnessey Park                   Keewatin and Tyndall
Park in the lot for Billy Moisienko Arena on Keewatin just a block or so north after you come up from the under pass.

John Blumberg Fields               TransCanada Highway just south of the Blumberg Golf Course. If you know how to get to the Coverall (Indoor Soccer) you've driven by Blumberg. Field F1 is the field on the front West side by the parking lot. F2; F3 etc. go east along the walkway as you move away from the parking lot. At about field 4 the fields turn south and go up 5, 6, 7 etc.   There should be port-a-potties for the Golden Boy and some concessions as well.   

INDOOR Field Locations:

7 Oaks (aka Garden City Community Center)
    Kingsbury behind Garden City Shopping Center

Gateway Community Club

Across from Blumberg Golf Course on Hwy 1      

Highlander (ICE) Sports
West end of Ellice Avenue

Harrasma Road - East St. Paul

Hamstring Injuries

Hamstring horrors haunt Owen
Thursday, 15 April 2004
By Peter Sanderson

If a hernia is the most unpleasant and ligament damage the most painful, then the hamstring injury is easily the most frustrating for the modern footballer.

Infamous pop
Not only can the hamstring emit that infamous 'pop' at any given moment, it can often take months for a player to recover fully from the setback - if indeed they ever do. The injury usually occurs when a player overextends the muscle in the back of their leg. This is usually followed by the sudden onset of pain in the thigh and, if the player is lucky, an absence of between two and four weeks.

Grading system
There are three different grades to the hamstring injury which determine the extent of the damage and the lay-off. A first degree injury is the least extensive, usually meaning only a few muscle fibres have been damaged and a lay-off of around a month. A grade two injury will put a player out for between three and six weeks due to extensive damage to the muscle fibres, while a grade three means a significant spell on the sidelines due to a complete rupture.

Treatment table
One player who has been plagued by hamstring troubles since he burst on to the scene with 'that' goal for England against Argentina at the 1998 FIFA World Cup is Liverpool FC striker Michael Owen. Owen's hamstring predicament began back in 1999 when he was ruled out for three months and, despite being given a special training and stretching programme, he has suffered numerous recurrences.

Speed king
Like nearly all players who endure hamstring troubles, Owen's essential problem is that his game is based primarily on pace. In his early years, his favourite trick was to drift into a position on the shoulder of his marker before picking up the ball and accelerating at staggering speed towards goal. A combination of injuries and match experience have seen his game become less reliant on this searing pace but, with UEFA EURO 2004* on the horizon, Owen is still anxious to avoid a repeat of his injury woes.

Owen's achilles heel
A number of top osteopaths have looked into the reasons behind hamstring problems among élite footballers - particularly Owen - citing two possible explanations. "The most likely theory is simply that he has tighter hamstrings than your average player," Everton FC physio Mick Rathbone told "This is because his pelvis is high and tilts forward. This means his hamstring is more likely to give way when struck by an excessive tensile load."

Back to basics
"Theory two is slightly more complex but - in layman's terms - it is triggered by a stiffness in the lower back and this is the reason you see players with hamstring problems doing plenty of back stretches before a game," he continued. "After high intensity exercise hamstring muscles can cramp up and become prone to strains and tears. This is why a warm-up is so crucial to players like Michael."

Double trouble
A few extra stretches before and after training are nothing for a player like Owen, when you consider he was once told he may have to learn to run all over again because his posture was the root of his hamstring problems. Doubtless Sven-Göran Eriksson will be asking him to do them at the double with EURO 2004* less than two months away.

(Note: Stretching habits that you develop now - while you are young - before and after games - will help improve your flexibility and most importantly, help reduce the chance of injury. Stretch those Hamstrings).

Monday, April 18
Roster and Game Summaries Indoor 2004/05
Regional Team Roster
Indoor 2004/05

   #                Name                   Home Club

   8            Aroub, Youee               Notre Dame
   3            Fleming, Will             Norberry
   6            Friesen, Dallas            Southdale
14            Goossen, Manny             Windsor
18/K          Maurice, Brett             Dakota
   4            Muzyka, Jeremy             Southdale
   7            Nault, Pat                Lorette
   9/K          Raval, Nikeel             Notre Dame
   2            Richards, Brennan          Dakota
   13          Spooner, Jesse             Windsor
15            Sprout, Nelson             Winakwa
   K/16         Stanners, Johnathan       Winakwa
19            Therrien, Jeff             Champlain                  
11            Wintink, Chris             Windsor
   5            Young, Burton             Dakota

   21          Shebaylo-Merry, Andrew    Winakwa - moved to Flames Dec 04

Play-off Game 9   Thur Apr 7    Coverall    6:00 PM
       Bonivital Inferno R5    2 *(3)    SEU P6    2
       Scoring:    Richards; Maurice
       Cautions:   Richards       (SEU had 1 Yellow Card)
       Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary: An extremely well played game boys. The ref missed our first goal all together (not the only thing he missed) so what went in the books as a 2-2 tie should have been a 3 - 2 win. You guys played a very relaxed game but you worked very hard from start to finish. You pushed the ball around with a lot of confidence and showed what you are capable of if you just settle down and play your game. Now it's time to focus on our outdoor team. If we get the guys coming out to practice with regularity we can really put together some strong team play. Remember guys, you get out what you put in. Make a few practices and you'll be okay. Make most practices and you can be a very strong team. All the talent is there - we just need to build the "team play" part of our game.
*Ref disallowed a goal that should have been counted.

Play-off Game 8   Sun Mar 13    Court Sports    10:30 am
       Bonivital Inferno R5    4    North West R5    4
       Scoring:    Sprout (2); Richards (2)
       Cautions:   None       (NW had 1 Red Card)
       Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary: Well done guys. You put together a very hard fought game coming back from a 0-3 deficit early and 1- 4 at one point and managed a tie.
Lots of great team play and determination resulted in our best comeback this indoor season.
One more game to go before we start practicing in earnest for the outdoor season. We practice the next two Wednesdays and then enjoy your Spring Break before we practice again on April 6th.

Play-off Game 7   Fri Mar 11    Winter Club    8:30 pm
       Bonivital Inferno R5    1    North West P6    2
       Scoring:    Maurice
       Cautions:   None       (NW had 0)
       Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary: An excellent effort boys. I think that's the best game you've played all winter. You were in the game from the start to the finish and you worked hard the entire game.
We got down by two early on lucky shots but you guys tightened up defensively and put lots of pressure on offensively. Well done!
I saw better team play than I have for a few games now. I saw good support for the defence from the Strikers coming back into the play to help defend. I saw good support of the offence by the defence coming in to shoot.
We still need to work on our timing and execution of corners and free kicks but we had several better chances this game than we have in recent memory.
We had 4 or 5 chances that were very close. It could just as easily have gone our way. No sense fretting about it. Take the good things we did away from the game and leave the rest. See you at the game on Sunday.

Play-off Game 6   Fri Mar 4    Winter Club    7:15 pm
       Bonivital Inferno R5    2    South End United R5   4
       Scoring:    Therrien; Richards
       Cautions:   None       (SEU had 3 Yellows)
       Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary: Another tough loss. Down 1 to 0 at the half they went up 3 to 0 before we got it going. We got close at 3 to 2 at one point but they finished off with a fourth goal to wrap up the scoring. It's good to see that you didn't quit when we got down by 3. You dug in and worked harder and managed to pull 2 back. In the greater scheme of things that's more important than winning.
Every team goes through re-building seasons and this is one of ours. Keep working, keep playing and most importantly, keep trying to have fun. Overall we need to improve our commitment to practice. Only 6 players at the last one. Don't expect to win many games if we don't practice with at least 11 or 12 of our 14 players in attendance at practices on a fairly regular basis.

Play-off Game 5   Fri Feb 25    7 Oaks    7:15 pm
       Bonivital Inferno R5    1    North West NaBoys P6   2
       Scoring:    Wintink
       Cautions:   None
       Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary: Another tough one to lose. Down 2 to 0 at the half you guys played a strong second half and managed to pull one goal back. That goal showed the team passing and play that we're capable of and that we need to get back in our game. Good Goal Keeping and Defence was strong for most of the game, just two breakdowns on marking is all it takes when we're playing against Premier teams. Anyway, with good attendance at practices we can keep working on improving our team game and see if we can pull a couple of wins out of the rest of the season. Good effort boys.

Play-off Game 4   Fri Feb 11    Gateway    8:30 am
       Bonivital Inferno R5    0    Phoenix R5   2
       Scoring:    None
       Cautions:   Nault 2 yellows = 1 Red next game (Phoenix - none)      
       Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary: An important game in our play-off picture but losing isn't the end of the world.
We need to focus on little things like:
- Always marking a man.
- Two touch passing.
- Control touch before taking a shot.
- Low and hard free kicks with motion and traffic in front of goal.
We'll work on those things again in practice and let's see if we can turn this season around.
We have four teams in our division and 2nd and 3rd place play a semifinal to get to the final. Let's set a goal to try and be one of those 2 teams (2nd or 3rd) at the end of the round robin play-off series. If we can do that we can still have a shot at making it to the final.
Keep a positive attitude and continue to work and play through this and things will improve - I guarantee it.

Play-off Game 3   Sat Feb 5    Golf Dome    6:30 am
       Bonivital Inferno R5    1    Flames P6   4
       Scoring:    Wintink
       Cautions:   Richards (Flames - 1 yellow)      
       Keeper:    Maurice
Game Summary: Good effort boys. You played a good team game but these early morning games just don't seem to agree with us. You played well defensively for most of the game and generated several good scoring chances. Remember that we've only played twice in the last month when the teams we're playing have played 3 or 4 times. Our game will come back if we work hard at practice.

Play-off Game 2   Fri Feb 4    Gateway    8:30 pm
       Bonivital Inferno R5    2    Phoenix P6   3
       Scoring:    Sprout, Richards
       Cautions:   None      
       Keeper:    Stanners, Maurice
Game Summary: Tough one to lose boys. You played hard from the start to the finish and that's all I want. We had several chances today and the ball didn't bounce our way but you gave it a good effort and that's all that really counts.
Let's come out ready to go at it just as hard again first thing tomorrow morning and let's see if we can come out with a better result tomorrow.

Play-off Game 1   Sun Jan 16    Golf Dome    6:30 am
       Bonivital Inferno R5    1    Portage Trail P6   5
       Scoring:    Wintink
       Cautions:   None      
       Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary: Another tough one. Early morning games obviously don't agree with us, a field we've never seen before with a slippery surface, kinda crappy lighting etc, etc but the bottom line is the other team had the same conditions and they played a better game and seemed to want it more.
With the problems WYSA's having with the Winter Club Roof we'll probably see more early morning games at the dome in the near future so I need you to get used to it fast.
We didn't play a bad game. They just shot more than us and scored more than us. We lost the first half 4 to 0 and tied the second half 1-1. Let's see if we can come out even in one half; and up one half in our next game there. We're at a critical point in the season when wins are important if we want to find ourselves in competition for a spot in the finals.
We need to continue to improve our team play and passing. It's been a long layoff between the end of the tournament and our first game back but we should be improving now that we're getting back together regularly.
Work with a ball in your basement when you can too. That will improve your footwork and first touch.

Snickers Game 4   Thur Dec 30    Gateway    4:45 am
       Bonivital Inferno R5    1    North West P6   3
       Scoring:    Therrien
       Cautions:   None      
       Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary: Good game boys. This tournament was a good way to stay game ready over the holidays. You faced stiff competition and held your own. We'll see all but one of these teams again in the playoffs leading up to the semi-finals and finals so we know the level that we need to play at to be successful. See you at practice on Jan. 5th.

Snickers Game 3   Wed Dec 29    Gateway    11:30 am
       Bonivital Inferno R5    2    North West R5   1
       Scoring:    Therrien; Wintink
       Cautions:   None    (North West had 1 yellow)   
       Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary: Solid game. Said by many to be the best game that you've played so far this season. Great defence and Goal Keeping. You played a good team game and moved the ball well. We had several good scoring chances and closed the door when we needed to. It was consistent pressure late in the game that paid off with a go ahead goal with only seconds left. Well done. We'll need to bring the same level of intensity to our next game to finish off the tournament strong, no matter where we finished in the standings.

Snickers Game 2   Mon Dec 27    7 Oaks    12:30 pm
       Bonivital Inferno R5    0    SEU R5   3
       Scoring:    None
       Cautions:   None      
       Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary: That was a tough one. We had lots of chances today but the bounces didn't go our way and their Keeper had a strong game.
We need to stay focused on defending as a team whenever the ball is in our half of the field which will help keep our goals against down. These games are good competition to keep us sharp going into the playoffs after the Christmas break. The game against South End is an example of a team that we've had some success against the last few times we've played them but as they showed us today, we need to bring our "A" game every time or they are capable of beating us too.

Snickers Game 1   Sun Dec 26    Coverall    8:00 pm
       Bonivital Inferno R5    6    Fort Richmond Club D4   2
       Scoring:    Ross (4); Friesen; Richards
       Cautions:   None      
       Keeper:    Stanners; Maurice
Game Summary: Great first game back after a Christmas break boys. Lots of good team play and passing and lots of give and go made for an entertaining game to watch.
We still need to focus on defending in our half with tight man marking. It's extremely important that someone always picks up the late man coming in against the next 2 or 3 teams we play.
The next 2 or 3 teams will be tougher, faster and more organized so we'll need to keep stepping up our game each time we walk onto the field.
Well done.

Game 9 Fri Dec 18    7 Oaks       7:30 pm
       Bonivital Inferno R5    2    North West P6      4
       Scoring:    Sprout; Richards
       Cautions:   None    (NW had 1 Yellow)   
       Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary: Tough game boys. We played a strong team and really played very well against them.
Lots of strong defence, great goal keeping, and the offence put some stong plays together but we had about a 20 minute span at the end of the first half that put us in too big of a hole.
They were up 4 to 0 at the half and we managed to pull back 2 in the second half but were unable to pull it out. Great effort.
We improve as a team when we play teams that are better than us. There are lots of good things we can take away from this game and if we work hard and have success in the Snickers tournament we could meet these guys again in the Final.

Game 8 Fri Dec 17    Winter Club       7:15 pm
       Bonivital Inferno R5    4    South End United R5   2
       Scoring:    Young; Richards; Wintink; Aroub
       Cautions:   None    (SEU had 2 Yellows)   
       Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary: Great game boys! From start to finish. You challenged every ball, marked well, kept your passes short for the most part, and played some entertaining give and go. Defence and Goal Keeping were solid and the two they got against us were hard earned.
Up 2 to 0 at the half we went up one more before they answered with one. We were able to go up 4 to 1 before they pulled one back.
We won't have time to enjoy the win as we go back tomorrow against the toughest team we'll play in league play this winter.
We'll need to play conservatively with defence first and keep our counter attacks quick and then move back quickly as soon as we turn the ball over.
Get lots of rest boys. The game tomorrow is a big one.

Game 7 Fri Dec 10    Winter Club       7:15 pm
       Bonivital Inferno R5    3    North West NABoys P6   2
       Scoring:    Nault (2); Richards
       Cautions:   None   
       Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary: Very good game boys! You played with confidence and with an attacking style tonight and kept the other team on their heals for most of the game.
I saw plenty of team play and great communication tonight. Lots of short passes and great vision anticipating plays as they developed.
First to the ball really works.
Always things we can work on though.....
We still need to find the magic with our free kicks and corners.
We'll keep practicing that.
We still need to polish up our give and go's too. They were much better but can be better still, with more practice.
We need to improve our defending against the give and go as well. Man marking is the key - don't chase the ball just move back with your man and trust that our player marking the other opposition player will stay with him too.
Our next two games are very important and are against even tougher competition so lets stay focused through the next week + a day and then we'll have a short break until after Christmas.

Game 6 Fri Dec 3    Winter Club       7:15 pm
       Bonivital Inferno R5    0      Phoenix R5   2
       Scoring:    None
       Cautions:   None   (Phoenix - 1 yellow)
       Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary: Tough Game. We still need to work on some team things.
One of the most important things that we're doing well at practice but not bringing to games is our short passing game. We relax at practice and let our natural ability take over and pass to each other to move the ball. When we hit the field for games with a little more space we spread out too much and then our passes are much longer and we don't build up our play slowly enough.
When we get into the attacking third of the field we need to keep the passing going to get someone open to let a hard shot go.
We also need to consistently have one player moving to the far post to try and capitalize on loose balls around the net and shots that miss wide.
When defending corners and free kicks we need to make sure that everyone marks one of the other teams players.
When attacking on free kicks we need to work on meeting the ball either low in the penalty area or in the air. We just missed 2 or 3 tonight.
It's really all about shortening up our passing and working together. Let's try transferring the things we do at practice to our games.
We need to focus on developing team play and forget about where we are in the standings for a while.
We'll use the next few league games and our tournament play to work on relaxing and focusing on having fun, learning to play as a team, trusting each other. If we can do that we'll have done everything we can to improve our game and we'll let the wins and losses take care of themselves.
Good effort boys. We worked hard the entire game but the bounces didn't go our way today. Keep a positive attitude. Keep working hard and trying hard and I guarantee things will come together but it will take some time.

Game 5 Fri Nov 26    Winter Club       7:15 pm
       Bonivital Inferno R5    1      Phoenix P6   1
       Scoring:    Aroub
       Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary:   Another tough one. We controlled most of the game and had several chances but could only convert on one. They kept it close and took advantage of a good opportunity late in the game (inside of 2 minutes left) and scored the equalizer.
Overall a very good team effort considering that we didn't practice this week. Good passing, good offence, good supportive midfield play for both the offence and the defence and consistent defence and Goal Keeping.
Our practices still need to focus on the basics like passing and shooting but we also need to continue to work on our execution of free kicks and corners including our finishing.
Good effort boys. We missed a change to take over first place tonight but if we work hard and are successful in our next few games we can still keep pace.

Game 4 Fri Nov 19       Winter Club       7:15 pm
       Bonivital Inferno R5    4      South End United   2
       Scoring:    Therrien (2); Aroub; Nault
       Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary: Great game boys. We were able to generate more offence in the second half of that game than we have in the last 3. Short passes, first to the ball, good hustle, and someone always moving to the far post helped us start to click on offence. Defence and Goal Keeping stayed tight through most of the game.

We still have some things we can improve upon:

When we are killing a penalty we need to think "defence" not offence. Rarely should any of our 4 players even go past center when we're killing off the 2 minutes in a penalty. It's not like we've had a lot of practice killing penalties and we hopefully won't have many more.

Generally we need to play "cleaner". Don't engage in trash talk. Don't retaliate. Let your "game" do the talking.

When we're defending a free kick we need to ensure that someone is picking up the offensive players from the other team that are "setting up" behind our wall. We can't leave those players unmarked.

We still need to work on our set up when attacking on free kicks. As a team we need to set up quickly but the player kicking the ball needs to wait until his strikers are far enough up field that they can get on the end of his kick. Kick too early and we just give the ball away.

On free kicks in close, our strikers need to start "way" back and run in to the box. Try to "read the flight of the ball" and meet the ball and either volley it, head it or chest it and pass it back or cut across the front to the goal for a shot.

If you are heading the ball, as a rule always try to head the ball "down" to the ground, otherwise it will likely go into the arms of the keeper. Heading the ball doesn't always have to be a shot. If you head the ball across to the other side of the goal, and we have someone running to the far post he just might be open (remember their defence will instinctively move towards the flight of the ball opening up space on the other side.

When we are defending free kicks and corners everyone needs to mark a man and move with him to cut down their options.

One more thing. When the ball is in our half everyone needs to think "defence". Mark up and get goal side on your man.

Overall we played a better team game with more energy and enthusiasm that our last one. That's the level you need to stay at to be in the game in this league.

Down 0 - 1 at the half you guys came out very hard in the second half and scored 2 within 3 minutes. Our 3rd and 4th goals came with good consistent pressure and their 2nd came fairly late in the game.

We managed to control most of the play in the middle of the field and we cleared the ball quickly in our half near the end of the game.

Game 3 Wed Nov 12       7 Oaks       7:15 pm
       Bonivital Inferno R5    0      North West R5   2
       Scoring:    None
       Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary:   Ouch. That one hurt... We need to learn to play the same way and at the same pace as we practice. We moved the ball so well at practice, in tighter space, by passing the ball. When we hit the bigger field today we tried to open up in the space available but didn't keep our passes short.
That meant that the team was too far apart most of the game and no one was close enough to support each other.
When we did get close to the goal our team play fell apart and we were shooting as individuals rather than thinking about scoring goals as a team (passing).
On shots coming in we need to keep tracking the ball as it comes in and one striker needs to move to the far post every time. We missed at least two opportunities on goal because we weren't moving to the net.
We need to move towards the net on free kicks as well. We need to start outside of the box "and run in" when the shot comes in.
Honestly both of their goals were lucky but they also had several other good chances that our Keeper made great saves on and the fact is we didn't score any of our own so they earned the win. They played better as a team today than we did and the breaks went their way. That's usually what happens when you play well as a team - the breaks will go your way and luck favors the hardest workers.
Let's come back Wednesday and see if we can tighten up our passing and team play.
Then when we hit the field on Friday we need to pick up our pace and intensity by about double what we put into it today.
Game 2 Wed Nov 3         Winter Club       8:30 pm
       Bonivital Inferno R5    2      Flames P6    1
       Scoring:    Aroub; Sprout
       Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary:   Now that was a well played game!
You guys played this team exactly the way you needed to. Defense first, break up their set plays, wait for opportunities, keep the passes short, build up the offense slowly and move the ball down the field, get back quick if we lose possession.
The new (different) positioning for set plays (corners and free kicks) took a little while to get used to but we'll start to click on this even more once we get some more practice at it. The other team just didn't seem to know how to defend when you started outside of the box and ran in.
The first set play we learned for free kicks (in the air to the far post) came very close to a goal and only the ball off of the post and out kept us from pulling ahead even earlier.
Down 1 to 0 at the half, you guys stayed patient and controlled much of the play in the middle of the field in the second half. We had more good offensive chances than them in the second half and we converted 2 to take a lead that we would not give up.
Very good give and go in the middle of the field and excellent support by everyone to come back to defend as a team when play was in our half.
Let's see if we can keep the team play rolling both offensively and defensively.
Game 1 Fri Oct 29         Coverall       7:15 pm
       Bonivital Inferno R5    1      Portage Trail P6    2
       Scoring:    Spooner
       Keeper:    Maurice
Game Summary:   A good first effort overall. We played well enough for a better result but it wasn't to be today.

We'll need to pick our pace up a bit as you can see that the indoor game requires all of us to move a bit faster, challenge a bit harder, move for every ball within range and make something happen.

We'll get smoother at our line changes as we get used to the flow.

We need to keep the defence and the offence tighter together as we move the ball up the field. We're leaving too much of a gap in the middle of the field and that big space is hard to control.

We need to continue to work on and learn from corner kicks and free kicks. They are much more important in this style of game and they will be a big part of our goals for and against. Much bigger than they used to be.

Be patient and learn to play as a team. Trust each other and keep your passes short and build up play as you move the ball down field. Give and Go.

Keep the play down the sides and if you move to the middle send it back to the side quickly to open up space. We tried a lot of (too much) long stuff today. That's normal moving from our practice gym to a bigger field. We want to do it all in one pass when what we need to do is build up more slowly.

Remember that the team we played has been together for 2 seasons and we were playing on their home field. The next team we play will be stronger so we need to learn from this one and move on.

I see a lot of good things and tons of potential if we learn to play together. Let's keep working at it and it will come.
Good game boys. See you Wednesday for Game 2.

Roster and Game Summaries Outdoor 2004
Regional Team Roster
Outdoor 2004

   #                Name                   Home Club

   6            Friesen, Dallas            Southdale
14            Goossen, Manny             Windsor
12            Kelly, Dustin             Winakwa
18/K          Maurice, Brett             Dakota
   4            Muzyka, Jeremy             Southdale
   7            Nault, Pat                Lorette
   9/K          Raval, Nikeel             Notre Dame
10            Ross, Marc                Dakota
   2            Richards, Brennan          Dakota
13            Spooner, Jesse             Windsor
15            Sprout, Nelson             Winakwa
   K/16         Stanners, Johnathan       Winakwa
11            Cooper, Mike               Winakwa
   3            Yee. A. J.                Winakwa
   5            Young, Burton             Dakota
19            Kuran, Brett               Southdale

moved to Flames mid season:
8            Singh, Neil                Dakota
21            Desharnais, Alex          Norwood

Game Summary

Game 1          Sun May 2    Tournament Game 1   Memorial Oval 6:00 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno R5    5       Norberry Club D5    1
                         Scoring:    Richards (2); Desharnais; Nault; Kelly
                         Keeper:    Raval; Stanners
Game Summary:   Great first effort boys. We haven't had much time outside so far but you guys are working the sides and corners well. You were getting the crosses in consistently - now we just need to work on getting on the end of those crosses and getting shots on goal.
Lots of very good team play and good passing and communication.
On offense we still need to work on our 2 touch passing, sending the halfback or striker by finding the lane and sending the ball in front of our attacker, and releasing the ball early, before we get in trouble.
On defence we need to watch our marks and ensure that we're not getting outnumbered on the center line. If that happens someone needs to call the stopper or a halfback back to cover.
We need to step up our play as a team by challenging for the ball whenever we're closest to it and backing each other up.

Regular Season:
Game 1             Wed May 5       Riel Park    6:30 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno R5      1       Flames P6       3
                         Scoring:    Richards
                         Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary:   Hard fought guys. We went down 2 to 0 early in spite of having a number of good scoring chances. We pulled one back to bring it to 2-1 at the half.   They didn't score their 3rd until very late in the game (last 5 or 10 min). We had a number of good chances in the 2nd half but couldn't put one in.
That was a tough one to lose but don't push the panic button yet. There are a lot of good things that we can take away from that game, and some things we can work on to improve.
1. We still need to work on our passing in practice (hopefully our numbers will improve for practices). The difference between our game and theirs today was passing. They were just a little more "on" today than we were. With practice we'll get there too.
2. We need to read the play as it's developing and our defenders need to break back earlier to cut out the long pass. We've got a lot of speed on Defence but they had a Striker that was a half step faster today. One way to compensate for that is to set up a player in the Sweeper position to pick off those passes and close the lane back to our goal. We'll try that and see if that does it.
3. Our midfield needs to come back and overlap our defence when we're defending. We still need to get our work rate at midfield up. (Supporting both the offence and the defence takes a ton of running).
4. Our strikers are still leaving too much of a gap between them and the midfield.   Improved passing (give & go) will close up that gap as you need to stay closer together to make those passes.
5. Now that we're more familiar with our Keepers punting distance we'll need to learn how to use that to our advantage.
6. We need to continue to work on defending and attacking on Free Kicks and Corners (especially Corners today).
We faced a team tonight that has practiced harder and longer than we have. That's the only difference. We have the talent. We just need to improve our work rate, our team play and our tactics.
This was probably the easiest of our next 5 games. Now that we know what we're up against we'll have a better idea of how much we need to step up our game if we want to be competitive.
See you at practice on Saturday.

Game 2             Mon May 10      Grant Park South    6:00 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno R5      2       SEU P6       1
                         Scoring:    Yee; Richards
                         Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary:   Better game boys! Our passing improved over last game, your communication was better and we had lots of chances today.
We still need to improve our passing. Too many times we kicked it without really knowing where we wanted to send it. If you don't have someone to pass to, take the space they give you and move the ball forward. If you can't pass to anyone (forward, sideways or backward) and can't move the ball forward by dribbling, look for a longer pass through a "lane" or a "chip over" the defender in front of you or, if nothing else, hold the ball and wait (and call) for support.
We need to continue to practice our shooting as well. Too many times this game we were kicking from really far out, twice the distance of the penalty area. To improve our chances of success we need to move it to the edge or inside of the penalty area. 90 to 95% of all goals are scored from shots or re-directions from inside the penalty area.
We shouldn't get "over-confident" after this win. This team is probably the weakest of the D6 Premier Teams. North West, and Portage Trail D6 Premier will be as strong or stronger than the Flames D6 Premier team was and I think Phoenix will be somewhere in between SEU D6P and the others.

Game 3             Mon May 17      Shaughnessey Park    7:30 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno R5      4       North West P6      6
                         Scoring:    Kelly; Cooper; Kuran; Sprout
                         Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary:   Overall our best effort this season. Down 2 to 0 near the end of the first half we pulled one back before the break. In the second half we got our game going and went up 4 to 2. We took our foot off the gas and let them back into it and they were better at finishing than we were in those final few minutes. We had lots of chances today but it wasn't meant to be this time. Over all our passing is getting better, team play is improving and our defending overall was very good. We need to improve at controlling the play in the middle especially when we're defending, and that may mean that the strikers need to come back farther and faster to support our defensive efforts. This was a very strong team and you guys put a scare into them. We just need to learn how to keep our intensity level up for the full 90 minutes and we'll be fine. Good effort guys.

Game 4             Mon May 24      Sturgeon Road North (West)    6:00 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno R5      9      Portage Trail R5   1
                         Scoring:    Kelly (4); Kuran (2); Singh (2); Raval
                         Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary:   Brrrr... Cold and Wet. Great weather if you're a duck. You guys came ready to play. Over all some good things to take a away and still some things we can work on (in spite of the score). They had 6 or 7 good chances that they might have converted on another day. We went up 1 - 0 early and held it to 1-0 at the half. We were up 4 to 0 before they put their 1st one in. We answered quickly and then things started to click and we finished a number of unanswered goals.
There were at least 3 goals of ours that were excellent examples of why you should stay with your ball after the shot and follow it in to finish. Some very good through balls for breakaways that resulted either in great chances or goals.
Our communication was very good. Solid Goal Keeping and good passing even though it was wet and the ball tends to skip when things are this wet.
Defensively we still need the midfield and strikers coming back harder to support the defense when we're defending.   This helps move the ball out of our half more effectively.
We can't get over confident after one good game. We need to bring our "A" game for our next game (Wed) and be ready for a tough one. Good game guy's. Thanks to Mr. Yee for setting up the tent to keep us out of the rain. It's very much appreciated.

Game 5             Wed May 26    Sturgeon Road North (East)    7:00 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno R5      5      Portage Trail P6    4
                         Scoring:    Kelly (2); Singh; Ross; Nault
                         Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary:   Not as cold, not as wet (except for the swimming pool in the north east corner). You guys played a solid first half with the score 2-2 at the end of the first. We had a lapse for about 10 minutes in the second and they went ahead 4 to 2. You guy's didn't panic and outplayed them in the last 20 minutes to pull back even and then go ahead 5 to 4 with about 5 minutes left.
We still left the middle open a little more than we should (in the first half) and we closed that gap in the second by keeping the defense, midfield and strikers closer together as a unit. We backed off and stopped challenging for a short time in the second half for some reason but we picked it up a notch and were able to pull out a win. Great job guys! Communication is getting better, passing and team play is improving too. Keep up this intensity for Friday's game and we'll be fine.

Game 6            Wed May 28    Riel Park    6:00 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno R5      5      Phoenix 6P      0
                         Scoring:    Richards; Singh; Sprout; Stanners; Kuran
                         Keeper:    Cooper
Game Summary:   Very good game boys! You moved the ball well; communication was good; I saw lots of good passing and unselfish play. We were in control on corners with someone on the far post and someone long and we turned one corner into several shots a number of times.
Up 3 to 0 at the half, we had all of the pressure on them all game and converted two more in the second half. We were all around the net for most of the game.
We still need to move together up field as a unit (still too big of a gap between strikers and midfield). These guys didn't give us much of a game today but you stayed focussed and took advantage by staying in control and playing a smart ball control game. We need to work on shooting in practice to settle down a bit when we're in close and keep those shots low. Not that I wanted to run up the score but we just as easily could have scored another 5 to 10 goals if we had been a little more clinical in our finishing today. Great game. We'll face a tougher team in Portage La Prairie on Wednesday. Call me if you are not going to be there.

Game 7            Mon June 7 Riel Park    6:30 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno R5      6      SEU R5      1
                         Scoring:    Raval (3); Ross; Kelly; Singh
                         Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary:   Good Game. We controlled the play for most of the first half even though it was tied at one a piece early in the game. We went ahead 5 - 1 by the end of the first half against the wind on good passing and communication as well as great team play.
In the 2nd half we had a strong wind at our backs and played a solid defensive game with strong goal keeping, but we only managed one more goal.
We have a tough week + weekend ahead of us to try and qualify for the MSA Cup (Provincials). We just need to keep communicating, keep the passes short and challenge for the ball everytime the other team gets possession.

Game 8            Wed June 9       Shaughnessey Park   7:30 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno R5      1      North West R5      0
                         Scoring:    Kelly
                         Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary:   A very well played game both on Offence and on Defence. We had several players trying different positions today and we still controlled the majority of play.
Up 1 - 0 at the half on a well executed 3 man indirect free kick for a goal, we didn't score again but were all around their goal for most of the game.
Our defense and goal keeping continues to be solid.
Expect to be put to the test this weekend at the provincial qualifiers. If we get through to the game on Sunday the team we'll be playing goes to the corners very well (on the give and go using the third man running), crosses to the target area well and heads the ball on goal very effectively.
We'll have to mark each player tight and force him to pass or go through you. You can't leave your mark against this team or they'll punish you.

MSA Qualifier #1      
                   Sat June 12               Riel Park            2:00 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno R5      4          Phoenix R5      0
                         Scoring:    Kelly (2); Ross, Kuran
                         Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary:   A very well played game both on Offence and on Defence. You guys were on your game on and off of the ball. Lots of good short passes, lots of give and go, you used the sides and the corners well. You challenged for every ball and they were on their heels the entire game. The wind was strong but it really wasn't a factor in how you played. Up 3 - 0 by the end of the first half with the wind. We went into the second half with the wind in our faces and scored our fourth and played solid defense even when the wind was against us (about 60 kmph). We'll need to bring the same game (short passes, good support and communication, lots of give and go, consistent man marking), to our game tomorrow. Get lots of sleep tonight boys - big game tomorrow.

MSA Qualifier #2      
                   Sun June 13                Victoria Heritage            4:00 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno R5      1          SEU P5    5
                         Scoring:    Nault
                         Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary:   You guys played extremely well against this team. We were close for most of the game, down 2 to 0 at the half but we pulled one back about 10 minutes into the second half. It stayed 2 to 1 for much of the second half and we had several chances to tie it. They beat us 3 times in about a 10 minute span late in the second half to put the game away but it was a good experience for you guys to play a team at this level. These guys represented Manitoba at the Nationals last summer and placed 4th in the Country. You should be very happy with the game we played and with the final result even though we lost. Remember, our goal was to do exactly what we accomplished. Win the first game and show well in the second.

Game 9             Mon June 14             Riel Park   6:00 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno R5      5      Phoenix R5      1
                         Scoring:    Richards; Singh; Raval; Ross; Stanners
                         Keeper:    Stanners; Cooper
Game Summary:   Again, for the third time in 3 days you guys executed extremely well as a team. Your passing was very good, lots of one touch, lots of two touch, you used the space they gave you and you used your support behind you very well. We were up 3 to 0 at the half and it could have been 5 or 6. We scored our 4th in the second half before they got 1 back and then we closed out the scoring to make it 5 to 1.   We had lots of missed chances that we can learn from for future games.   
We controlled the majority of play and there were long stretches where the other team hardly touched the ball. We need to work on staying focussed when we over match the other team so that our game doesn't get sloppy.
We need to clean up our game. No cheap stuff, no retaliation, no trash talk, no dirty play. You guys have the highest level of talent in this league and you should be the cleanest team too. Use your skill to win and leave the dirty stuff to other teams.

Game 10          Wed June 16             Royalwood   6:00 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno R5      7      Portage Trail R5      2
                         Scoring:    Desharnais (2); Kelly; Goossen; Yee; Cooper; Ross
                         Keeper:    Raval; Kuran
Game Summary:   A rough start. We didn't really focus on the warm-up (weeds, bugs, lots of chit-chat) and PT took it to us early. Once you got your touch back and started to focus on passing and moving the ball as a team we opened up a little breathing room. Down 1 - 0 early on a questionable call we pulled even on a hard work goal, went ahead on a lucky "own goal" and scored two more before the half to make it 4 to 1.
We scored 3 more in the second half and had so many missed chances I lost count. There were at least 8 off sides that I'm sure the Ref only blew down so that we didn't run up the score (which is fine). We worked the long ball well this game but didn't spend alot of time on short passes and give and go. We'll have to bring back some of our "good habits" next practice.
I should mention that the score against would have been closer if not for excellent goal keeping from our Keeper stand-ins. We also had 5 guys that usually play defence up at striker and mid-field today and 2 halfbacks and 2 strikers on Defence so overall it was an excellent effort and result.
See EVERYBODY out for practice on Sunday! Time to tune up before the Golden Boy International Tournament. I'll pick up the schedule for it on the 18th. Stay tuned.

Game 11          Mon June 21             Riel Park   7:30 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno R5      4    Portage La Prairie R5      0
                         Scoring:    Kelly, Ross, Kuran, Friesen
                         Keeper:    Raval; Kuran
Game Summary:   Overall a well played team effort. Lots of good passing and support. Lots of give and go. Good crosses and some good execution and finishing. We still need to work on keeping our passes short; clearing our zone hard and fast when defending; and consistently shooting low and hard. Had we done that today we would have converted another 6+ goals (not that I wanted to run up the score).
Ahead 2 to 0 at the half we converted 2 more in the 2nd half to round out the scoring. They had 3 or 4 close chances that might have gone in on any other day so this was by no means an easy win. We can't take these guys for granted next time we meet them (in Portage La Prairie Aug 31).
This was our last tune up before the Thursday night Golden Boy game. Have a great week. Study hard and good luck with your exams. Call me if you need to miss a game due to exams.

Golden Boy Game #1
Game 1             Thur June 24             Blumberg #7    6:45 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno R5      1    Portage Trail P4      2
                         Scoring:    Singh
                         Keeper:    Kuran
                         Cautions:   Inferno   0      PT P4    0
Game Summary:   An extremely well played game both offensively and defensively. Tough because of a strong wind (40 kmph) and a wet field that makes the ball harder to handle. With the wind we took the play to them early and put them back on their heels. We had 3 or 4 great chances in the first half and they did as well. Great goal keeping and timely defending were the only reasons one of us weren't up by 2 or 3 at the half. To be tied at 0 at the half was an accomplishment. They went ahead 1 - 0 at about the 15 minute mark and we pulled even at 1 - 1 at about 20 minutes. They got their 2nd at 25 minutes and we were unable to equalize in the last 10 minutes. Be proud of your efforts today. 2 - 1 is a great result against this team. To a man you guys had a very good team effort today - great give and go, great one on one both attacking and defending - very good movement off of the ball to show for a pass, to support a team mate or to cover an attacker.

Golden Boy Game #2
Game 2             Fri June 25             Sturgeon Creek CC South    8:15 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno R5      1    Flames P5    1
                         Scoring:    Cooper
                         Keeper:    Stanners
                         Cautions: Inferno 0    Flames    3
Game Summary:   Wow! I know you guys wanted to win that one really badly but a tie is really the best result I could have asked for. I've been telling you guys all along, if you bring your "A" game you can play with anybody and you showed everyone that tonight. A tie means everybody goes home with something to improve upon.
You played very well as a team. Great communication,very good marking, you kept a high work rate going through the entire game, and you could just as easily have won that one.
You guys now know what you've always thought; if you play as a team you are more talented than a collection of talented players that try to do it all themselves. We need to learn from that too. We had times when we were trying to do it all by ourselves and we could have been even more successful if we had used the players around us.
Let's see if we can bring this high level of play to our third game in a row and have another go tomorrow. Great game guys!

Golden Boy Game #3
Game 3             Sat June 26             Sturgeon Creek CC South    8:00 am
                         Bonivital Inferno R5    0    ACFC Juventus (Regina P5)    5
                         Scoring:    -
                         Keeper:    Stanners
                         Cautions: Inferno 0    ACFC Juventus   0
Game Summary:   That was a very polished team. Good effort but we were outmatched today. These guys had very good set plays and scored on 4 of them and they had an effective system of play that comes from lots of practice and lots of game experience. They were Provincial Champs last year and played at a high level the entire game. It's tough to lose but it's important to try to take things away that can improve our game. We can work on defending indirect and direct free kicks in close - we haven't had many of those this season. We can work on our give and go and our ball movement in the middle third of the field. We also need to continue to stay together as a unit and not leave large gaps between the halfbacks and strikers when we're defending.
Down 3 - 0 at the half, they scored 2 more in the second half to round out the scoring.

Golden Boy Game #4
Game 4             Sun June 27             Sturgeon Creek CC South    9:45 am
                         Bonivital Inferno R5       1         Phoenix P5       3
                         Scoring:   Richards
                         Keeper:    Stanners   
                         Cautions:    Bonivital Inferno 0    Phoenix P5   0
Game Summary:   Good effort boys. We had some chances but we couldn't get it done today.    We finished the first half tied at 0. They went ahead 1 - 0 about 10 minutes into the second half.
Our defence and goal keeping were solid throughout the game. They moved the ball well and eventually connected on one on a deflection. We tied it at 1 on a penalty shot. They scored one more to go ahead 2 to 1 with about 10 minutes left and they only scored their third because we pushed everyone up to try and get the equalizer. There's no difference losing 2 to 1 or 3 to 1.
You guys had a great Soccer weekend, played against some great competition, had lots of touches on the ball, and grew a little as a team.
Take care of those injuries and we'll see you on Wednesday at our next Regular Season Game! Good job guys, I hope you had fun.

Game 12          Wed June 30          Grant Park North 6:00 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno R5      2          SEU R5    1
                         Scoring:    Kelly, Cooper
                         Keeper:    Kuran
Game Summary:   A good game defensively and in goal. You guys won most of the 1 on 1 balls defending. We had some nice passing and good communication but never got into a rythym on offence. We were rushing instead if building up patiently. We need to get a practice under our belts (Sunday) before our next game (Monday). Too many games lately and not enough practices. Remember to check the schedule on this web site - the 2nd Game of the week next week was moved to Thursday, at a different time AND also a different location.

Game 13          Mon July 5          Royalwood 7:30 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno R5      6          North West R5    0
                         Scoring:    Kelly (2); Richards; Muzyka; Ross; Kuran
                         Keeper:    Kuran; Stanners
Game Summary:   Wow, great game boys. Passing was amazing today, lots of team play, lots of give and go, lots of two touch passing, and great communication. You guys held the ball and waited for them to challenge and then made smart passes. We controlled the majority of the play. We had strong Defending when we needed it running their strikers down and running them out of space. We also had strong Goal Keeping when we needed it with several good saves. Up 4 to 0 at the half we scored 2 more in the 2nd half, but missed another 4 or 5 close ones through the course of the game. It's important to work on our "A" passing and communication game whenever we face a team that gives us that much space and you guys did that today. You kept the focus on "team play" and moved the ball really well. Let's bring the same effort on Thursday for our last game before the break.

Game 14          Thur July 8          Anderson Park South 6:00 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno R5      3          Phoenix R5    0
                         Scoring:    Friesen; Ross; Goossen
                         Keeper:    Kuran; Raval
Game Summary:   Now that was a great way to finish off the first half of the season boys! Your passing and communication was "on" today and once we got warmed up you really "schooled" them. They hardly touched the ball. I saw tons of great passing; lots of give and go; lots of great crosses and lots of unselfish play. Your "team play" is second to none in this league and your record shows it. Up 2 to 0 at the half we closed out the scoring in the second half with our 3rd goal. We had a number of other good chances and kept things very controlled at the back. The defence and Goal Keeping was solid.
You guys should be very proud of your Defence and Goal Keeping this season. As a team we've scored 60 goals for only given up 20 in league play. I doubt anyone can boast that kind of goals for/against differential.
Have a great summer break.
Do some stretching and some Coervers every couple of days and it wouldn't hurt to get the boys together for a scrimmage every once in a while - you guys have email and a phone so go for it.
I'll see you on August 19th for the scheduled practice - which will be our only tune up before we play in the Phoenix Tournament.

Phoenix Tournament Game #1
Game 1             Tues Aug 24             Transcona Stadium    7:15 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno R5      3    SEU R5      1
                         Scoring:    Richards, Kuran, Ross
                         Keeper:    Stanners; Kuran
                         Cautions:   Inferno   0      SEU R5    0
Game Summary:   A very good first game back from a long and well deserved break. As the game went along you started to get your first touch, short passing and team play back and we controlled the tempo of the game. With 2 extremely short halves we need to play the entire game with intensity and determination. If we don't we might give up a few and not have time to come back. This tournament will be a good tune up to the play-offs. We had several close chances that could easily have resulted in 2 or 3 more goals, and that's a good sign. It means those goals will come if we keep working at it.

Phoenix Tournament Game #2
Game 2             Wed Aug 25             Anderson Park North    7:15 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno R5    0    Oxford Heights C5   2                           
                         Scoring:    None
                         Keeper:    Stanners; Cooper
                         Cautions:   Inferno   0      Oxford      0
Game Summary:   Ouch. Lots of take aways from that one. Lets learn something from every game, but especially the ones we lose.
1. In these short games with only 25 minute halves we need to come out extremely hard and fast.   We need to play with intensity and challenge for every ball. Oxford were very agressive and played hard from start to finish.
2. Oxford didn't have a complicated game plan but they executed well. They could easily have scored 4 more goals on us than they did. We need to mark their strikers and our midfield needs to pick-up the midfielders coming in on the attack against us, otherwise our defense is out numbered.
3. Oxford played a fairly simple defensive game - kick it out (deep or to the side) whenever we come into their half. They also send the ball deep to the side or cross it to the opposite side (long pass) frequently. Our defense started to adjust to that.
4. Oxford's Keeper used the entire box. We need to work our passing more effectively, keeping the ball out of the box until we are ready to move in to shoot or cross the ball. Dump and run was not effective.
5. We didn't control the middle of the pitch today. When you face an aggressive team you need to pass back more, pass across to the other side more, and switch the play frequently.
6. Lot's of little things contributed to the loss today, but overall we make our own breaks. So rather than complaining about it, give credit where credit is due. The better team won today.
Let's learn from this one and come out hard for the next two and see if we can get into the finals. If we're there, and Oxford is there, we'll bring our "A" game and see if we can improve the result.

Phoenix Tournament Game #3
Game 3             Thur Aug 26            Anderson Park North    7:15 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno R5    3    Portage Trail R5    3                        
                         Scoring:    Kelly (2); Ross
                         Keeper:      Cooper
                         Cautions:   Inferno   0      Portage Trail      0
Game Summary:   We had the game won a couple of times and let them come back on us. We also had a few breaks against us with a penalty shot that shouldn't have been and extremely wet and mushy conditions (the ball stopped on their goal line about 6 times in the second half). A very strong effort overall in spite of the score. Well played boys.

Phoenix Tournament Game #4
Game 4             Fri Aug 27          Anderson Park North    7:15 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno R5    2   Phoenix R5   0                        
                         Scoring:    Kelly; Ross
                         Keeper:      Cooper; Stanners
                         Cautions:   Inferno   0       Phoenix      0
Game Summary:   Good Game boys. Passing was crisp, good communication and good team play. You guys were first to the ball consistently and you earned this win. We'll have to wait for the outcome of the two games tomorrow to know if we're in the finals or not.
We'll take Saturday off (no practice) regardless of whether we're in the finals of not. If we're not in the finals we'll practice on Sunday.

Phoenix Tournament Game #5
Game 5             Sun Aug 29          Anderson Park North    12:30 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno R5    4      Oxford Heights   3                        
                         Scoring:    Kelly (3); Ross
                         Keeper:    Stanners
                         Cautions:   Inferno   0       Phoenix      0
Game Summary:   Very good game. That's more like the team you are and can be when you talk, pass and work together. We learned from our previous game against these guys and made the necessary adjustments to the way we were defending, the way we were controlling the mid-field and the level of intensity. This was an excellent tournament to get back into it before we resume the outdoor season, play-offs and try-outs coming up right away. You guys earned those trophies. Great job!

Regular Season Resumes:

Game 15          Tue Aug 31         Portage La Prairie 6:30 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno R5      7          Portage Cobras R5    1
                         Scoring:    Kelly (2); Raval (2); Richards; Nault; Maurice
                         Keeper:    Stanners
Game Summary:   Excellent game guys. It was only 2 to 1 at the half but we started to control the middle of the field better in the 2nd half, we shortened up our passing and really took over control of the middle of the field in the 2nd half, scoring 5 unanswered goals. The 7th goal was in off the inside back post of the net and the ref didn't see it but we'll count it in all of our stats. Once you guys started to pass and use the space that they were giving us the game shifted to a really controlled game that was a pleasure to watch. That field was AMAZING. Flat, soft, short grass and a HUGE playing surface. It must have been like playing on a Professional field.
All of us need to remember to RESPECT the REFEREE and do not argue their decisions or whine about it when we don't agree. Just suck it up and get on with the game. No referee ever changes a call because of players complaining. If they made the wrong call they'll even things up over time. Let's refocus on being really good sports and having respect for our opponents, fans and referees.

Exhibition Game:
Game 27          Mon Sept 6       Smuggler's Cove
                         Bonivital Inferno R5    1       Flames P5      2
                         Scoring:    Kelly
                         Keeper:      Stanners; Kuran
Game Summary:    A very good "tune up" as we head into the play-offs. Your passing and team play was superior to theirs, and overall you moved the ball well, controlled much of the play and defended very well. But for a shot off the post that went in, in "extra time", we would have settled for a draw against them.
I know you guys don't like losing to them. Remember the "sting" of that loss as we go into the play-offs and let's give every effort required to make sure that we work hard enough and work as a team, so that we minimize the chances of having to feel that "sting" again this outdoor season.
As long as you can walk away from the field knowing that you gave the game everything you had, then you can walk off proud of your efforts, no matter what the outcome of the game.

Game 28          Wed Sept 8       Sturgeon Road North (West)
                         Bonivital Inferno R5    5       Portage Trail R5   0
                         Scoring:    Kelly (2); Young; Nault; Ross
                         Keeper:      Stanners; Kuran
Game Summary:    A strong overall first effort to start off the play-offs. Both Defence and Mid-field controlled the middle of the field and distributed the ball to the offense well. Offense moved the ball well and had lots of chances and converted on many. Mid field supported both the offense and the defense very well. Defense was extremely solid throughout the game keeping the back clear and the slate clean. Solid goalkeeping once again. You can be proud of the consistently solid defensive effort. You guys passed very well and used the space that PT gave us and controlled play both ways. Up 1 to 0 at the half we were able to give ourselves some breathing room in the second half by scoring 4 unanswered goals (2 on hard earned penalty shots). Great game boys!

Game 29          Sat   Sept 11      Riel Park
                         Bonivital Inferno R5    3       Phoenix R5   0
                         Scoring:    Kuran (2); Ross
                         Keeper:      Stanners; Kuran
Game Summary:    Excellent game overall. We took about 20 minutes in the first half to get going but we defended well in that time so no harm done. We need to focus on our warm-up more seriously if we want to start strong. Once we took control of the middle of the field and started to use the sides more the scoring opportunities started coming. Up 3 to 0 at the half we really controlled the play in the second half but were unable to score any more goals. We had many close chances and could just as easily have been up by another 3. We'll need to play a strong game from start to finish tomorrow so get some rest and bring your "A" game on Sunday. Let's see if we can keep the excellent passing, great team work, good communication, strong offense and defense and solid goal tending going and put in another strong effort. Great game boys!

Game 30          Sun   Sept 12      Riel Park
                         Bonivital Inferno R5    0       South End United R5   0
                         Scoring:    None.
                         Keeper:      Stanners.
Game Summary:    Truly one of the best games we've played this year.   Defense and Goal Keeping were very solid. Although SEU did have a number of chances they were all either rushed or under pressure preventing quality shots. Our Offense generated many chances, 5 or 6 that were so close it's a wonder they didn't go in. We should feel very good about our game. We could have lost it by 1 just as easily as we could have won it by 4 or 5. Now we know the level that we need to keep our game at for the next 3 games. If we can finish in 1st or 2nd we'll have to bring that level of play to the Final. Great game boys! Keep up the great team play and hard work.

Game 31          Sat   Sept 18       St. Vital Park
                         Bonivital Inferno R5    10       Portage La Prairie R5   0
                         Scoring:    Raval (4); Ross (2); Kelly (2); Richards; Kuran
                         Keeper:      Stanners; Friesen.
Game Summary:    One of the few games that I wasn't able to make. From all accounts that I've heard you guys controlled the game, played well as a team and had a bunch of fun too. Our next game will decide if we make the finals or not. See you at the practice Wednesday; or if not Wednesday; at the Try-outs on Friday and at the game on Saturday. Let's bring our "A" game and give it our best shot.

Game 32          Sat   Sept 25       Shaughnessey Park
                         Bonivital Inferno R5    2         North West R5   0
                         Scoring:      Kelly; Nault
                         Keeper:      Stanners
Game Summary:    Great game boys! You've earned your place in the City Championship next Sunday. We only had two subs but you guys played a solid control game and had the vast majority of quality chances and pressure.
Up 1 to 0 at the half, we went ahead 2 to 0 in the second half, and faced a hot Keeper that kept them in it. Our strikers and mid-field had quality chances and our defence and Keeper were solid once again. Our midfield contributed to that defensive effort as well, by coming back into the play to help out.
I saw tons of great communication; lots of give & go, lots of third man running and aggressive challenging and tackling. We won the majority of the 1 on 1 challenges both attacking and defending but it was our "team play" that stole the show!
Over 5 play-off games we scored 20 goals and did not allow one. That's amazing defending! Also consider that our goal scoring is spread over 7 players for the play-offs and 17 out of 18 for the regular season. That's Great Teamwork!
We need to focus on 2 more practices, and one more game and we'll see if we can win this thing. If you like hardware, you've earned 1 trophy (for winning the league) and you'll play for another one (for the city championships). Let's make sure that we get lots of sleep on Friday and Saturday night next weekend and bring our "A" game to the finals.


FINAL             Sun   October 3       Blumberg Field #4
                         Bonivital Inferno R5    3         South End United R5   1
                         Scoring:      Ross; Kelly; Raval
                         Keeper:      Stanners
Game Summary:    Wow. That was extremely cold and extremely windy. With the wind against us in the first half you guys focussed on strong defence and good ball movement. South End had a lot of pressure on us early but our Goal Keeping was solid keeping us in the game early on. South End scored first going up 1 to 0 but you guys kept playing your game and scored to tie it 1 to 1 late in the half.
Once we took the wind advantage in the second half, your great passing and team play took over control of the game. Our defence and Goal Keeping still had several important contributions in the second half but our midfield and striker team play and ball control ensured that we went up 3 to 1 on 2 unanswered goals and that we kept the pressure on them for the remainder of the game.
Great Game boys! Great Season too! You are the Regional League and City Champions for Outdoor this season. For many of us, it's the first time we can say that.
It was a pleasure coaching such a great group of talented players this summer. For those of you that are taking the winter off to play other sports and focus on school - have a great break and hopefully we'll see you next summer (either on the Flames or on the Regional Team). For those of you playing indoor this winter, expect a call today or tomorrow regarding which team you will be asked to play for this winter.

Indoor & Outdoor 2003 Roster
Indoor Team 2003/4

4             Jeremy Muzyka                           Southdale
6             Alex Desharnais                         Windsor
7             Dan Marion                                 Notre Dame
8             Neil Singh                                    Dakota
9   / K      Nik Raval                                     Notre Dame
10            Marc Ross                                  Dakota
11            Joel Rodriguez                            Norberry
K / 12    Mark Di Ubaldo                         Fort Richmond (added Nov. 17, 2003)
13            Jesse Spooner                            Windsor
14            Manny Goossen                        Windsor
15            Nels Sprout                                 Windsor
16            Dallas Friesen                              Southdale
17            Jared Daoust                               Dakota                           
18            Brett Maurice                              Dakota


7             Pat Nault                              Lorette       (went to Flames for Indoor)
11            Sukesh Shaw                      Southdale (went to Flames for Indoor)

Inferno Player List

Outdoor Team 2003

2003 Outdoor Division 6:
#               Name                                           Home Club

2/K          Mik Gerylo                                  Greendell
3             A.J. Yee                                       Winakwa
4             Jeremy Muzyka                           Southdale
6             Alex Desharnais                         Windsor (joined us June 19th)
7             Pat Nault                                     Lorette
8/K          Neil Singh                                    Dakota
9             Nik Raval                                     Notre Dame
10            Dustin Kelly                               Winakwa
11            Sukesh Shaw                               Southdale
13            Jesse Spooner                            Windsor
14            Matt Bhullar                                 Southdale
15            Nels Sprout                                 Windsor
16            Dallas Friesen                              Southdale
18/K       Brett Maurice                              Dakota
19/K       Jared Daoust                               Dakota                           
20            Dan Marion                                 Notre Dame

21            Drew Shebaylo-Merry               Winakwa
               (moved to Flames permanently June 12, 2003)

Game Summaries Indoor 2003/4
Game Summary

Game 1          Wed Oct 15    Tournament Game 1   7 Oaks 7:30 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno    3       NW Knights P7    12
                         Scoring: Marion (3)
                         Keeper: Daoust, Maurice
Game Summary: Good first effort. We learned a bunch of things and we'll get better every game. Our pace, passing and effort have to pick up a knotch to stay in the game for indoor. This is a great tournament to get our game worked out before the season starts. If we work hard we'll see these guys again and we'll see if we can do better next time.

Game 2          Thur Oct 16    Tournament Game 2   7 Oaks 6:15 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno   14       NW Competitive 12yr   3
                         Scoring: Marion (4); Spooner (2); Singh (2); Raval (2);
                                          Rodreguis (2); Freisen; Ross
                                                 Keeper: Daoust, Maurice
Game Summary: Another great effort. This team was smaller and less skilled on the ball (also 2 years younger than us). We shouldn't take alot about the competition away from that game but it was a great opportunity to get our passing and communication game going. Lots of guys had lots of chances and we scored a few. If we work hard in the next game (we finished 2nd so we'll play 1st place in the other pool) we'll be in the final. I think SEU Regional Div 6 is in first place in the other pool so it's an added bonus and extra incentive to do well. We get a second shot at the team that beat us in the outdoor finals. Let's carry that idea into the game and bring our "A" game. Check the schedule for game time.

Game 3         Sat Oct 18    Tournament Game 3   7 Oaks 6:00 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno   5       SEU 6            3
                         Scoring: Marion (2); Ross (2); Sprout
                         Keeper: Raval, Daoust
Game Summary: A great tune up just before the regular season. This was the team we played in the finals for outdoor so it will be a realistic test of what we can expect for competition indoor this season. Down 3 to 2 at the half, you dug down deep and played great as a team (lots of passing, communication and ball skills) and outscored them 3 to 0 in the second half.

Game 4       Sun Oct 19    Tournament Game 4   7 Oaks 6:15 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno   1       NW Knights P7         5
                         Scoring:    Rodreguis
                         Keeper: Daoust, Maurice
Game Summary: A big improvement over our first effort against these guys. This tournament was a great "running start" to the season. You guys will come out strong for the indoor season because we've had an opportunity to work the bugs out of our game and get familiar with each other in game situations. I really like playing at 7 Oaks because it's the hardest indoor surface to play on so your conditioning will be better after 4 games there than anywhere else. Remember that you can't wear outdoor Cleats anywhere else but here.
You guys worked REALLY hard and played great games. Let's put that same effort into our practices and we'll come out strong for the regular season. See you at practice on Wednesday at Varennes.

Regular Season:

Game 1       Tues Oct 28                Court Sports            8:30 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno   5       Southend United    2
                         Scoring:    Ross; Marion; Rodreguis; Goossen; Muzyka
                         Cautions: Daoust             (SEU = 1)
                         Keeper:   Raval
Game Summary: Fabulous first effort. We had 5 players in the striker position tonight and each one scored once. Defense had lots of work and did a really good job but we still needed our Keeper to have an outstanding game to walk away with a win. Up 1 to 0; tied at 1 and then up 2 to 1 at the half. SEU tied it at 2 early in the 2nd half but we kept the pressure on and put the game away. We need everyone to control their tempers and let the other team take the penalties. Two minutes in the box can hurt the team too much in indoor so we need to work on playing clean and playing hard and walking away when someone tries to draw you into a penalty.

Game 2       Tues Nov 4                Winter Club                8:30 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno   5       North West R6       4                        
                         Scoring:    Marion (3); Singh; Rodreguis
                         Cautions: Raval; Marion   (NW = 1)
                         Keeper:   Maurice; Daoust
Game Summary: Great second game boys! North West is always a tough game and always dirty. The important thing is NOT to retaliate. We were up 3 to 1 at the half and up 4 to 1 before they came back to make it 4 to 3. We scored our 5th before they got their 4th. We still had too many cards in that game (2). We need to work on playing hard and clean. Our passing and ball skills were what set us apart from Northwest tonight - and that's what frustrated them.    They got away with a lot of cheap stuff behind the play that another Ref would have caught, but you didn't let it take you off of your game. Lots of great heads up passing - man do you guys play well as a team! and so early in the season. Keep it up!

Game 3       Tues Nov 11                Gateway                      8:30 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno   3       Phoenix R6       1                        
                         Scoring:    Ross, Marion; Singh
                         Cautions: Singh                (Phoenix = 2)
                         Keeper:   Raval; Daoust
Game Summary: Another great game. Lots of passing, great control and use of Coervers. They were rough but you can expect that in this league. Just keep playing our game and don't retaliate. We still need to work on laying the ball off to the side or back to keep the defence involved but overall a very good game. Play clean - you carry your cautions for 4 games before they re-set to "0". If you accumulate 2 yellows over those 4 games you sit out one game as a "red card".

Game 4       Tues Nov 18               Court Sports                      8:30 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno   7         Portage Trail R6       1                        
                         Scoring: Marion (3); Ross (2); Goossen; Raval
                         Cautions:    None
                         Keeper:   Di Ubaldo
Game Summary: Excellent effort boys! You played aggressively challenging right from the start and you were 1/2 a step ahead of them all game. Lots of great passing and unselfish play. We could have had 5 or 6 more if the ball had bounced our way. Very tight marking on defense. A very good first effort for our new Keeper. Great job. The Defense played well, and the midfield came back to support them which kept the shots on goal manageable and Mark came up big when we needed him too. I thought Alex had a goal on a direct free kick near the end of the game but apparently Nik tipped it on its way in. Great team goal boys. We had two other indirect kicks that went straight in and didn't touch a second player so they didn't count for us. We need to remember to use a two man play on the kick for indirects and someone has to try and get a piece of it on the way in (for the games when those goals will make the difference).

Game 5       Wed Dec 3               Winter Club                      6:00 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno   5         SEU R6       4                        
                         Scoring:   Ross (2); Raval; Singh; Muzyka
                         Cautions:    None
                         Keeper:       Di Ubaldo
Game Summary: Bit of a rough start after a 2 week lay-off on our bye week which was to be expected. They got up 2 - 0 early but we battled back to tie it 2 - 2 at the half. From there we scored bringing it to 3 - 2, they tied it at 3 -3, we went ahead 4 - 3 and again they tied it at 4 - 4 before we went ahead on a nice team goal (Dan and Jer) with only a few minutes left. Defence and the Center need to talk more to make sure we pick up their late man coming in. Our Keeper came up big when it counted stoning them at least 3 times when they slipped past the Defense to go one on one with him.
Once we shortened up the passes and started using the sides and the corners we took control of the game. Great effort boys! Let's come out hard on Sunday.

Game 6       Sun Dec 7               Cover All                      1:00 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno   2         Portage Trail R6       3                        
                         Scoring:      Marion; Friesen
                         Cautions:    Marion; Singh         (Portage Trail = 3)
                         Keeper:       Di Ubaldo
Game Summary: They came out harder than us and played like they had nothing to lose. They were first to the ball and out worked us for the first 40 minutes. We really didn't start to play like we are capable until the final 20 minutes. We need to learn, as a team, to come out and play each game hard from the opening kick-off. We were down 0-2 at the half and pulled one back in the last 20 minutes of the second half. They went back up to 1-3 before we scored our second to make it 2-3. It's tough playing from behind and their Keeper was on his game. We also could have used the corners a little more (too many long passes back to middle and into their Keeper). Once again our Keeper came up big when our defense broke down. We'll need to work on the mid-field position picking up the 3rd man coming in for the shot.

Game 7       Wed Dec 10               7 Oaks                      6:00 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno   4       North West R6       1                        
                         Scoring:   Ross (2); Goossen; Muzyka
                         Cautions:    Ross         (North West = 0)
                         Keeper:       Di Ubaldo
Game Summary: Great recovery from last game boys! You came out and really got your passing game and ball handling going and outworked them from start to finish. Again, our Keeper came up big at least twice in the first half denying Northwest when they were sure that they were going to score. We were up 2-0 at the end of the half and they pulled one back in the second but you kept the pressure on and scored the third and forth goals on great finishing around the goal. One practice tomorrow night and one more game next Wednesday before the Christmas break!

Game 8       Wed Dec 17               Winter Club                  8:30pm
                         Bonivital Inferno   5       Phoenix R6       2                        
                         Scoring:   Ross (2); Marion; Singh; Desharnais
                         Cautions:    None       (Phoenix: 2 yellow; 1 red)
                         Keeper:       Di Ubaldo
Game Summary: Great way to finish up right before the Christmas break.
We had a little bit of a rough start because I think you were trying to do everything all at once (passes too long; rushing shots). Still we went up 1-0 early; let them come back on us, up 2 - 1 and they tied it again 2-2 at the half.
From there you settled things down, shortened up the passing, got the give and go going and WOW! We scored 3 beautiful unanswered goals. All of them great passing plays of 3 or 4 touches and then confident finishing. All of that along with another solid effort from the Keeper making key stops when we needed them. That's a great way to end the first half of the season.
Now it's time to heal, take it easy and enjoy the Christmas season. Try to spend 20 to 30 minutes stretching everyday; (quads, groin, achilies, hamstrings - you know the drill). If you have a ball and a basement try and spend 20 to 30 minutes doing Coervers every second day. (Cover stop, cover hop, Cover tap tap; once you get into it you'll remember all of the moves).          MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Game 9      Mon Jan 12               Winter Club                  6:00pm
                         Bonivital Inferno   3       Flames P7       2                        
                         Scoring:    Marion; Raval; Desharnais
                         Cautions:    Marion       (Flames = None)
                         Keeper:       Di Ubaldo
Game Summary: Wow that one was a barn burner. The other team played hard from the start to the finish but we matched them with skill and effort.   Our passing was very good today. It's nice to see that you were able to recover so quickly from the Christmas break with a solid effort and a hard earned win. Our Keeper was solid throughout the entire game and made 4 or 5 key stops early in the first half to keep us in it when we were still finding our legs. Solid goal keeping gives the rest of the team the confidence to go out and play hard for the rest of the game. We had two penalty kicks that weren't converted but we were still down only 2 to 0 at the half. We really picked up our game in the second half and pulled two back with only 5 minutes or so left to go to tie it at 2 all. Their Keeper slide tackled our striker in the last few minutes in their box and that caused a penalty shot that was converted with an unstoppable top corner pick. I would have been happy with the tie but I'm thrilled with the win. Great effort boys! We'll have to come out this hard for every game for the rest of the season if we are going to continue to be successful and you know how good you can be if you work hard. Most importantly, we need to remember to play as a team.

Game 10          Mon Jan 19             Winter Club                  7:15 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno   6       South End United P7   2                        
                         Scoring:    Marion (2); Ross (2); Di Ubaldo (2)
                         Cautions:    None
                         Keeper:       Di Ubaldo; Raval
Game Summary: Very good game boy's. The other team were on their heels for most of the game but you kept your passing and position play sharp and didn't get lazy. We changed up the offensive and defensive set-up to try something different and it took most of the half to settle into it. Strong effort on the part of both Keepers, solid defence and great passing and give & go on offense. The next 3 games will get progressively harder so we'll need to work hard in practice on all aspects of our game.

Game 11          Mon Jan 26             7 Oaks                  8:30 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno   1       North West P7   1                        
                         Scoring:    Marion
                         Cautions:    None
                         Keeper:       Di Ubaldo
Game Summary: Excellent game boys! We very nearly won that one and we should be happy with a tie. You played solid defence all game, with everyone coming back to defend as a unit. Every time one of their players beat one of ours there was someone backing him up. Our Keeper was solid as well, keeping us close the entire game. Tied 0 - 0 at the half, we went ahead 1 - 0 early in the second half. Both teams traded chances until they tied it with about 4 minutes left in the game. We had lots of chances but their Keeper made some key saves and it wasn't meant to be today. Be proud of your efforts today. You played really well as a team and played a fabulous team game. We'll need to bring our "A" game to our next game, just like we did today.

Game 12          Mon Feb 2             Winter Club                  6:00 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno   6       Portage Trail P7    5                        
                         Scoring:    Ross (3); Singh; Raval; Di Ubaldo
                         Cautions:    None
                         Keeper:       Di Ubaldo; Daoust
Game Summary: Hard fought win boys! You came out hard from the start and stayed one step ahead of them all game. You won most of the one on ones and covered each other very well when defending. If we can keep putting together a consistent effort as a team like the last two games we'll continue to be strong contenders through the play-offs. Keep the intensity level up, keep working really hard and practice with focus and you'll continue to have fun and be successful.

Game 13          Mon Feb 9             Gateway                  8:30 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno   6       Phoenix   P7    0                        
                         Scoring:    Marion (2); Singh (2); Ross; Di Ubaldo
                         Cautions:    Ross                (Phoenix = 1)
                         Keeper:       Di Ubaldo; Raval
Game Summary: Great team game guys! We were only up 1 - 0 at the half although we dominated play. You're passing was right on today and you really played well as a team. In the second half you really opened up the scoring with some beautiful passing and team goals. The Keepers were solid again this game and turned everything away that they could bring. You were half a step ahead of them every time they tried to pass or get something going. Being first to the ball really turned it over in our favor all game long. Let's bring the same enthusiasm to the playoffs and we'll do well.

Challenge Cup Play-Offs:

Game 1             Thurs Feb 19             Court Sports                  6:30 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno   6       South End United    3                        
                         Scoring:    Marion (3); Raval (2); Ross
                         Cautions:    None
                         Keeper:       Di Ubaldo
Game Summary: Excellent start to the Play-Offs boy's. We came out a little rough with our marking in the first half but still managed to pull ahead 1 to 0 and hold that lead until late in the first half when they tied it up. We went into the second half strong, tightened up our passing, marked tight, challenged aggressively and kept playing as a team and scored early in the second half. Soon after that we opened up the game with some great team passing and scoring. It's a new season so expect every team to come out hard each game. See you all at the late practice on Thursday night (8:30 PM to 9:30 PM) which will be an important tune-up for Friday Night's game, and remember the practice at Dakota Community Club on Saturday from 1:45 PM to 3:00 PM.

Game 2             Thurs Feb 27             Winter Club                  6:00 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno   2       North West    3                        
                         Scoring:    Sprout; Raval
                         Cautions:    None            (North West = 1)
                         Keeper:       Di Ubaldo
Game Summary: Tough one to lose boys. We came out hard and organized and scored one early. Overall we outplayed them in the first half but they scored two quick ones with only about 5 minutes left before the half. They got a very lucky one early in the second to put them up 3 to 1 and it took us until about half way through the second half before we scored our second. Overall we spent the second half rushing things whenever we got possession with long passes and shots from far out. Too often we went down the middle and either right to their defence in the middle or right to their keeper. We need to focus on building up the play slowly, using the sides and corners, looking for the open man or the man coming in and laying the ball off for the shot from the open. On defense we need to pick up the late man coming in, we need to challenge and go to the feet of the shooter closing him down quickly and clear to the sides not the middle. It's a good time to lose one as long as we learn from it. Let's consider this our one wake-up call. We need to play as a team and give it our best effort if we want to earn our place in the final. I hope to see you all at the practice on Saturday.

Game 3             Thurs Mar 4             Gateway                  6:00 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno   1       Phoenix    4                        
                         Scoring:    Ross
                         Cautions:    Marion          (Phoenix = none)
                         Keeper:       Di Ubaldo
Game Summary: Good first half overall. We played reasonably well in the first half and went into the second half tied at one. Our lack of preparation showed in the second half. They scored to go up 2 to 1 and we stopped moving the ball as a team, because we stopped playing as a team and we really let them take over the game. Individual effort at this level will move the ball about half way up the field, but if we don't support each other and build up play patiently, we'll turn the ball over when we hit their second or third man.
It's okay to lose, in fact, I think you learn much more from the games you lose than you do from the games you win. We need to realize that if we don't make the effort to practice as a team we can't play as a team in games. The teams that work the hardest, have the talent and a bit of luck will usually win in this league. We have the talent to be more successful than we have been the last two games. We haven't been lucky (I believe that you make your own luck by working hard, using your creativity, and playing as a team) and we haven't played well as a team. I firmly believe that if we make the commitment to attend practice, we'll see better results in games because we'll play as a team. See you Thursday at Practice before Friday's Game.

Game 4             Fri Mar 12            Winter Club                  6:00 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno   3       Portage Trail    2                        
                         Scoring:    Daoust (2); Marion
                         Cautions:    Ross          (Portage Trial = none)
                         Keeper:       Di Ubaldo
Game Summary: That was more like it. You guys played like the team that finished in first place for the regular season. It was very good to see that so many of you were able to make it to the practice before the game and I firmly believe that the practice as a team helped you guys play as a team. Our passing was "on" and every one of our goals was a "team goal". You got the "give and go" going, used the sides and corners and hustled from the beginning through to the end.
Things we can work on:
When we have a chance to shoot, keep it low and make it really hard. If you're in the corner with the ball and don't have the angle to shoot, look for the pass back to the defence or to the middle to another player.
We still need to tighten up our movement coming out of our end to keep the offense and defence closer together (that allows us to build up our attack more patiently and move the ball as a team). We also need to improve our marking when we're defending in our end (we left one of their men open a few times in the game and it cost us one goal and they came close on a few more). Each player needs to pick up a man, stay in his "back pocket" and stay "goal side" and talk to each other so that no one gets out numbered.
We'll see you on Thursday night (the 18th) at the practice and again at the try-out on Saturday (the 20th). We'll play on Sunday (the 21st), I just won't know when until later this week. Let's take things one at a time and not look too far ahead. We need to wait for the outcome of the games to be played to see if we make it to 3rd place and even if we do, we'll need to play that game like it's our last game of the season to make it to the final. That is, of course, because if we don't play that way, it will be our last game of the season. What ever happens, you guys should be proud of the season you have had. You played hard, you played as a team, and I hope you had fun. You played clean and played well consistently and you are the City Champs for the regular season.

Semi Final          Sun Mar 21            Court Sports               
7:15 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno   5       North West    1
                         Scoring:      Marion (3); Spout; Singh
                         Cautions:    none          (North West =none)
                         Keeper:       Di Ubaldo
Game Summary: Now that's the team I know! You guys were awesome. To
a man you guys worked extremely hard from start to finish. Your passing
and communication was outstanding and you controlled the majority of
play throughout the game. When North West got chippy to try and throw
you off of your game you just played harder, worked harder and tried
harder and played even more as a team.
That's exactly what we need to do on Wednesday. Bring our "A" game,
communicate, use the space they give us, use the sides and corners, give
and go, and outwork the other team from start to finish. If we do all
of those things we'll give ourselves a really good chance to finish
We were up 2 to 0 at the half and made it 4 to 0 in the second before
they pulled one back. Our 5th goal closed out the scoring. We had lots
of chances today because our passing was really clicking and we had lots
of shots as a result.
Everyone needs to remember that "team play" got us here, and no one can
do this all by themselves so team play is very important to our
continued success.
Everyone also needs to remember that there isn't anything about the
team we're playing that we haven't seen before. We've beaten them twice
and they've beaten us once. There are no big surprizes. If we play
hard, shoot lots and play as a team and don't give up on ourselves if we
get down we can do this.
Some of you have something to prove to yourselves too. We've been to
the final a few times now (indoor and outdoor) and we've played better
teams on the day and come up short. I believe that this is "our" time.
Our time to be the "better team " on the day. If you believe it too, we
can make it happen.
Any way you slice this one, it's the final game of the year. We're
lucky to find ourselves playing in this one as it turns out, while
everyone else is sitting at home wondering what it would be like. Let's
do all of those things that we need to do to win this thing but most
importantly let's try and have fun doing

FINAL                Wed Mar 24            Winter Club      7:15 pm
                         Bonivital Inferno   3       Phoenix    2
                         Scoring:      Raval; Goossen; Ross
                         Cautions:    Ross          (Phoenix = 1)
                         Keeper:       Di Ubaldo
Game Summary:

   REGIONAL CITY CHAMPS......... sounds pretty good doesn't it.

Great game and a great season boys! You had to dig deep for this one.
Each one of you came ready to play, each one of you worked hard from
start to finish, each one of you contributed to this win and to a very
successful season. A great TEAM effort.
We were up 1 to 0 early and they tied it and went ahead 2 to 1 before
the half. We came out strong in the second, played well as a team, got
our team passing going and tied it up about half way through the second
half (with a great team goal) and the momentum shifted in our favor.
Their Keeper kept them in the game but our constant pressure paid off
when our third came with about 5 minutes left. We tightened up
defensively for the last 5 and still managed a few good shots and
pressure and drew a penalty in the last two minutes. With a man up for
the last 2 minutes you guys looked like Manchester United out there
passing the ball around playing keep away and in total control.

I think the team that most deserved to win the championship this season
won it. It doesn't always work out that way but it did this time. You
were consistent all through the regular season finishing 11W-1L-1T, and
stumbled a bit in the playoffs at 4W-2L-0T but came through when it

We won't have much time to savour the win and the championship as:
       - I'll be calling players this week to notify them regarding
who made the team for Regional Outdoor.
       - we'll get together after Spring Break for a Wind-Up and a
Pizza Party.
          (Cambrian Credit Union gave us a $50 Pizza Place Gift
       - we'll start practicing in indoors (at Varennes) in April for
the Outdoor season.
    (Every Wednesday night 7:00 PM to 8:15 PM - April 7, 14, 21, 28).
       - we'll order Sweat Shirts for the team (approx. $40 to $50
each) and we'll have to size for them (probably at the wind-up).

You can be very Proud of the season you had guys. I'm very proud of
all of you. Have a Very Happy Easter.

Game Summaries Outdoor 2003
Game Summary


Exhibition 1   April 30               6:00 PM             Charing Cross   
                      Bonivital Inferno      4       Flames D7P      1
                      Keeper - Daoust; Maurice
                      Scoring - Kelly; Yee; Nault; Marion
Summary:    An excellent first effort. All of the goals were the result of a good team effort (and execution of a set piece in one case - and that's very good) (note: A "set piece" is a play that we have practiced to use in a specific situation - like a corner kick, free kick, etc).   We had chances for even more and we'll get those with continued commitment to team work, practice and a consistent work ethic.
We need to remember that they missed the goal by inches 3 or 4 times (as did we) so the outcome was not pre-decided.
We used the sides and the corners more as the game went on (that's good). The mid field is getting the hang of overlapping when we're defending (that's good too).
We're still adjusting to a style of play that is different to half of the team but it is effective if we work at it until everyone is comfortable with what to do.
Up 1 to 0 after the first half and up 3 to 0 before they scored their first. We answered with another and that's a good sign as it tells me that we're still offensive minded, even after a goal against.


Game   1       May   4                   6:00 PM             Memorial Park   
                      Bonivital Inferno      7          North West      0
                      Keeper - Daoust; Gerylo
                      Scoring - Kelly (2); Marion (2); Muzyka; Singh, Spooner
Summary:    What a great way to start off the season! Great communication, even the fans said you guys really talk alot to each other. You used the sides, I saw lots of give and go to the corners, and tons of unselfish play. You took the time to control the ball with your first touch and look at what was developing in front of you before you tried a pass and that made all the difference today. We controlled the play in the middle third, in the defensive third and in the attacking third today - by challenging the player with the ball.   
Our corners and crosses are improving and several players had several tries. We're getting the ball across consistently, now we need to start positioning strikers in the right places to start finishing those crosses consistently.    The defense and the mid-field is starting to hit the target area on the other side of center, and that's breaking the offense out of our half quickly.
The mid-field is starting to get the hang of overlapping the defense when they step up and that's killing the other teams offensive chances.
Up 2 to 0 against the wind after the 1st half, we controlled the play in the second half with the wind, and scored 5 more. (Boring game for the guys playing Keeper today - sorry guys....)               Great Game guys!

Game   2       May   6                   7:00 PM             Republic of Manitobah Park   
                      Bonivital Inferno      5      Portage La Prairie Cobras 3                     
                      Keeper - Daoust; Maurice
                      Scoring - Kelly (4); Marion
Summary:    Another good game. These guys are great competition. We were up 3 to 1 at the half with the wind. They came back on us when they got the wind on their side and tied things up 3 to 3. We dug deep as a team with about 4 minutes left and pushed back against the wind to score the 4th and winning goal. Then Dusty caught the Keeper off of his line and chipped one in from about 50 feet out to put it away. Lots of great passing and team play. Let's keep working on communication and two touch passing and give and go and we'll keep improving.

Game   3       May   8                   6:00 PM             Riel Park
                      Bonivital Inferno      2       South End United    0                     
                      Keeper - Daoust; Gerylo
                      Scoring - Kelly (2)
Summary:    Good work boys. This was the toughest competition yet and you can count on them getting better too. They had the ball in our half more than we've been there in the first 2 games combined. The defence held their own but we'll have to work on ways to clear the ball and move the ball up field. We'll also need to focus on our coervers, ball control and passing in our 3 practices before our next game. Between this and our crossing and corners we'll have plenty to work on and we'll have some fun doing it. See everyone Tuesday night (Mother's Day Sunday practice is cancelled).
Up 1-0 after the half and they started to apply some consistent pressure but nothing a well timed break-away won't cure. Good game boys. Rest up this weekend and we'll see you Tuesday night. Call if you can't make it.

Game   4       May   20                  7:30PM             Kilcona Park                        
                      Bonivital Inferno      3          Phoenix       0                  
                      Keeper - Daoust; Gerylo
                      Scoring - Spooner; Marion; Nault
Summary:    Great game boys. Against the wind you played patiently and moved the ball down field and had some really good chances. Some really good crosses and corners today. Up 1 - 0 at the half but their Keeper kept them in it in the first half. Once we had the wind you settled down and passed for control and played most of the second half in their end. Good finishing although their Keeper made the game look closer than it was. All of the scoring today was the result of consistent team play. Good solid defending by the half backs and fullbacks today kept the other teams chances to a minimum. Keepers were there to make the big save each time they were called upon in spite of limited work.

Game   5       May   22                  7:30PM             Kinver Park                        
                      Bonivital Inferno      1         North West    3               
                      Keeper - Maurice; Singh
                      Scoring - Kelly
Summary:    Ouch. That was a rough one. We had our chances but couldn't convert on this day. Some games are like that. If we break down what we can improve on we can learn from this one. We weren't getting the ball to the offensive target areas over center. They scored on us early (2) and we tried to rush each possession and wound up with passes that were too long (and often cut off) and shots from too far out (easily stopped). Our crosses were either too close to the goal line or our strikers were over committed. We often tried to play in the middle instead of down the sides and to the corners. The biggest lesson we can take away from this game is that we have to work as a team and we have to practice seriously if we want to continue to improve - that means committment to practice. All of our competition will continue to improve so we need to make a choice now, or learn to live with less success on the field.

Game   6      May   27                7:30PM             Riel Park                        
                      Bonivital Inferno      12         Portage La Prairie    1               
                      Keeper - Gerylo; Daoust
                      Scoring - Sprout (3); Marion (3); Friesen (2); Yee; Nault;
                                        Spooner; Shebaylo-Merry
Summary:    Great job. We came back strong after a loss in the previous game. Lots of excellent passing. You used the sides, spread their defence. Lots of passing up to the strikers in the offensive target area and that put all kinds of pressure on their defence. They scored first - which in hind site was our wake-up call. We scored 3 quick ones and then finished the half up 7-1. The second half was much like the first but with improved defence on our side. Everything we couldn't execute in our last game worked today. Our competition next game will be stiff so be sure to come to practice if you can and we'l l work on our team play and set plays.

Game   7       June 3                6:00 PM    Grant Park West
                      Bonivital Inferno      2       South End United    2               
                      Keeper - Daoust
                      Scoring - Kelly; Raval
Summary:    Tough game. SEU has improved since the last time we saw them (at least on their corner kicks having scored both goals on corners). Once again we were excellent at passing the ball in the defending third and middle third. Our defence cleared the ball very well. We need to work on moving up field in support of the offence (holding our shape), being more patient moving up - controlling the ball, and getting clear in the penalty area to get some hard shots on the keeper. We had lots of chances to score but several times sent soft shots in to the keeper. Overall a good game. However a game we should have won, and just as easily could have lost. To a man we need to spend the warm-up time focused on getting our "game on". We had a flat warm-up (lots of talking - not alot of passing) and we didn't start off strong with our usual "pop".

Game   8       June 12                6:00 PM    Reil Park
                      Bonivital Inferno      2       Phoenix      2               
                      Keeper - Gerylo;   Maurice
                      Scoring - Friesen;   Bhullar
Summary:    We played the first half with Defenders up as strikers to see if we could get goals for some of the 5 players (out of a total of 16) that haven't scored yet. Dallas scored from a defensive position on a long shot and Matt got his first on a nice cross that he converted by taking control and cracking it off the cross bar and then in. We also faced a strong showing from their keeper who stopped a break-away and we rung one off the cross bar late in the 2nd half. Good game. A couple of players away at camp, one out studying and a fourth left just after the half. We had a guest player from Norberry who showed very well. Today was Andrew Shebaylo-Merry's last game as he is moving up to play with the Flames for the rest of the season. Good luck Andrew. Play hard, Play fair and have Fun.
We'll see if we can arrange to bring a player up permanently to replace Andrew. We went down 1 - 0 and tied it, then down 2 - 1 and tied it again before the half. No scoring in the second half but as mentioned we had several quality chances.

MSA Qualifier 1       June 14                9:00 AM    Anderson Park
                      Bonivital Inferno      4       Phoenix R6    0               
                      Keeper - Daoust; Gerylo
                      Scoring - Muzyka (2); Bhullar; Shah
Summary:    Great game boys. Strong defending and constant pressure on their keeper resulted in a 0 - 0 draw at the half but you broke it open in the second half scoring 4 unanswered goals. Lots of very good passing and give and goes today. One of our goals came off a header on a free kick - pure poetry to true soccer fans. Very good control of the middle third of the field today. If you control this area you can generally control the game.
A win tomorrow against the always tough and often "fair play challenged" North West team will put us in the Final 8 Tournament in Brandon in August. No pressure - go play hard, play clean, have fun and work together as a team. If we win, great, if we don't no big deal, it's back to the regular season on Tuesday.

MSA Qualifier 2       June 15                3:00 PM    Anderson Park
                      Bonivital Inferno      2       Northwest R6   1               
                      Keeper - Daoust; Gerylo
                      Scoring - Marion; Bhullar
Summary:    Another strong defensive effort. Except for one well placed chip from about 35 yards out their offence didn't get in deep enough to threaten. Two or three of our goals were disallowed (questionable) which meant that we had a lot of pressure in their end for a good part of the game.   Northwest plays rough but you didn't let them get you off of your game with their antics and you controlled the play consistently. We were ahead the entire game and in control for the entire game. Well done. Now we know what kind of team and individual effort it takes to beat North West. Remember that for our regular season playoff round as we will see them again. We need to build on this effort and develop the ability to play this way consistently.

Game   9       June 17                7:30 PM    Sturgeon Road North
                      Bonivital Inferno      3       Portage Trail P13    4            
                      Keeper - Daoust
                      Scoring - Singh (3)
Summary:    We should have won that one. We were up 3 to 1 at the half and our passing and team play was dominant for the first 60 minutes. I'll accept responsibility for not making the correct adjustments to the defensive structure in the last 10 minutes of the game. In hindsight, their defence was clearing the ball quickly and their offence was splitting the defence effectively and catching the strikers and halfbacks up near the half. I'll learn from that one. Next time we're up 3 to 2 with 10 minutes left I'll put a fourth player back on defence; pull 3 halfbacks back to play conservatively and bring the 3 strikers back into our half to support the halfbacks rather than trying to generate offence. Sometimes it's better to "defend' a lead than to try and build one. Maybe this was one of those games. We can learn from that game. They outworked us overall in the second half and got stronger in the last 10 minutes. Our committment to practice and conditioning will help us maintain our performance throughout the entire game - that's something we can work on.

Game 10      June 24               6:00 PM    Memorial Park
                      Bonivital Inferno      4       South End United P13      2            
                      Keeper - Daoust; Gerylo
                      Scoring - Singh (2); Kelly; Nault
Summary:    Great game boys. Very good effort. I saw lots of great team passing - very good communication, lots of two touch and even some one touch. You were first to the ball through the entire game. There were a few times when the mid field stopped to watch instead of coming back to overlap the defence but for the most part you covered very well. Late in the game the strikers were leaving too much of a gap between themselves and the mid field when defending but I think the whole team was tired (1 sub). That was a good game to try some positions you don't usually play and it was a really good work-out. One "guest player" CJ Wintink from Norberry played very well and made a big contribution. Up 1 to 0, then 2 to 0; and 2 to 1 at the half. We opened it up to 4 to 1 before they got their second goal.

Golden Boy Tournament
Game   1       June 27             5:00 PM    Sturgeon Road North (West Field)
                      Bonivital Inferno      2       North West Rebels P6    0         
                      Keeper - Daoust
                      Scoring - Kelly; Desharnais
Summary:    Holy cow! Did you guys ever play with confidence. Passing was patient and accurate. You challenged hard and were first to the ball almost every time. It seemed like every time one of our guys challenged and they coughed it up, another of our guys was there to pick it up. You used the sides and kept their defence running. You guys played a solid game and kept it clean when they started getting frustrated and taking some cheap shots. Several questionable offsides took away one of our goals but we controlled the play in the middle and had the best chances all game. Up 1 to 0 at the half .   Up 2 to 0 on a direct free kick to the far post late in the game. Our goal tending came up big everytime it counted and the defence kept the shot count to a minimum. I couldn't wipe the smile off of my face for the rest of the day and all of that night.

Game   2       June 28             8:10 AM    Blumberg F2
                      Bonivital Inferno      1       South End United R6    0         
                      Keeper - Daoust; Gerylo
                      Scoring - Marion
Summary:    Very good game boys, Lots of good control and passing. Used the corners well. We had 4 or 5 excellent chances in the box but had trouble finishing. Dan's goal was a breakaway with about 5 minutes left. Very good effort. Our offence still needs to tighten up to the midfield when we're defending and trying to move the ball out of our half.

Game   3       June 28             12:10 PM    Blumberg F10
                      Bonivital Inferno      4       Prince Albert Raiders 1         
                      Keeper - Daoust
                      Scoring - Nault; Singh; Kelly; Marion
Summary:    Another gem. Our passing is really coming together now. You are sharing well, seeing the lanes and sending the strikers. We controlled the play in the midfield and controlled the play most of the game. Great 1 and 2 touch passing! Also much improved finishing around the goal! Quite an accomplishment! Finishing first place in our pool! 1 to 0 at the half, went up 2 to 0 before they got 1. We answered with 2 more to put it away.

Game   4       June 28             7:45 PM    Blumberg F3
                      Bonivital Inferno      0       Sioux Falls South Dakota (USA) 4      
                      Keeper - Daoust
                      Scoring -   
Summary:    The layoff between games hurt. We never really got up to game pace. We were half a step behind the entire game. Not to take anything away from their game - they were big, strong, fast and very well organized. We can take away many positives from a game like that, even though we didn't win it. We can learn from them about fakes, changing the side, laying the ball off, moving to space - several aspects of their game that they executed very well and that we can add to ours. They were the better team on this night but you guys had a great run and you should be proud of what you accomplished this weekend. Winning your pool by going 3 and 0 and making it to the "A" Side Quarter-Finals is an accomplishment you should be proud of. And I think there's team play that you'll take to the league play from this tournament that we'll benefit from. Great job guys!

Regular Season Cont'd:
Game 11      July 3                   7:30 PM    Memorial Park Oval
                      Bonivital Inferno      1       Flames P13      1            
                      Keeper - Daoust; Maurice
                      Scoring - Spooner
Summary:    Overall a good game boys. We were half a step off for much of the game but we had enough chances to win it. We hit the cross bar once and came close several other times. We need to have a serious warm-up so that we cam come into the game on track and at game pace. Everyone needs to remember that we're now playing at a level where you only get two touches. One to control the ball and the second to pass it. A third touch and the other team will close you down. One touch and your pass may not be accurate. We'll need to work on that over the next practice and next few games.

Game 12      July 8                   6:00 PM    Memorial Park West                     
                      Bonivital Inferno      5       Phoenix P13      2            
                      Keeper - Daoust; Maurice
                      Scoring - Kelly (3); Singh; Raval
Summary:    Very good game boys. We controlled the play in the middle of the field, worked the sides and the corners well and had plenty of pressure on them for most of the game. You stayed focussed and were first to the ball most of the time and that usually means a good game. Lots of very good passing and one and two touch to move the ball meant that we had the majority of posession. Keepers had to come up big a few times and we still need to challenge quickly in the middle of the field but overall a very good game after a few days off. Lots of good team passing and midfield overlap throughout the game. Up 3 to 0 at the half, they came back with 1 in the second half; we answered with 1, they scored again; and then we put in our 5th to close out the scoring. We'll have to come out sharp for our last league game for the first half on Thursday as we want to finish on a high note before the MSA Cup in August.

Game 13      July 10                  6:30 PM    Shaughnessey Park                     
                      Bonivital Inferno      2      North West P13      3            
                      Keeper - Gerylo; Daoust
                      Scoring - Daoust; Yee
Summary:    Overall a very good game boys. We had some trouble handling the speed of their strikers in the first half but with some adjustments we won the second half and had 5 or 6 quality chances in the second half to tie it. I guess it just wasn't meant to be today. I like the fact that you kept working hard and bringing the game to them. We had them on their heels in the second half and we'll get them another day. Down 1 to 0 early, we cam back to tie it 1 to 1. We gave up 2 more before the half and were down 3 to 1 at the half. We came back to make it 3 to 2 with about 10 minutes left.   That was a good opportunity to remember some of the things that we need to do as a team to get back into a game. You boys showed a lot of heart and hustle and made it a close one.
See you in August for a couple of practices and (maybe) an exhibition game before the trip to Brandon. Stay healthy, stay fit and have a good break.

Exhibition 2   Aug 6                7:00 PM             Memorial West   
                      Bonivital Inferno      1       Flames D6P      3
                      Keeper - Maurice
                      Scoring - Kelly
Summary:    A good tune up after a 3 week summer break. A strong defensive effort and great preparation for the MSA Cup tournament coming up.

MSA Cup 1 Aug 8 & 9    6:00 PM 1st half 9:00 AM - 2nd half   Brandon      
                      Bonivital Inferno      0       SEU D6P      2
                      Keeper - Maurice
                      Scoring - none
Summary:    A quick goal (19 seconds in) and a defensive battle and brilliant goal keeping kept the score 1-0 at the half. A wind storm (70 to 100 kph) moved the 2nd half to Saturday morning. We held them to 1-0 until about 5 minutes remaining when they put their 2nd in (off the right post). An amazing accomplishment against the team that eventually won the Provincials (beat Phoenix 4 - 1 in the final) and will go to Halifax to represent Manitoba at the Nationals.

MSA Cup 2   Aug 9               2:00 PM            Brandon
                      Bonivital Inferno      1       North West Rebels D6P      6
                      Keeper - Maurice
                      Scoring - Spooner
Summary:    They came out hard and dirty and gave us a tough game. I guess it was pay back for beating them 2 - 0 in the Golden Boy. Jesse's goal was a bright spot but North West was the better team this day.

MSA Cup 3 Aug 9               6:00 PM             Brandon
                      Bonivital Inferno      6       Portage Trail D6P      3
                      Keeper - Desharnais
                      Scoring - Kelly (2); Marion (2); Nault; Gerylo
Summary:    A great way to finish the tournament. Up 5 to 0 at the half, we let them get 3 back before scoring our 6th. We got our passing game going again and things started working for us again.

Be proud of your accomplishments boys. We finished 5th on the Province at this years Provincial (MSA Cup) Tournament. That's an amazing achievement! I hope you enjoyed the experience of playing in Brandon.

Exhibition 3 Aug 28                7:00 PM             Assiniboine Park South   
                      Bonivital Inferno      4       Portage Trail D7P       2
                      Keeper - Gerylo, Maurice
                      Scoring - Marion (2); Sprout, Nault.
Summary:    A very well played game after 2 practices back from a 2 week layoff. Great passing, moving to corners and crossing. Very strong defensive effort. The other team scored their first goal with 12 men on the field (which we took 10 minutes to catch - it was a friendly after all). Their second goal was a set play off of an indirect free kick which we can learn something from, both offensively and defensively. Check the schedule - Monday's practice is cancelled. See you Tuesday! Call if you can't make it.


Game 1       Sept 6          4:00 PM    Memorial West
                      Bonivital Inferno    6       Portage La Prairie   5            
                      Keeper - Gerylo; Daoust
                      Scoring - Kelly (4); Marion; Spooner
Summary:    Whew! That was a tough one! Down 2-0 early - we woke up and fought back to 2-1 by the half. Things started to click and you guys got reved up and the goals started to come. Even at 2 shortly after the half;up 3-2; even at 3; up 4-3; even at 4; up 5-4; even at 5 and finally up 6 to 5 with about 5 minutes left. They tell me it was exciting to watch but I had my eyes close for most of the second half.... (kidding). Great game boys. We'll need to bring our 2nd half game to the rest of the play-off games this season. See you Monday night.

Game 2       Sept 13          4:00 PM    Grant Park West
                      Bonivital Inferno    5       South End United Regional    1            
                      Keeper -   Daoust; Maurice
                      Scoring - Kelly (4); Raval
Summary:    Super game boys! We came out calm, cool and ready to play our game. Short passes, lots of give and go, great communication and lots of hustle made it a great game to watch. You guys had even more chances than the score indicates and you deserved the victory. Up 3 to 1 at the half you controlled the play in the second half and converted two more.

Game 3       Sept 14          2:00 PM    Reil Park
                      Bonivital Inferno    1       North West Regional    0            
                      Keeper -   Daoust; Maurice
                      Scoring -   Marion
Summary:    Another great game. We were as dominant in our team play in this one as in the last but we ran into a hot keeper. Two penalty shots and one cross bar that didn't go in, plus several other chances that their keeper stopped kept us off the board until the last few minutes but you guys got it done. The defence was very solid and we took away most of their chances in the middle third. An outstanding team effort. Everyone contributed to our success this weekend. Feel proud about what you've accomplished and let's work hard getting ready for the next game.

Game 4       Sept 27         2:00 PM    Anderson Park North
                      Bonivital Inferno    7          Phoenix   1            
                      Keeper -   Daoust; Gerylo
                      Scoring -   Kelly (3); Marion (2); Nault; Maurice
Summary:    Wow, great going guys! Your passing was amazing today. Everyone was calm on the ball and made quality passes. Your 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 is the difference in our game as you guys consistently beat the other team with your passing and team play. Lots of great communication and use of space makes it hard to defend against you. Try not to get frustrated when the other team plays rough and gets away with some things and most importantly, do not retaliate! Play your game and let the score show who's the better team. Time now to get focussed on the Final on Sunday. Let's have some great practices this week and get ready for Sunday. Remember to bring your money for the Wind-up Banquet to Tuesday's practice.

FINAL       Oct 5         11:00 AM    Blumberg F4
                      Bonivital Inferno    0          SEU    2         
                      Keeper -   Daoust
                      Scoring -   
Summary:    That was a tough one to loose. Great effort boy's. I know everyone gave it everything they had. We had to be good and lucky today. We were good, but unlucky. Be proud of a great season and alot of great things accomplished. Good luck to the guys taking the winter off of Soccer (for other sports) and good luck to the guys playing Flames Indoor. To the guys playing Regional Indoor - see you Wednesday night for our second indoor practice.

Bonivital Inferno
Bonivital Inferno
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